Born Free ’66

Lets see I know barely anything about this film.
I know its sad. With a title like ‘Born Free’ makes me think it can’t end well then. Even as the years have gone by since this movie I wonder whats happened to these people and scenes im seeing. Never been to Africa but the Lion is pretty amazing. That Speed. Theres a monologue. Joy Adamson, George in Kenya. Barong or something region difficult to hear exactly but couldn’t find it, and a man eating lion. Theres George. He takes care of the man-eaters. As in shoots em. I dont think hes a hunter, but gotta protect the communities. Now theres 3 little lion cubs. They wont eat or unable to eat. Thats sad you know theyre going to be near domesticated. These lion cubs are mega cute. They all have their own personality as Joy describes. Elsa the smallest one. Its fun to watch em play. That other small animal not sure what that is. Its a family that lives with 3 lion cubs getting into trouble constantly. Questions if man-eating is a hereditary trait, that’s interesting im not sure either. Im sure the dna has a role to play, but generally its a giant tiger with huge claws playing and hunting probably have the same effect. Eviscerating something to shreds then eating it. Hunger or opportunity could also play a part. Might be a bit more docile but still. Would have to go against most instincts wrestling with a full grown lion. Now theyre off to a zoo, eventually. But how would they live wihtout being able to provide food for themselves. Poor Joy she lost her little critter. Lots of hazards in the Savannah. Id be motivated to keep Elsa instead of the zoo as well. Crazy seeing the gazelles. George can sense his wife grieving the loss. She cant deal with putting the cubs on a plane. Getting a look at Nairobi I believe, Joy did some shopping. Nice just seen Elsa in the back of the truck. They’ll have to live with it now for better or worse, or redo that trip. Its just as the accepted it was gone and was not a human, was allowed to keep her pet. This fellow arrives again he suggested the zoo the first time. Some time passes and George is recovering from malaria. Buddy makes himself a drink. Elsa seems fairly large. Elsa smushes George she must weigh a great mass. John is his name. Just stays the nigth instead of having a drink then driving home. They have a nice home. John foreshadows a upcoming situation where George and Joy must return back to England for ‘leave’. Hes the game warden maybe its a temporary position.
It would be frightening to cross paths with an unknown lion in the wild. Imagine just in your house while trying to wash up. Old school washroom. Wall;s floors and colors. At night time would be on the prowl. Elsa thinks Joy is her mom. Wouldnt be alive in the wild. George is concerned, first hes talking to Elsa, then Joy is having a increased bond with the child lioness. Georges duty calls him to the road. Gonna have to go kill another man eater. Joy becomes the narrator. Shes right George is there to kill another lion but here they have a lion pet in the back of the truck.Hes not there to kill automatically im sure, but assess the situation then respond. Im sure theres some qualifications to the job they’re doing. Some noises coming from the kitchen or trucks. Nice camp setup. Its a small house. Yikes crossing paths with a wild lion. Hopefully Joy doesn’t decide to start playing with it like Elsa. Slowly back away. John’s goat eater. George pretty brave but he sacked a couple aggressive ones last time. These older movies the lighting at night time looks pretty bright sky still. Early dawn twilight. Sure enough just as he turns his back the lion shows itself, George goes to fire, but rookie move, no ammo. Its like a bad dream alot of scenes in this movie. Crossing paths with lions, firearms not working when you need them. This time the goat eater gets away with a meal. George embarrassed forgot his ammo. Third time he gets rushed in this movie. Some humour about the watch dog that slept throughout the whole ordeal. Now the big cat gets to meet Indian ocean with an entourage. Theyre all swimming thats not something you see. Another scary scene to encounter on a Sunday swim. Was expecting a shark but instead its swimming lion. The beach is pretty nice featuring some overhang small cliff ledges. Suddenly something bad happens and interrupts the vacation. some cool scenes of lion swimming. I know it to be true but havent seen much before. Lion playing with a coconut. Hes having some type of seizure. Too much malaria medication, seems like hell be ok for now. Doc is happy to get outta that tent. Lion determines when its meal time. Joy states the last holiday they all took. Theres a male Lion hanging around now. Some troubles coming up and some hunters in the area. First things is to shoot it. Anyways Elsa escape that fate for the moment. Some elephant herd and lion footage. I wouldn’t want to get stampeded by elephants. Shooting only for protection. Joy narrates as the follow the aftermath of the stampede everything is trampled and destroyed. Somehow Elsa has a friend of prey and the single out elephant appears at the property. John suggests it was Elsa’s fault that caused the stampede. John is quite insistent on the zoo. Joy suggests setting her free, again they dont know if she could feed herself. Well they got their 3 months then John has some drinks and drives home. Maybe some type of wildlife preserve. They have a plan to introduce hunting and cut the meals. Now theres a new Male lion maybe they can start a family. Theres a bunch of howling dialogue. Lions playing but that was interesting encounter. Elsa has the Savannah taxi, she gets to tour lion destinations, such as trees and dead zebras. There was many lions to feed that last kill. Elsa got ditched and George and Joy are having some guilt. Elsa getting bullied by a warthog. Isnt looking good for Elsa, but shes just being natural. Theyre not having much luck making Elsa turn wild. all beat up like an alley cat. Not sure what the outcome will be. George drops em off. Poor Elsa getting dropped off alone in the rain. Its sad cause theyre all used to living together. Wanted to leave her out alone for a week with the gazelle. Poor lion all tired and hungry cant feed itself dying of nutrition. Its a tough predicament thats even tougher with a emotional attachment. Its a moral dilemma that comes with playing god and living with wild animals. Joy is determined that Elsa have her freedom, and its a sad situation. Its like the Free willy of the 60’s but way better. Theres some character development with Elsa, and she kills the first warthog and again. Also they have a better living estrangement. George can kill wildlife to feed Elsa if shes starving and starts going out more and more. The goals is to join a pride then, and live free.But its nice they make effort to let her life the most natural life possible. Lots of unpredictable tiger scenes must have been hard to shoot. Cheering Elsa to find a new family but battle ensues. Its a sad turn of events but in a wway its the best possible scenario for the Lion. If its not natures its humans as predator. Well they go on leave, and return to the same place. The calling card is a rifle shot in the air. Thats nice ending. The importance of not caging wild animals and letting go. Thats a good movie, good story.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85