Flash Gordon ’36

Glad I gave these a shot, its a bunch of shorts. 84 yrs since release.
Planet of peril.
To someone being a space traveler in the future these films are gonna be the most entertaining thing to watch.
The synopsis is the same. Two scientists observe a planet rushing towards them, one of their sons is Gordon. Gordon happens to be on his way on a trans-continental flight
The plane encounters some meteor showers and passengers must escape with parachutes. They land in visibly upset Dr. Zargov’s field. So with a quick description of the problem they jump in the steam valve rocket ship. Its pretty awesome. Comments like: “oops forgot to turn on the oxygen, its no big deal.” The lizard fighting dinosaur scene is pretty epic, theyre running outta caves and wrestling then they get zapped by another rocket ship. The sounds are awesome for the rocket ship and some real pyrotechnics. The costumes looks like some suits of armor. The party meets Ming finally tries to throw Flash in the arena, but he comes out on top. Both the emperors daughter and the ‘earth’ girl are bamboozled by the polo-Gordon. Anyways what can I say so far awesome.
Planet of peril is a novel. Writing about sci fi is neat concept just imagining what things will or could be like and add in some humor and entertaining situations.
Tunnel of terror.
Whats happening with that intro scene and all the flailing arms. That crown the emperors daughter is wearing looks like a lesser model to the statue of liberty crown.
First time I see rocket plane. But nevertheless awesome. And all comes from the comic in ’34 so far is what I learnt. Emperors daughter shes beautiful but also mischievous. Theres actually a dog fight in the air and crash thats awesome. Whoa the giant god oracle statue thats a cool moving prop like Kong. Thats what I saw in the intro scene. Some roman centurion outfits, some Egyptian looking props. Claw monster suit is really good.
Captured by Shark Men.
This pretty fun to watch and only 20 mins per short.So Flash and his new buddy they’re making their way through the castle. That gong keeps smashing, and they storm the wedding crashing through some ornamental statue. They grab Dale, the ‘earth’ girl. Flash rescues her from the wedding to emperor Ming. Flashes buddy is left behind fighting, Dale and Gordon fall into a trap, and then these shark-men get released. Its a strange scene, half mix between water ballet and fighting. After some slow fighting they board the shark mens boat. IT hazardous trip as they witness shark and octopus fight.They call the octopus something else. Everywhere you’d expect to be some computer display in submarine is replaced by valves, knobs, pistons, pressure gauges,light bulbs, clamps, bells and whistles. The octopus could pose a hazard to the crew so they are to wear some bucket mask re-breathers. In case they must swim to the surface. Anyways they make it to the water king, there flash has to fight him one vs one. Meanwhile emperors daughter is chasing the path of flash, she find his new buddy. Buddy says they went that way. Flash beats the water king but then is sabotaged and turned in to emperor Ming. He gets dropped in a new octopus tank and so far was beating the crap outta it. He looks kinda like Aquaman. Otherwise its pretty good going to keep watching this morn its May 8th 2020.
Battling the sea beast.
Thun is the name of Gordons friend. Spaceographed. Lets look through the window at flashes fate. The octopus you can hardly tell the difference. Poor flash battling all these monsters but someone always comes to help him, ore he uses he strength to dominate the situation. The skull caps are archaic in appearance. Octosac is what its called. Thuns got the wild beard. That town on the mountain top looks like something Bob Ross could paint, with increased sci-fi. Zarkhovs lab, inthe observatory. The shadow of Ming looks like Yoda. One of the sharkmen at the computer facilities. Emperors daughter destroys the life support, shes so mischievous. The toppling city, on the wobbling table. The title wave cut. This film is great so far that was probably on of my favorite so far. People from Mongo are keen on destroying Flash but he always manages to make daring rescue attempts and gets rescued himself. Its cool he doesn’t have any extraordinary super powers, or need any tech, just being physically strong and strong-willed.Can run fast, able to hold breath long.
The observatory was meant to be shot of Earth, I just realized, not a shot of the Zargov laboratory. Thats ok. Now its May 9, few days on the Flash now.
The miniature cities are cool so far theyre all unique, Ming lives in the mountains, Kala used to live in the sea. They foreshadowed the negative ray.

The Destroying Ray.
Princess Aura is mischievous thats her name. Although she did save Flash, for herself. Not only that she destroyed the whole city and air supply, thats not nice. But she is Mings daughter what does one really expect. Oh yea tidal wave. Ming explains he has this ‘other’ ray, turns a slider and some knobs,. Im not really clear, so Ming has a tv set he can zoom into the sea-town, but needs focus. There also a magnetic field that keeps a city underwater, but from the lab Ming has another ray, that happens to simulate that same effect. Now Ming decided he wants a rescue party. Every territory has a king, good to have friends in high place, but everyone has their own agenda that might not agree with Flash. Thun is still a good-guy. On Planet Mongo, Mings palace the guards resemble space Romans. Other metallic suits. The real heir now introduces himself to doc Z. He happens to have a rocket ship so off they go. the audio kills me its a plane fly-by sound with the rockets. Love that. More dragon scenes I dont see the strings its a nice travel montage. Heres some hawkmen. Obviously arent so friendly at first , the first thing to do is rush off the girls. Well its convenient hawkmen can fly. Flash fight anybody group of people too. Everyone has short clothes, maybe its arid climate. The rocketship scenes are pretty badass. So now at the hawk city. The boisterous fellow he looks familiar. The hawkmen city floats on three beams of lights. Its maybe the nicest of all theree and features in the title screen. Nothing like seeing the you know what salute. They have a gravity ray, something maybe nowadays call a tractor beam. Just funny to me the nuances of the time. Whoa painted bear, slaps him on the butt. Maybe I got it wrong but the string just cuts. Probably something to do with Hawkmen gonna save em, is my guess. Space Soldiers is the title, Flash is the main character, along with the rest of the party.

Flaming torture.
The synopsis is clear, Ming raised the city, as in, raised it out of the water with the beam, saving the earth and friends party. Just then Hawkmen interfere splitting Dale and Thun, taking them to sky city.. The city in the sky is arguably the best. Meanwhile, Zarkov and Prince Barin, the true heir they become frned and have left Mings mountain palace , not theyre headed to meet up with the rest of the gang. Thun had become prisoner, and was shown in some scens i thought it was coal, but hes shoveling in radium to the atom furnaces. Much power needed to keep a city afloat. Bespin could be hawkmen sky city. King Vultan is the best, he has a pet bear with paint and piercings and a boisterous laughter. I suppose hes comparable to the 80’s version. Which probably didnt need to be type but here I am. Even the title screen has described him as boisterous, which could mean a few different things.
Radium is interesting to learn about. Thun might be on his way to a lethal dose of radiation. but i guess was popular product a bit earlier time than this movie was used up till 1917s.
Ok the ray hit that ship. The ray hiut em and also saved em. Ursel begone. I would be slapping no bear thats forsure. Oh Flash isnt gonna be happy with Vultan. Sky city might have the same fate as shark city. Everyone wants Flash for their own prerogatives, same with Zarkov. Ming finds out about the Hawkmen. Ming claims the prince is the pretender. Getting the sky fleet ready now. Flash is the Best he just fights any oppressor anytime. Well they know radium kills, and the king knows that he needs a better power source. Now Aura and Dale, Princess aura convinces her to ‘give-up’ Flash, cause shes the cause of all the problems. Dale is like ok seems legit, ill do it. Thos other grandiose sets with dozens of people and the stairwells are interesting. meanwhile Vultan stuff himself. Some of the off scene dialogue cracks me up every time. The voice is slightly off or some content they had to put in after the shot. Just something to comment on that I like. The chef hawkman thats pretty funny, well I guess they dont have beaks and claws so they eat like humans. Wow those chops of meat hes eating. Hes very hospitable. I just realized thats his entertainment. That Aura shes such mischievous manipulator and leads the King on, that Dale find mongo men more attractive than earth men. Wonder if he be laughing after he finds out. The wings look pretty good and standard, a bit stiff. Well Flash had enough gets up and cracks the whip guy in the face. Prisoner riot. Surely Dale loves Flash as much if not more than Aura. How will Flash get out of this one, the tesla torture chamber. Im sure Flash will escape. Lets see Buster Crabbe in UFC 249.

Shattering Doom.
Compelling is inspiring, or cant look away. Compelled is forced to join. ‘Princess aura determined to wed flash’. This is like the Archie of the 1930’s space explorer. Dale is Betty, Princess Aura is Veronica. Theres some deception afoot thats forsure, surely to backfire in her face. The static room, thats his interrogation room where Flash remains. Its a rack and some spark action in a new laboratory. Its a unique lab to the rest but im sure some pieces were used. Electricity overcharging sounds. Im not sure what his intent is with Dale, but to find the truth on her love of Flash. Her fainting cant hide her love for Flash. All of a sudden Princess Aura appears with a ray-gun. Vultan is upset to be disturbed during his ‘science’. But appears aura’s true intent is revealed. You mad ? Well hes not laughing. So its twice shes saved him. Shes like, yes I want the ‘earth’ man all to myself. Poor flash has been zapped beyond consciousness and giving any consent. Oh the electro stimulator, thats what revives a zapped person. This is science from Zargovs mouth. Its a bed within a tube surrounded by springs and lights, that looks like a retro CT scan machine. Or futuristic I mean. Flash has been Ko for a while, he will.. -pause-, live. His eyes wide open and a semi-sinister laughter. A hand puppet show. So flash comes off the table is relieved to see Zargov, he doesnt comprehend the whole arranged marriage hes been set up. I want more than your gratitude. Classic I cant have you she cant neither, and she tried to kill him but couldn’t. Pretty dramatic. Finally they Dale and Flash get to see each other for a moment before a quick fight. Back to the furnace room. A luxury city cannot operate without slaves and whip carying slave drivers. Not sure that crank that the one hawkman is operating in the furnace room looks like a giant clock face. Here comes Mings fleet. Nice break behind a metal wall. Zargov appears with aplan to get Flash free involving a shovel. Its not just any wall, its a lead wall. I do not dine with unruly subjects, something similar. Here Vultan and Ming are arguing over the ‘earth’ girl and Flash is about to throw the sabotage shovel in the furnace causing probably total destruction. Ming wants apologies. Ming is pissed, Flash throws the shovel in and the resulting explosion. takes out the camera just like the tidal wave previous at shark town.

Tournament of Death.
Cant believe im 8 chapters in. so Zarkov thankfully helped Flash potentially escape. Instead of putting the high voltage on his wrist he put it on the Shovel. Flash is the charismatic leader of the furnace gang and thankfully he has the Prince with him, although I saw him try to hold Flash back, thats probably a mistake. But before he throws the shovel in he instructs everyone to get back behind the wall men.I love how the chapters all start similar. Mid-scene and some destructive event and…… (jumps into scene). Another riot. Another city about to be leveled. Flash runs into the throne room uncontested grabs a sword and has the emperor subdued for now. Zargov explains the countdown clock. Its going quick one moment while the city leans is all flash needs, everyone is stunned. This scene must be one of the original startrek bridge scene, everyone is grasping the nearest support and stumbling all over the place as one would in a earthquake. The air quake. Zargovs new ray fixes the sky city and rigth away the emperor of the universe denies him, Flash looks pissed. Now under the newest terms flash had to enter the death arena and survive, but then he gets his own kingdom and wife of his choosing. Its straight up Arena of Death. Mighty masked swordsman of Mongo. “You may go”.
Flash gets dressed in the only paid of pants on Mongo , to fight Ming’s Birdman. Its a fencing duel like gentleman. Arena of death just happens in the throne room, just opposite side. Damn Flash lost his sword for a second but quickly recovers. The prince confesses is love for princess aura, the titles are suiting. Suddenly a ape-unicorn beast appears. this must be the beast of Mongo. Theyre not shy on showing it too a bunch of close ups. Its no so much of a unicorn but a rhino spike. The prince has gone back to having his pointy little mustache. Cmon flash beat up that gorilla. Everyone watches on. Ming is having a great time.The chapter ends with the battle unresolved. Eventually Flash is going to win all these contests.
Its May 10 2020. Not much Flash left.

Fighting the Fire Dragon.
Back to the emperor breaking promises. Oh yea Flash was fighting the huge Orangopoid rhino head beast. Slayed that beast.Nice so of course Ming has another plan up his sleeve and Aura saves him again. Well Thun had enough of the party. “I dont trust Ming,” she says “oh now dont be silly he says.” Zargov keeps trying to contact earth from Mongo, the planet Mongo. Flashes dad is at the other end, they cant make out the message yet. Ming bout to do some first aid and takes control. Vultan had pissed off the performer but especially Flash. Now the Ming priest spying on Aura who in turn, spying on Flash and Dale. The priest motivated by a fear of death from the emperor and Aura motivated by wanting Flash for herself, they hatch a plan to deceive them and bring them through the Tunnel of Terror, cause the fire dragon should be sleeping. Nothing but the sacred sound can rouse him. Priest gives her some pills to sedate em. Well theyre waiting the 3 days, before going to Ming palace. Aura sets off her plan. Some wine appears seemingly from Vultan but it must be the poisoned brew. Sure enough they both pass out, gotta put him on a stretcher bed. Maybe someone sabotaging the radio communications. Vultan shows up he says no whine was sent. Buddy counting his coins. Princess Aura sent the wine. Here comes the gong of everything. Yes fire monster. Flash just sleeping the screaming monster is the best seriously. How is Flash gonna wake up in time, and destroy that fire monster.

The Unseen Peril.
Flash supposed to be dining at the emperor feast day, but instead hes in the tunnel of terror cause Aura drugged him, and the priest woke up the fire dragon with the gong.
Drugged with drops of forgetfulness how clever. Now Flash about to kick some ass hes gonna be pissed. The gong even ha s a pic of the dragon and poof he just appears. Whoa doc Zargov comes through with the grenade and blows its to pieces. The High priest considers this sacrilegious and gives them a stern lesson. Auras pretty much busted. Busted giving Buster some powerful drugs. Back at the Ming Hq. The unforeseen peril is that Flash cant remember. Vultan loses it, with good reason, but they’ll never defeat Ming without teamwork. Now Mings gone and done it and confined king Vultan in a dungeon. Flash lost his memory but Zargov has a plan that involves rays. Aura now starts with the lies. Dale clearly broken hearted. But says nothing, a few tears. Flash, pauses. No. I dont know why he trusts Aura, now Flash and the prince have a fight. Zargov restrains him Prince knocks him out. Prince Baron, I cant remember. Back on earth they get a new receiver. Zargov gets on the horn with earth. Its inconclusive. Aura has nothing to do but escape and inform her father. Ming is pissed, one earth man messed with his empire. Ming wants him executed, Aura protests, but the main guard heads out on his mission. Things are not looking good. I thougt maybe he was like stand here, now you cant shoot here or something blows up, but Flash just disappears. Ming and Aura are gonna get theirs I’m pretty sure. Just imagine a whole planet of humans like Gordon, giving Ming grief. Ming is losing it with one. Officer Torch.

In the Claws of the Tigron.
I wonder what that is. This time, the chapter starts when.. Oh a new Ray, that makes you invisible or visible. Its the same steam sound as the rocket ships or the submarine, some power sound. Ok Flash is invisible for part of the episode. The guards just ran off. Now torch produces the story. These scenes are the best Flash is invisible causing mischief of his own and strangling Ming. However Ming is clever enough to figure out the invisibility machine must be coming from inside his own house. King Vultan meanwhile is set free. All the guard are scared of the prospect of a invisible Flash. Someones going to end up staying invisible forever. Zarkov says, I want to call New York. He throws the chair in shock.Here Ausra is working her plan. with a audio cable of some kind to listen to their conversation. Nice room behind the wall. Prince Baron notices that their conversation has been compromised. So they quickly flee the lab. The prince gonna come back and guard that invisibility machine later. They take some big electrical transformer boxes off towards the space ship. Flash is invisible a second/third time, but hes been compromised and the guard has already reported back to Ming. So Mings intent is clear he wants to marry Dale, cause shes not allowed to leave the planet now. Always some deception. Earlier Ming after he was choked, the high priest suggested cause the god was mad that was the best scene. Lock up this babbling ape. Ming gets interrupted by the gong on his on speech thats hilarious. Mings face when he finds out Dale is in the catacombs with Baron, somehow he agrees to not blow up the invisibility machine for now, aslong as flash is destroyed on sight. Instantly. Tigron is a dog pretty much that follows a scent. Thats a good fight scene when theyre trying to find out what happened to Dale and the prince, and now the Tigron, its a tiger should have known it looks pissed. Maybe Vultan slapped its behind. Dale gets surprised by tiger Climbing up in her thats crazy.

Trapped in the Turret.
Wonder what that means.
Its May 11 2020.
Trapped in the Turret.
Left off Dale was being attacked by the actual Tiger, on Mongo they call it Tigron, it probably has some accessories. From the title screen we learn that Zargov decided to undertake the venture back. Invisible Flash. Ok Its Prince Barin, I keep writing ‘Baron’, sounds the same and dont want to check more online content till im done. The text states that Vultan and Zarkov are loading the ship, they return to the laboratory… I love the intros, there quite a bit going on per episode. Barin knows the catacombs. The fight with Vultan and ‘invisible’ Flash is funny. Vultan uses his belly to bounce off his enemies, all while laughing outrageously. Flash is beating them up while invisible.The guard hes like stop them on the floor. Reaching out. Flash and Barin rush to go rescue Dale, whose being mauled by tiger, shes screaming obviously. Thankfully Flash and prince Barin arrive, Barin is wearing armor but its flash that runs in and wrestles down the tiger in some pretty crazy scenes. Ming is playing on the steam valve computer. Hes able to view the fight between flash and the Tiger. Again Aura puts Dale in danger, then shes all concerned when Flash jumps in the cavbbe room and fights the tiger single handed. Maybe if he would have listened to Thun, none of this would have happened. Finally after watching for a bit Barin jumps in just as flash kills the tiger with his bare hands! Auras friend is all sad. Just like the rancor keeper in Return of the Jedi. She runs off. Aura really cant see anyone be happy. Barin pleads with her, you can be friend with trhe earth people by helping them. Alright she agrees. As they hold hands. Meanwhile, guard Torch regains his blaster rifle and he wants the secrets of the invisibility machine. Flash looks a little disturbed after killing the Tigron. Aura pleads for another chance after several failed and successful sabotage attempts. In the throne room Ming is barking some orders about doubling the guard asnd trying to get to the bottom of the Zargov invisibility machine. Ming is lucky he doesnt get his head chopped off, he wants them all to live in peace. Meanwhile the invisibility machine is destroyed with the butt of blaster rifle, Zargov is pissed. Ming still is having trouble granting the earthling their freedom. Instead they want the festival to go on. However for now, he declare them all free Vultan, Zargov, Flash and Dale. Of course guard Torch doesnt believe them. Zargov is sad, the invisibility machine is broken. Back on earth, Gordons dad gets the message. Thats theyre trying to leave Mongo and return home. “Gee that was swell doc” Flash says about talking to his dad. King Vultan offers a suggestion why not come to my kingdom before returning to Earth. Sure sounds like a good time. Ming enacts a plan where the earth peopl emust be observed and monitored for every move and every conversation overheard. The second part of the order to monitor Barin and Aura. Now Ming cant let anyone be happy hes gotta wave his scraggly fingers in everyones face from the throne room chair. Torch is like ok. Thun is coming back. Theyre watching them leave now. Watch them yea we know. Load up that oscar meiyer weiner rocket. Theyre heading to the turret house Lake of something R. The guard walk so wide. Liftoff on one of the rockets. Thun is back on the TV. Here Thun was in command of a fleet of saucers. Dragons make an appearance along with the propeller plane engine noises. They get to the turret house where theyre supposed to meet Barin. He he comes landing the rocket. Oh this rocket is shooting at them . Probably not Barin then. I guess it trying to build suspense and maybe finish this conflict once and for all.

Rocketing to Earth.
Is this already the conclusion. Well all good things must come to an end. That kind of makes me sad that was a fun adventure. Last time watching the intro. Zargov was dejected then, didnt realize that was an emotion. But it means in low spirits and you could see his face. Dejected indeed. Its obviously Ming. Conveniently theyre right above a trap door. Looks like Vultan got blown up but manages to walk away. Now Prince Barin in the same dungeon as Flash and the party rescues him. They’re in the laboratory preparing some defenses when torch, and minions show up. They still know, but Doc Zargov has electrified the door. They all back up in horror every time the door zaps, Ming is the best he stumbles a few paces back with his hands flailing in the air. Finally they cut the electricity to the chamber, and the door becomes a regular un-electrified door. Here is a air sire and Thun is in command. Destroy the door seize the prisoners. Bring em to the throne room again. Now theres a dog fight between Thun and the emperors fleet. Theyre called gyro-saucers or something. Everyone gathers around the TV. Nice Thun and the lion men. From Lion city. Now Ming is on the run. The throne room infiltrated. The narrator announce Thun. One of those odd off camera clips. Thun Barin and Flash pursue Ming as he gets to a double set of doors. Aura in pursuits shortly after. Here comes the gong, and Ming and showered in smoke behind the mysterious double doors in a bizarre ritual.The high priest claims hes dead, but well see. Zargov claims theyre out of danger for now. Of course the high priest overhears them, and they have a chance to escape. Again in the throne room they have a final fairwell, for the benfit of science. Too bad the high priest has sabotaged their ship. Another rocket scene, the original puppet ships as far as I know. Theres a bomb in the ship they must get rid of, so Barin gets at the radio station, her advises Flash theres a time bomb on board. Flash is jiggling the radio finally he gets the message, thankfully he knows what it looks like and throws it outside. That was pretty suspenseful. Flash calling earth, shut down all generators. Nice announcement scene. New York. Zargov is happy they saved themselves and Flash and Dale can get married. Kinda sad thats over now im pretty sure theres atleast one more film I can seek if I need some more Flash Gordon in my life.
Gotta get the intro.
I guess theres not too much profound about Flash Gordon 36 but it was pretty interesting and havent seen anything quite like that. Theres really no comparison to the 80’s version. i might be inclined to check the comic or other movie another time. It was entertaining. Theres more movies featuring Buster Crabbe. Olympian and lion tamer army training films lots of interesting things. Its amazing reading some of the comments on youtube when Brigadier Flash meets Buck Rogers cameo. The Sharkmen King performed in alot of movies i was reading, was a body guard. Zargov was in a bunch of silent movies.

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