Dennis the Menace ’93

Wow am I glad to write this one down. Long week lets get on with it. Right away I wish I was Mr Wilson
House and nothing to do. Right away this movie is dennis the menace the carton, this I dont recall when I learnt of DTM but here I am watching this movuie. May 22 12:50 am, The Homework 2 weeks coming up got me losing my top. Im gonna be old one day. Could you imaghine. Ok If was Mr Wilson. Lol the young and the old. Just lemme stop you right there lol. This is like the most annoying thing trying to get back to sleep. Fuck sleep thats why im here. Just lie flicking at everything. Its time to wake up lol. Little shit putting thigs up his nose lol. This is cracking me up already. Its really slapstick.Trying to shove pills in his mouth
Enter the slingshot of course slingshot mr. Wilsons throat. Just hilarity gasping chocking . Get that little shit outta my house.
Ok this movie has been free for all. I recognize Dennises dad.His Mother too look like outta a comic book.
You shouldnt visit people so early in the morning.

Your son shot a aspirin down my throat lol.
with a slingshot.

The monologue AND THE props
Now some morals
Dennises dad arguiong about rules and regulations. Lets just see how
lol ther wife is like youd better come in and have your breakfast.
Ok and the plant that only flowers for ten seconds. Yea i admire the George is his name. I want that wake up do you lawn nothing to worry abou tthat sounds great. Oh its a Ford TAURUS
Dennis mom
Theres some new characters
George Wilson Garden Contest winnner.
some cute kids. ANgry Mr Wilson lol.
Lol caught that joke wilsons wife is making fun of his husky potly chubby appearance.
Such a funny idea the youth vs old.
Mr Wilson uses the ice cream trick.
Sweet this movie need a villain..
ITs Doc from back to the furture.
Buncha scenes i dont feel like typing.
Theyre starting a new kid town.
Lloyd is the villain we all want. Akin to scrooge.
Nice shadow smoking scene ,hes such a bum.
Combing his hair setup after setup tastes like paint lol.

The babysitter making out classic
Everyones supposed to be asleep.
Th freaks come out at night
Theses scenes are too funny to comment on. This is like home alone pranks.
Its hilarious watching these two sneaking around lol. Doc looks like a witch.
I love mrs wilson shes always like oh dear heavens
Again with the sleeping scenes
looks at himself in mirror. puts on teeth
lol magic box
HEs going to have his picture taken. Misssing some chiclets lol.
Yes doc. Gonna Grab A Baby or something
Its like a ride.
Bring me something good.
Alright now lets get into it
theyre in the house.
Arguing young and old is great.
Playing with produicts under the drain is bad.
Bedtime story
Nice poem.
lol wilson did the splitz
Just the slapstick
Its killing me the routine sillyness. Mouth wash and cleasning spray.
Nice monologuer speech.
Kissing the dog thtas pretty funny.
Lol just start untyying things.
MAyhem ensues.
Reminds me a bit of
Old people parade.
Dennis and wilson is just the funniest pair ever.
THe actor from the seinfeldf the academy.
Somehow mr wilson doesnt kill dennis at his garden party
Tragedy of this magnitude has to be someones fault.
Yeh i remeber being a kid and having some similar
THe flower.
That sad old man, and im sorry.
Sounds about right
Wheres dennis on some rampage lol.
YES christopher loyd

I love this old and young.
yea i remember
I wasnt sure how they were going to introduce these characters
what a sobre scene
IS all i can say.

This is the best the
Key falls in the beans.
THeres something about this under the bridge scene, Dennis feeds hium beans ill never forget that
lol oi here they come lol dennis and doc are the best wow fire . The DOC
thx james for making me watch this. Reminds me of the goonies. Epic!
Doc u the man.
Ok i dreaded watching this but im glad i did.
Shout out to this movie.
Good distraction. Props to the doc

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85