Night Killer ’90

Ok well after Dennis the Mennace im stoked to be back in the 90’s. Dennis the menace was pretty good. Its May 23 2020 morning. Got this movie on youtube Movies for 1.99 wasnt too bad.
Walking in to the complete unknown in this movie, dont know the director. Who writes up the Youtube Synopsis. Yea as for the Cinnemassacre Its just way more fun to watch the movie then watch the review. That with the pandemic, more virtual friends along with twitch youtube. Me personally havent had negative encouters on the streets at all. People have be friendly, but on high edge.
Dunston checks in was maybe the worst since I started watching and even that wasnt too bad. I have homework piling up but what can I say, Its gonna get done by watching this movie now. Not sure whats gonna end up with this but I like watching movies and writing some commentary on it. Its harder than I iniytially though but I think im getting better. I think its best to write about some impressions on me, in context of entertainment. Also a movie log just like an old friend used to do and carry on his tradition. What else I gotta say reading that ‘The Wars’ has been pretty good, Im just curious to his fate, I cant look away. That it could have been the story of any Canadian unknown soldier of the great war. For fiction it has alot of things to research. I never claimed to be a world war I master, but watching BBC The great War ive seen and heartd some shocking things, not mot mention visited some of these sites. Its been on my mind, a bit anyways. This class ends right away so, is probably the next thing im working on too. But for something completely different now, Night Killer 1990. Yes. 30 years old.

Lol what am i seeing ok its late 80’s dance routine. Im already dying. Already gotta sample that. Ok this lady runs in and stops the ‘class’ . Thats pretty funny imagine I just walked in an stopped the teachers class. Was late cause traffic. The claw in the back of the scene and the music sets the mood. That song and the claw lol. Oh movies is rated R lol. After dennis the menace I dont know what I was expecting aahaha. Ok get a quick look at the killer. He just claws her and set her down in the bathtub all nice. Thats such a weird fashion thing the dancing oversocks, wouldnt you slip on the hardwood. Theyre always in music videos from this time period and earlier. Ok so the dance instructor freaks out at the students for being so bad and she decides to go check up on the previous victim. Ok now audience gets agood look at the killer, its not bad but its a mask and the claw seems rubber and silly. The set so far is just a theatre-like hall with long alcoves and passageways semi-lined with carpet and hardwood ornamentations. The effects are practical, something like clawing off some playdough to make it look like skin. Then with the sock shoe covering straight up shes doing the roadrunner legs running on the linoleum tying to get away. No title no credits right into dance scene awesome. Wow im like one step ahead of this movie 8:05 credits roll. Showing a scene of a overcast american town right away maybe looks like the home alone type house fairly large and brick 2-3 stories with an attic and two pillars at the entrance. Oh so Franco Gaudenzi never heard of him but always down to learn about writers. Nice movie title splash, its a red symettrical logo with some 80’s graffiti vibe. Creepy doll room. Taking up all the space. Oh man I was five years old when this came out. Kindergarden ECS. Ok new character looks like the princess from Flash Gordon 80s. Although not willing to th anything on that cause I was waay off last time. I guess mullet style hairdoo with wedding style lingerie ‘lawngeray’ Its really a mix of late 80s things Its got that cringe from the 80’s in the details. Coffee machines blender, carryon bags. Nice duck shot. Another character now with big hair. Nice neighhborhood. Man those patterns theres so much to comment on so far. If I was going to Day care Id be at Knob hill in Bankview thats some interesting memories. The tv clicker, i see it, and the thermostat, and all notice those minor nuances. Theres a magazine with Sly Stallone on the cover. Ok sweet the news lady wearing ridiculous furs briefs us on the situation, killer has a name I miseed. Hes killed several so far. Turn it off. Hmm some Mcgraw hill books thats funny I have one on my desk currently. Nothing to wear and other poems, never heard of that and Fire from the heavens, some more Ive never heard. Cool, Fire from heaven is novel about Alexander the Great. Reportedly from what im reading it was Oliver Stone inspiration for Alexander, thats going on the list for a later date. Oliver Stone is the shit, cant believe that came up. Ok Nothing to wear and other poems, just a brief look, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 1807-1882 He was featured on a US Stamp 1940. Teacher writer traveller. With the magic of internet I can have a quick read. Wow just the intro he spoke to me. Thats neat. Me being born in the ‘new world’ I recall such a curiosity about Europe and across the oceans. Thats pretty cool. Anyways suppposed to be watching the movie but it came up still. Ok so lady is a writer.
Ok yea the movie lol. Theres a greaser in a bar. This lady character, shes got art shes a writer. Shes got the old new-style rotary without the rotary. Melanie is her name.. Anywways we ojnly see the greasers back hes got his collar up and has a raspy voice, probably talking with a toothpick in his mouth. Such a unique way to introduce a character. Undress he and make her state all her vulnerabilities. My prediction is shell probnably survive. That ring tone is just bizarre. Melanie has obsession with stuffed animals. So this lady has creeps calling her phone scream style. Or is scream, night killer style. So hes got the claw and hes a sexual predator. I guess he can talk with the mask on. I mean assuming this is allthe same killer, Maybe the drunk ex BF will just pop-in. If you ever wonder who drinks with gloves on, its people that CRUSH the drinking glass with their bare hands! It might be cause Melanie looks kindof familiar. Ok missingh some good suspense music. She checks across the street a man is leaving the payphone. Thats something you dont see everywhere is a phone booth. It was a handy thing but people would always smash em and spit all over the receiver. I remember there was a trick you could make the phone booth call itself that was cool. Talk about giving people space back then. Superman was able to get changed in a phone booth. You had your own private room with a closing door. Still with plastic windows graffiti everywhere. I dont know whats better now. If yous standingh in line might aswell catch up on the celly. People walking and driving around on their phones. Jenny beach has a police department, some interesting back turn scene. Diud I say Jenny beach I meant Virginia beach. Its South East of Washington DC Follow the coast line. Looks like a nice place to visit. Definetly that beach strip. Seen a palm tree too. Melanie Beck. Lock yourself in and Ill call back in 5 mins. Love the keys on the inside doors so you can lock yourself in. Theres a fire and your struggling with a key-ring lol. Titanic style. The turn around scenes are stylized. Claw guy is in the house. Nice the killer is back lol. Creepy voice hilarious face. Of course the doors are locked. She has time for a phone call. Oh her pretended eveything was ok so the cops wouldnt come back. Oh nice she has a 6-shooter snubnose. What hes wearing a mask for real. Ok plot announcement, so something terrible happens to her, 2 dectectives are walking through the hospital shes blocked out what the killer looks like from her traumatic memories. Shes forgotten everything now. She cant rememeber her daughter. This news report lol. Straight cheeze lol. For the record he goes off. Ok melanie is out of the hospital now shes driving trans am Drinking and driving straight up chases her.Agressive dude lol. Hes like where that lady go she walked in the bank. Now hes in the washroom checking doors. Lol shes making him strip lol. What was that scene lol. Hey man what happened to your clothes ahhaha. So i dunno who this dude he wants to be friends. This is Melanies idfea of a chill time several prescription botles and whisky shes probably gonna try to suicide. Now Jeep weirdo guy is on a hot pursuit at the beach. What are you doing! Lol now here cares hes drowning her forcing her to drink sea water this is crazy not something you see . trying to make her throw up. Just ruithless lol. I cant believe this. Ok enter greaser and his new date. Ok melanie survived rescued by a new assaulter. This actress going through alot and screaming a bunch. Now were in the claw guys art studio you can never see this guys face. So its the guy from bar. The guy with the mask and this girl just bizarre lol. Please just take me home lol. Face of hot wax what is going on lol. hes making out with a version of himself. Now some KFC. He wants to be friends. These character are so wild. These scenes are crazy. How many killers are there? Dating in the 90’s. Aquarium wave tank with a new character. Charatcer or mroe like victim. Wide belts were popular at the time. Aight here we go again the groper claw guy. Wardrobe malfuntion. Its always young attractive ladies getting chased byu the claw guy then he rips their hearts out. That aquarium pretty cool. Yea called it. Ok Melanie again. I kill you kill me with the crazies. wake up lets be cheery. This guyy is completewly psycho 50 shades of gray erotica. Tearing sheets. I think shes a good actress going through all these scenes. I Like the old pattern ambulance. The ideas and scenes are pretty scary for a 90’s movie The guy actor is pretty believable psycho. And with the gun and the mental trauma and chases, is pretty wild. I thought it would be cheezier and less suspense. I guess when youre that crazy you dont need a gun just a switchblade. ALso i wasnt sure if they were playing the mask off as a special effect liek that wasmewant to be real, and the claw too. But they are props. Hes seen taking them on and off and thats pretty good. The movie is self aware and plays with the questions im asking myself in my head. Its way cooler that the mask, is a prop the killer wears. I thought it was trying to be his actual skin. I gotta say I like when a movie features a town place ive never heard of, sometimes for better or worse. Mer personally I thionk Virgina Beach is a place I would like to visit not knowing very much about it, along with Cannon beach from Goonies (opposite coast) Amazing just seeing it on g-maps. I guess that can maybe relate to what I was reading about ‘Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’ From his own words about curiosity and outside of your own realm.
6th victim now. MAsked Maniac! Thats so fitting. And theres such a weird romance the mask guy is obssesed wityh Melanie, and they share all these close scenes, like close up face to face. Ok the masked maniac is such a good stalker he talks loud with his eyes wide open all creazy like. Crazy eyes and he drives crazy too its just exagerated but awesome in the character it create. I cant tell how serious this movie takes itself. i have no experience making movies but I like the camera effects. I mentioned the turning around motion shots the closeups. Ok i get the sense Melanie is starting to learn she could maybe manipulate maniac, im not sure yet though shes pretty battered. Shes mastered the screaming cussing and distant look. Like the long drawn out scenes like this is what im talking about. Really on some fringes between like a weird psycho romance. Hmm i think i recognized the phone booth guy at the detective interview. Something schizophrenia, maybe that is partially true but the killer exists does he not. Thats a good sample speech.Shes a hot mess. Theres are those who believe. Interesting so they have the squad cars out, are they rentals or outside the actual police dept. They describe the plot via interviews. She has a desire to kill herself. If she remembers his face he will kill her. Then the cringiest line, “hey your girlfriend has one hell of a hangover” And he howls: ” You can say that again.”
The way he drinks slow and passionately. The knock at the door. “What was that noise!, Gunshot!?” At the hotel lmao.Oh man sweet talk your way out of this. Heres a dollar tip in the eyeglasses. Softcore slasher style with giant weird strokes. Its a caprice police squad car with blue lights. The self proclaimed famous experts going on tv with ridiculous tv appearances shooting their mouths off with high pollutant theories that sounds familiar. Nice the detective threatens him with bad press to make him look like a quack. I wonder what that would look like. Homicidal masked maniac. Now the creepy music.. Hmm historical accuracy reference. The panama scandals 1892, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about France and South American scandal. Oh yea what else is new. Oh yea I forgot about the Father here in the relationshio he saved her once and only had the scar. I seemingly forgot about him in all the madness. A christmas tree. Using the Tv for plot deliveries. Thats maybe how i rememebvr tv and living room when I was five. Love how he shits the tv off with that authority click. Diplomat Motel wonder if its still there. Hard to say Motels can be similar in appearance. Theres a few in a row there. Noe the hotel manager. Hes on the phone. Well here we go the jig is up. The Hojo. Why dont you go back to the station aahahaha. lol BAd ass cop.throttles that manager. The hardwood circles on those doors is retro. Oh gun butt fight. This guy lol. Leave the gun lol. Hes almost got the gun in her face. The second mom lost it but same with scarface. Oh wow the old t-shirt pyjama thats retro. Those bucket bangs. Oooh more phone booths. She sees her headline on the paper. Lol as she escapes. So bad its good. Of course the taps didnt work couldnt trace the call. Temperate rainy xmas. and some funny running down the streets. This is such a small town you can just drive around and recognize people. ITs a car chase with people. Get in the car. The sneakers I rememeber that style. Lock yourself in again lol. She remembers maybe. The phone booth. Staring right at the window lol. So she can talk. Looked like the scarface was the killer. Still it could be switched then.. HEs here. This time its the scarface guy. I was pretending lol. 2 psycho actors for the price of one. That voice is the best. Sherman is a creep but the other guy too. Melanie gonna stab herself yea right hahaha. That was stupid of me he says. So whats the other guy also stalker but he wants to be friends.Heres shes all cut up and battered looking like a zombie. Shes chasing sherman. Lol. That grimace though. Oh didnt expect that that shes the nigth killer. Still I feel it can go any way. Lol oh my god she stabbed him at the wiorse place. Oh yo soemone jumps thru the window and blasts him. Didnt see that coming but whats the eal with the BF. Movie is pretty hardcore. Relive the experience to fix yourself. And they have a nice happy family lol. Mystery xmas box. Theres another twist im sure. Tara Buckman same era but not from Flash G, however was in Buck rogers. That was entertaining lol. And that mask. The music was good too reminds me of fantasy music like never ending story. Horror psychological thriller comedy suspense learnt some cool things too.

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