The Thing from Another World ’51

Besides the intro, and the burning dripping theme, this time in b/w.
Last black and white I saw was Kong.
Facilities are way better, at least for the officers.
This time the poles are reversed, and actual Arctic not, Antarctic.
Similar story. No Kurt. That plane with the skis is pretty sweet. Where were they Alaska , 3 hrs to North pole, or 6 hour total trip. Anchorage.
Ok so these are the real facilities. The ol Kentucky home. I bet hes the first one to go.
Anchorage to Northpole. Some hight tech machines and some 50’s hairdoos and generational speech.
The landing site is pretty interesting, and the scenes used in another horror flick is what ive heard.
Blew up twice, the background clouds seem painted on. That geiger counter going off too and they brought the thing inside. I estimate maybe one of the knowledge hungry scienttists might prematurely thaw the alien. Orders came down and they are to thaw the discovery. Probably smart just incase something was to happen. Its kinda like the haunted tomb where the raiders all get mysterious illnesses (cursed).
Movies 1951; “The telegram came in broken messages. Cant get any messages through..”
Movies now, the internet, or cell network down. Its not the call is coming from inside the house, or ‘the line is cut/dead’
Maybe not as much suspense, or a different type so far. The concept of discovering such a thing pretty wild, some type of off-earth artifacts. Even what brought down the craft, that cell imitating ‘thing’, could have taken the last operator of the craft. Im looking forward to seeing if it looks anything like the 82 version, cause that was crazy.

Just commenting on the mess hall it reminds me a bit of a fancy summer camp. The captain and his girlfriend they like to smoke. He like to whip out a couple cigarettes, all stylish.
Tabbaco companies infiltrating film or just props, or a addicted actor.
Im sure thats not unheard of.
Imagine they’re like action! And you’re like nah thanks just had one. Or keep getting the scene wrong and keep having to light up . For the fifth time action!, lights up a smoke..
My comments on the wardrobe. They aint wearing sweatpants and onesies, which i mahy or may not be wearing. Its old fashioned and more chic then today. That is a mild generic statement but applies I think to the ‘pilot’ and ‘love’ interest. That pointy bra is nothing something you see everyday. The winter gear is simply old fashioned but looks familiar. lol
Captain got tied up let his guard down thats silly but a good opener.
Oh i seen the thing! its like a grey alien, and hes got the electric blanket on the ice block.Those pistol clinkey Oh man the alien eating the dogs again. Then now a vegetable intelligence or communication network theory thats awesome, and the journalist is juts so cheezy. And hes got the cleaver. Cinched up belts, the doctor looks the most ridiculous with the pants and jacket, and he wants to talk to the super carrot. The super carrot is awesome just seen that ‘the thing.’
Its May 3, the concl. Pt. Math.
Theres a big discussion on the science of the plant guy. The doctor is overacting so much it looks ridiculous. Lets see the plant dude regenerates, absorbs bullets, absorbs blood. The doctor has been experimenting and created a planter full of breathing little plants hooked up to some blood plasma. Its a good prop. They’re all baffled. Care to listen doc, hes amused. Its like the wail of a newborn child. My mind is still perfectly clear! All some good lines. The Doc that suggests the visitor is here to start an army, is a good theory but then why crash the ship ?
Now captain need the blood packs, oh, im sure theyre gone. The love interest shes, like: better take a swing at my chin. Anyways now they get word from hq that theyre to protect the plant creature guy until a superior can arrive. But that only comes in the stairway room. Under no circumstance take action against it until my arrival. Finally the flamethrower suggestion or some kerosene lol. Another smoking scene this time the Lt gonna start a fire in the only building in Alaska. Well that all happened fast. That was awesome, and they did end up pretty much burning the place down. That howling monster.
Ok got a plan the monster doesnt burn get organize and go after it. The oil aint getting to the heater and thats around the building back so. Fight the ‘thing’ from the generator room, put on your burnt clothes. The doctor and the news guy, 7 plus the doc and the 2 guardsmen. Maybe whats left of the party behind closed doors but then what about the tall guy. Snyder judge gray execution. Bang and the Geiger counter going off.. now the thing, And the doc sabotage with a gun i knew he was unstable who gave thjat man a pistol. and the doc and the plant guy most epic scene. Hes like science i dont need no stinking science. Then buddy throws the pick axe to make him jump on the the fence, nice the got him telsa style. Turn it off thats inhumane!.
All thats left is a crispy critter and the news press man passes out. That was probably one of the better final, monster scenes ive seen for black and white. The press speech via radio, off the top of the head. A sure way for people to think your crazy is utter the words, ‘flying saucer’ and really mean it.
Now that its over thats a shame. Was pretty good movie. The John Carpenter version is like on steroids compared to this but maybe id watch this one first before the updated one with the crazy effects. Im sure theres some different nuances with the book if I ever get to it. But the story is pretty cool, finding anything from space is just so neat and mysterious. I love the plant dude he listens to the science mans speech hes like rawr nawh! Just kills me. But the thing listens and considers it for a moment and ponders the proposal.
Its the 4th May ’20 evening.
It was interesting to hear James Rolfe talk about the original, now im just curious to get the book ill put it on the list. But im glad ive been watching these movies. After hearing Rolfe and other people talk about it makes it more interesting, intriguing. I never noticed such a thing as the interrupting dialogue. I mean honestly i liked em both, the carpenter is just so visceral and crazy that its shocking, your mind just cant believe what its seeing. Makes me appreciate the black and white one that much more compared to then when I watched it initially.

Author: clayton

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