The Wars – Timothy Findley- two , 1-10

This is my homework commentary.
Finished the Quiz 2. Got some questions wrong, cause I wasn’t able to admit Rob was modest. And I called his little bit of resistance to the captain ‘not willing’. So there you go.
May 21.
Rob is a loner, or uncomfortable to varying degrees around others.
I missed one part ill have to go back after. Im not sure what happened yet maybe im reading it the intended method, or maybe not. It remains a mystery for now.

Book time is Feb 1916. Written of the 2 month 2 day anniversary of landing in France. Centre of the world is Ypres and Flanders fields, Kemmel hill. Kemmel hill nothing higher in Belgium and the low lands all the way to spain. Because of its flatness its been the scene of many battles since the time of Caesar. Low land equal mud also the season. Flemish, Dutch Germanic, native to flanders. Desription of ‘clyttes’
//..Called clyttes, exist at their worst north of Ypres in the vicinity of the Houthulst Forest. Because of the impervious clay, the rain cannot escape and tends to stagnate over large areas. Unable to soak through, it forms swamps and ponds, and sluggishly spreads toward one of the already swollen rivers or canals. The ground remains perpetually saturated. Water is reached at an average depth of eighteen inches and only the shallowest of puddly trenches can be dug by the troops, reinforced by sandbag parapets. When the topsoil dries during fair weather, it cracks open. The next rain floods the fissures. Then the clay blocks slide upon themselves, causing little landslides.//
Book, the description of the previous group in 1916 say you waded to the front and how water comes up from where you step. I tlooks swampy and many canals now. Back then with no topsoil liquid mud.

2. So were at Kemmel probably after a description of Ypres and flanders. Theres a war graveyard at Houthulst
. Now theres a hotel on Mont Kemmel, and many cemetaries there. Ok so theyre at Baileul which is SW of mont Kemmel Asylum not sure where that would be but in this area. Outrskirts. Ok tthe more NE we go the more Flemish it becomes.Rob gets called assasin by the Flemish Farmer. He said hes canadian surely cause toronto and the anglophones francophones. Anyways the farmer is pissed lost some cows doesnt like English people.

3. Bugler rank description.
Just reflecting on my life compared to Rob, Im able to achieve / attempt all sort of things with time and relatively consequence free. Its more like comparison to another friend who died in the forces. Another femal Artillery officer KIA. Well I dont even know if Rob died yet,or vegetable etc. I dont know his fate yet. But thankfull I dont have a fate of France in WW1, so far. Many died so ‘we’ could be ‘free’. These current events I keep hearing like politicians contempt for farmers is pissing me off. Well that is not benevolent. Ill concede the point of this isnt a comparison of Canada from 1917 , late-1970s , to my time in the mo, 2020 current events, unless I make it. Another friends word: Sacrifice. Its fitting but Im not claiming credit. The fight against tyranny. Sacrifice and freedoms and Canadian way of life. A comparison from the novel. On changes from a old society and the railroad and the quietness of towns, as a metaphor for going past a point of no return.

3. The Bugler
Cant remember who Regis is Ill have to scan the notes after, __ and research the things I dont know. Willie is bugler. All of a sudden theyre alone. Okj so the scene, theyre on a road, lets say from what I remember NE towards the mountain of the region. SE from that is a road and destroyed areaS. Gotta be some big differences in officers in near 103 year. Some things the exact same. Phosgene from the wiki mixed with chlorine theres soem disadvantages such as the color and the time it take to affect its victims. Sounds liek theres 3 of them and some animals. On or near the road. Theres gas. Theyre wondering were the rest of the packet is. Bivouac is the camp area they might be tasked to finding. theyre sending the orderly like the ensign from starrtrek back to rejoin the convoy. With the bugle as a type of sonar alarm pulse. some ducks pop out, Rob has affinity with animals. But then the ducks leave along with the orderly, and they try to joke that hes not super good on the bugle.. He cant remember bathing. When the wind blows it smells of ash bitter and acrid (irritating strong unpleasant) Lets see so after that another officer pops out of nowhere theyre in a dike had to leave the corporal in charge.. The 2 oficers lost now in a dike and its overflowing and theyre at a risk of drowning so action must be taken. Three men seven horses gotta get off the flood plain or dike channel.

4. Rob is the vanguard or the recce fdor land for the main body, the wind gives shape to the area. to the rigth a ruiver, to the left field. He dismountrs hes exoploring around hears some water and falls into the mud hes trying to escape and cant seem to get free from the mud but he gets free, hes stuck in some channel with corpses. Interesting with the slap slap witht he raft at jackson point. Jackson point being a swim hole for Young Rob, and Raft another Huck mention. Also the cant scream when dying, or reminding your brain to speak.

5. Crossing the river dike. Using it as a rinse from the chlorine mud. The process for crossing the river. Comparing the horse to Pegasus. Glad he unhooked the stirrups or he would have been dragged. Next hes drug out of water and next to the fire. As they leave the crows follow the convoy fresh meat for eating later. It was the crow eating the other guy probably.

6. trench description, 2 paralel trenches with their own comms infrastucture. 2nd batle of Ypres was April 1915. Talking about the duties and Root and Ross and the rolling Rs , 30 mins nuisance firing or 2 hours before trench clearing operation. 21 feb 1916 im guessing here. Attacking Verdun. Maybe hes over here by Knokke. Thin roads and nice farms

7. During the attack not much happenend now theyre at some observation post and can see some details about the enemy. Portion of trenches not covered so they havr to walk by but try not to hurry top fast or will draw fire.. Theyre relieving some people at the front.
May 26, bout to finish this off. This government, governor general is a fraud. Subservient to tyrants and complacent to shutting down of parliament. Its nearly end of May, Canadians have no parliament and no voice. Thats what you get voting liberal.Thats current events. Abomination government pisses me off. Now here I gotta read this book about these long forgotten Canadian principles. Sorry to say Rob you fought so some trust fund idiot can sell off canada to the lowest bidder for a couple votes and a never ending holiday.Subservient to tyrants. A non sustainable lifestyle. Rob went to go fight so minority government can claim dictatorship totalitarian state. Anyways trying to not let the current abominations take away from this book. Lets see governor general subservient to tyrants well isnt that a oxymoron. So to me that award aint shit cause action speaks louder than words. Politicians and representatives east of Manitoba, parasite on Canada. Back then, is Now.

7. Theyre arriving at the dugout.Rob thinks of Rowena when he sees the cages. Devlin / Bonnycastle, were there. Levitt /Ross. They collected stained glass and have it displayed , with patron saint of Metal Workles St Eloi. Ok they get stew and ressuply ciggiues and food etc thats nice. And a liter of cognac that would be sweet not so much these days. Levitts got the Clausewitz book about war, im suire has some good strategies and things, but there hardly seems any tactics and pincer movements from a cavalry book one could translate to trench warfare. What about the other war book, With the magic of internet can read aportion. Oh hes just talking about attacking somme defensive positions and considering them impregnable. Attacking a mountain and terrain features. Officer theory that gets men killed and plays god with lives and justifies killing.

8. Going on about the dugout and how grand it was. They make it sound like summr camp. The animal hospital. Who is Rodwell, doesnt say. Dour is gloomy or severe stern. Commenting about Clausewitz and man to man combat and how artillery wont do anything, wow is clausewitz mistaken but they probably didnt have as fgood cannons back then. Rodwell captain, see its like Im always guessingh who people are, and for a story its like give me the facts, and why am I guessing all the time. for right now it makes the reading experience a bit irritating. What is this a guessing game or a book. Rodwell is the winnieh the pooh similar person as A.A. Milne, since he writes children illustrations. They talk about the hedgehog and other animals trying to also survive the war in a popular hedge, probably cause everything else is blown up. Pedant, is a rule follower oh i know the type the know it all no fun allowed and critical on the least important points, They have the dinner, the frog is a field marshall etc

9. Seems liek bonnie and the opther are on their way back. Sickly yellow Pall thats a blanket covering the town in toxic gas. I guess Rob is sizing up his dugout mates and how no one is really normal everyone has a small nuance that makes them odd. Rodwell with his toad. Minuet compares the act of war like a ballroom dance with artillery hiding in places then making the enemuy come out and get em. Anyways seems kinda quiet the distant shots, the eyes, Pertubed is anxiety unsettling. Its a qfalling asleep scene not much to say he wishes he could run awway but in hius dreams he keeps seeeing taffler and harris.

10. Well already on leave Harris got sick, Rob is in london getting the webley from some family representative. I guess whats therre to write about gore, horses dying. mangled corspes. So write about sleep and child like things. Gonna take a break theres a live space launch rioght now first manned space-x flight. Looking pretty cloudy down there. Ill get back to finish off #10 before the definitions assignement.
10. Ok hes on leave in London thats interesting. Town in Kent called Shorncliffe, so its a stockpile for the other artillery in the area. Embarkation leave. Ok so i messed that up this is a flashback seemingly. Since embarkation is before. Well I dont know then, if he had been to France or not yet. Lets they give a date. Straight of dover. Google shows some fall colors foggy, small town with bright white building facades. Curved shoreline. A military cemetary. Nice trees. This iones got some allied soldier of the great war, superimposed on a image of a war cemetary in spring. Theres a building nearby could imagine what Rob is seeing. It could be a infirmary.

lol theyre talking about the astronauts like theyve done the mission hundreds of times in rehearsal, so its no problem theyll just get out of their seats annd say: mission complete.
I think maybe so but theres gotta be no ride like that ever first-second time. I think compared to those apollo astronauts going around the moon thats the wildest. This time testing a new vehicle theres some math motivation right there. Anyways thats much better current events than shitty politics.

10. 10 still, hes got the webley.This is a flashback, well I guess the whole book is a flashback, but he hadnt gone yet overseas.I guess its a description now of London during ww1. Times are looking pretty bleak. Heres on the zepellins dropping bombs. It is far betrter to face the bullets than to be killed at home by a bomb.- Join the Army at once & Help to Stop an Air Raid.-God save the king. Then people were quiet and kept to themselves. I guess in culture its much easier to get an impression of London in ww2, than ww1, for me atleast. It was like a tunnel that you walked not knowing its destination, him or me. harris estanged from his Father not answering telegrams. Buddy can relate. Talking about the hospital theyre sitting in and the visitors that visit these places since no one should die alone. Well if they came over on ship together why not be freinds, and hes got the pneumonia. Probably gonna die from it. Rob link this to Roewena and how he wants to be around this person all the time. Anyways yea the gifts canned things and flowers. The princess visiting a cousin. Rob in his spotless breeches is horse riding pants. Is a strange thing he says, about being on the fringes of human and fish society. Hes having hallucinations of drowning or something. Maybe he dreaming of breathing under water.
Next para. freesia is a flower. Cathleen Nesbitt actress from London. Diana Manners the coterie. Rob sees taffler, he thinks about the peephole. Clues he meets barabara again, theyre all posh and Rob doesnt want to intrude. Just a fake photoo op it seems like. Its all for show. Captain Villiers caught in fire lost his vocal cords could talk back but guess he wasnt too happy bout what Taffller said or sometyhing about Barabara and the nurse hates Barabara liek why is she coming in here fake photo op. Kids of Marquis and Marchioness , yawn. who fucking cares

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