Flash Gordon ’80

Got this going last night looked pretty epic so far, the only context I have is the Queen Song, same title.
Hes the savior of the universe alright.
The 80’s are fun, Im expecting that going to have to watch the original after, which I know nothing about.
Oh yea the actor from this film appears in another film I think its hot tub time machine maybe and he crashes through some walls. I cant confirm and ill do the research later.
Well I like the sets so far from the plane to the greenhouse. The characters seem silly a bit, comedic almost. The moon rocks pretty funny. Once iarrived on the moon the sets and costumes are crazy. Ive noticed the targeting cam used a couple times. Rocket ship trip is thrilling. The overlord costume is both awesome and ridiculous. Hes like: “yeah your loyal ? then drop on your sword.”
But so far this movie pretty entertaining, didnt expect much. Ive heard the song more times then ive though about watching this movie. Special effects are pretty psychedelic it feels a bit like a cartoon or a comic. Which I guess is why they show the comic panels at the start.
The flash reminds me of the 60’s batman ‘Robin’ Flash is kinda nerdy with some cheezy one-liners but I expect him to do some awesome things so its ok.
I cant believe the sets and costumes. Very red and gold shiny plates
The lizard man and scream is just the funniest thing. The drone flying around is rip off from some of the droids in Starwars, stormtroopers a little bite too.
The 80’s style in futuristic space, is the best.This doctors , i still gun this gun in my pocket. Hes like stop. zaps it.
Angry hawkmen, the loyalty offerers that drapecd gold chain upon themselves, the little space squares with helmets, the easter-color princesses looking with robes, the black and white tall furry hat chess piece personnel with metal mask faces, the gold-robbed-golden-mask, and the red vest wearing gold outfitted with red bloused boots ‘Iron-men’, the typical storm trooper red and gold plated guards, the blue veiled triangle finger shape makers. the darker veiled group in the back the portly skunk fellow, the long white robe also wearing hat shaped like a skyscraper, and the wrestling intro for the emperor, and the gold masked darkened face sidekick to the emperor are some of the character in these shots. The hawkmen wings look like old metal, the rest of the outfit is straps and skin. Ming. Obey or sacrifice your daughter. well its just a harness for wings then. The ultimate bead costume is how I would describe Ming. The one princess looks like shes from Never ending story. Hes like Flash Gordon Quarterback New York Jets, nice. Oh hes got the ring of Schwartz. Oh its the emperor daughter that looks like from never-ending story. These teeth guys with the helmets, and the bubble wrap girls. Whats not to like seriously. Some wrestling football combo. Love those watercolor or smoke backgrounds need more of that. Snout mask guards. The execution set looks like something out of willy wonka, and some judge dredd types how is he gonna get outta this one. So everytime theres a unplanned natural disaster, its emperor ming. How many beads were used in this film, and they show ww2, monkey montage with his life flash before him. Maybe there a way to get them back. Nice russian accent. Cant get enough of the watercolor smoke backgrounds . Its called telepathy, over. Looks like the williams pinball logo. Ewok village scene. Its Robin hood pretty much. Oh man the hawkmen,lizard men. Now its Dagobah. Its the crystal palace. Allright they got a plan. Fist in stump game. Spike circle mario party eliminator. Nice eyeballs. Skullcaps and rocket cycles. The hawkman character is pretty funy hes so boisterous and loud. That mud scene was like the tom cruise white horse sinking in the mud too. Lots of similar costume and pieces and the song samples. Now its jason and the argos. That roll out banner. Nice the goggle eyes and the general melting Be merry under penalty of death. Nice his second crash of the movie.
For what it is and the cheese special effects Its awesome in all its uniqueness and bites. Strange movie. The end? Thats a whole experience of a movie.
Its the Ted Sam Jones cameo. Ornella Muti, really beautiful but not from never ending story. The outfit or headpiece might be similar in my memory.
Maybe ill watch one of those old 30s Flash Gordon, never knew any of that. Nor Buck Rogers bit before my time. Thats kind of interesting though.
Obviously Queen, and the Flash song, but forgot about Highlander.
Dr. Zhargov it seems like hes in fiddler on the roof forsure, but also looks like a character from a Clint Eastwood movie.
I can just imagine someone promoting this movie saying its gonna be the new starwars. Its completely silly, but its more than watchable.

Author: clayton

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