The Thing ’82

Havent watched this many movies in a row in a long time.
Its a treat and nice distraction.
Still usually binge movies or docs about current events.
This one more: ‘Kurt Russel’ and Cinnemassacre suggestions. Thankful for that too cause it takes the choice out of the equation, and seen some awesome movies all month.
Mostly for my entertainment and fodder to write about.
Ok more Kurt Russell, this is gonna be awesome.
Gotta have memories of “The Thing” on Tv.
The ‘thing’ with TV movies, is sometimes you end up missing huge parts and/or halfway through the movie, then the interest sometimes just isnt there.

All I remember walking into this is an arctic facility, sub machine guns, probably a flamethrower and some screaming and the thing its like a stringy monster, maybe an swollen fx eyeball but maybe thats total recall. Highlight of the day so far after other homework. Ok and this time I wont typo Jack instead of Steve.
Opening shot is awesome, that title shot is sick. Imagine Kurt Russell in the ship. Alien gifs in ’82.

This movie is awesome, I think the dog probably has something. Like a parasite about to eat the whole crew up.
Recognize a couple young actors, and looking pretty epic so far.
The choppers and explosions and mystery.
The goggles and the wide brim hat are quite the getup, Kurt seems his usual movie self.
Its May 1 2020 5/12 Math break, stuffin food down the gullet. Theres a players league mlb playoff watching tonight. My picks are Snell, Lux, or Smith Jr.
Back to the dog. Creepy movie. Suspenseful, superstitious. There Norwegian not Sweedes very isolated scenes.
Gonna have to check out more John Carpenter, Its like the dog knows so creepy.
Eew they brought that thing back, that seems like a rookie mistake! But the prop is awesome. Im just amazed with that. Eyeball.
Mutt was uttered, hes gonna get it. Cant wait to get a good look at the thing. A well trained creepy dog. Maybe some of that was censored on tv i certainly dont remember that, but the thing is pretty sick! Just so wet slimy and disgusting. The best part is it got away. Some kind of parasitic extra terrestrial thing that attaches to host and its all stringy. It has several eyes. Its the original Blair witch in this home video scene. This movie is great at suspense. Antarctic would be a crazy place to visit. Imagine getting a job on the US Antartica research program.
The spaceship looks pretty painted but thats crazy. Maybe infected the original crew of the craft. Hence the crash. Coors banquet thats neat, be re-released not too recently. I knew it.
Mutt gets him, that negative connotation, im sure thing just wants a friend. Nasty little slug creature they’re all infected. Im trying to think of what the new theme could be for the May Cinemassacre and I cant guess, maybe microbes.I thought (d)ogs, Monsters maybe..

I recognize the beard guy, hes infected forsure. Hes got such a calm demeanor. Maybe its the end of the movie I remember. (scalpel)
I like how, the director doesn’t strand them right away its really gradual and that leads to some scarier moments. I counted atleast 3 injection scenes. The long johns. RJ Mcree. Mcreedee
The monologue. I like the angles dooorways shadows. There isnt too many other pop culture references,hard to tell its 82. Way more tech than the barber pole from planet of apes more dialogue. Expressions. The crew all looks genuinely scared. Grim . I mean fiction is a thing i struggle with but here I find Mcreedee looks pretty serious compared to Jack, Steve. Here RJ employs buddy system to try to track down the thing, its a good strategy but I think still something unplanned gonna happen. Mmmm box of milk duds. The table scene thing is awesome. The tubes.The elimination process. That dynamite and I didnt expect the chill guy, that was crazy. Some scenes seem new to me. I wonder if its because of the tv movie had content cut. Setting the dynamite. Forgot about that dude. That was a good one. Cute. Nice Flip.
That ending.
That movie was awesome to watch, and stringy and tooby tubes are good adjectives for that thing. Maybe the tv movie part ruined it for me the first several times but watching whole thing in a couple sittings recently was good. Not chintzy on the the monster scenes neither, once it gets going pretty sick.

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