The Wars – Timothy Findley _ Up to three

More homework. Not sure what the questions are but I am to read up to three. Have a ton of math but heres the page I may produce more insensitive comments about the fictional daughter of marquises. They can mar-kiss my ass. And the buffoons in government, fought for nothing and complacent to silencing parliament. Set a reminder for September, reminder for more disappointment. After 6 months of the most sub-bar government Ive ever seen bar-none.
June 2 2020
Now that I have expunged the negative comments I had and sent them directly to the people responsible. I will continue to read this book. Lets see I could be reporting about the George Floyd protest but the world is saturated with. Ive only had a few negative experiences with the police nothing like that. I believe truth reporting is important accountability single and organization. Activism. Good government. Its a good argument for protection both ways with the body cam. Seen it at my friends house on the PBS news. That Rick Steeves speech was good. Can you believe the Feds have time for kayaking but not the House of Commons and democratic process, while we are watching current events unfold. Its like watching clowns flush money and resources down the st Lawrence laughing all the way to the drain.
I can go to Walmart but not fort Calgary or the military museum . What do they expect.

Two-11. Im still in this section before I had to do math.
Lady Juliet D’Orsey. First of all is a fictional character. From twelve to seventy. Fourth child from M&M St.Aubyn. Sorry I dont do fake people rank or titles from hundred years ago. Wilton place however does exist.
M.St. Aubyn I found was a fictional family. A writer with a similar name. Wilton place is a interesting looking area. Can visit with google earth. Across the srteet is the St Paul’s Knightbridge victorian edifice with ornate interiors. Oh the mentioned Knightbridge in the book the one time Im ahead of the author. He mentions the park you must cross. Lets see what it looks like today. Maybe was like an alcove secret entrance.Theres some brick roads not ideal for skateboarding. Hospital must have turned into the Berkley loks like a hotel with bars inside. The Collins room is super fancy. Wow from War hospital to posh hotel. Hang out at the blue bar, ornate walls. The bar and terrace looks nice. Behind the winton place looks like some built in stable doors. So theres a black car Daimler. And who feels like Aldren on the moon. Is this a memory or Rob. Oh its a memory of rob told by someone else, but who feels like Aldren ? Charlotte Krauss. Anyways they are looking at knight bridge. That makes me think of some pillar of the earth. A Gothic ruin. It looks good. There was a quire playing on the google earth too. Hes describing the scene I guess its the ancestor trying to learn more about Rob because of some clues from the past. There we go before they even meet she freaks out about the pronunciation of her name. Im so rude that would be the funniest thing I ever heard, although if she asked nice why not comply. Jeez just change your name . Imagine having to give that speech every time you met someone. Someones got fictional issues. LAdy J smokes and drinks gin at seventy. Something about Stuart Brothers and how they didn’t like each other or something. Who knows. Ill just ask the internet instead of playing this authors game. How about talking english and telling me whats going on would be alot more interesting. Keeping interest.

12 .
In my words, Rob meets MM’s daughters. After Harris.. Jamie Villiers Bandage man that has no voice. This narrative is just drivel., Its a voice recording talking about all these extented people form years ago jamie whent to school and they were real and so on. In real time theres tea and sandwhiches. Ok so theyre talking about the elite class partier poets that all died in the war. They havbe more than a brotherhood bond theyre in love according to Lady J. Who Rob and Harris. Something about atheltics and poetry and beauty. But maybe not as lovers. “Every generation has a war except this one.” Thats a bizzzare thing to say with the advantage of history. Might disagree with that. Ordinary man has the right to be horrified of a mangled human corpse on the side of the road. Can agree with that. Politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war. Even with Artillery bombing or UAV remote weapons, might be a preferred way to fight but doesn’t include as much carnage as the tip of the spear. Then now. Ok so this is some weird things Harris said before dying. Then he gets cremated accidently. Rob gets the ashes, cant put em anywhere. Not a parishioner. All we are is dust in the wind. Then Rob and Tasffle and Lady J do the funeral I think. Go sing with the whales cause he was looking out for some whales on the boat ride over. Its sad neither his father would respond. Father couldnt care to even respond to a telegram. What else is new. Just as that starts ok so theyre at the bunker with the animals all over again and describing the St Eloi Mines that set off a barrage or atilery fire not far from their position. Crater is so big you could kayak in it. or paddle around. Massive craters in this area.
27-28 Feb 14-18 its hard to say. But some interesting tunneling engineer operations. Im willing research more to learn after duties completed

Takes me to -Three.
Ok good cause assignment due. Force feed this content.
3 is written by the hour and not separated by section so will read this all in one sitting.
June 3 2020.
Here we are well its morning technically doing what im supposed to. Lets see current events are crazy right now. Its Wednesday. Read an old retired St. Louis Police officer killed in the looting. Capt. ret. David Dorn. He was trying to stop looters from taking a tv. The US President commented on it on twitter. Theres some curfews in place. Thats harsh, wish i was hearing some Tommmy Edman , Tyler O’Neil, Paul Goldschmidt Dexter Fowler Home runs instead. More of that announcer Dan Mclaughlin. Anyways dropping all the names but I miss baseball. Wonder if they played baseball in flanders field. Did any US soldiers in WWI play baseball in Europe surely thats not too far fetched of an idea.. Yes much baseball in France in WW1. Alot of players giving up a large salary to fight with the Marines. SO they probably missed baseball more than anybody. Anyways probably just get back to the homework. Keith Hernandez was Cardinals announcer once.
The book starts for -three- Feb 28 no year.
I do remember some of the St Eloi crater. Glottal stop wow its a metaphor for talking into the shockwave of a explosion. Ok hes got the cages, seems like extra curricular duties but ok. Well hes in the bunker awoken by explosion and cant see then for a bit, candles go out. He can feel is legs. Ok start removing the dirt and earth and beds from them so he can get up. Theyre all talking officer like. Its liek pleasantries over lifting things. Forget who levit is, he was there before wasnt he. Or its Rob and Levitt Rodwell. Levitt the reader, and they arguing about candles on books and leviit is a psycho apparently. Well at least Poole didn’t die and so far they all survived that situation.
4:25 am it says,
Then starts “The previous evening”
So why doesn’t it say Feb 27. The evening before. Ok so basically they went to go see the front line of their area the evening before. They met the corporals and sgt seen the area, it was viewing distance from the stained glass dugout. Well that blast destroyed that position apparently. Apologizing for falling on a corpse ew. He saves a rat almost drowning in a pool. Just something alive.
5:30 am
Hes trying to get orders at the farm house, Germans are missing the farmhouse but some rounds get close. Anyways he meets his boss, and basically gets a few new replacements and well they need to put new guns up, but the OC doesn’t really know the situation but anyways thats the way orders go, and he introduces him to the cpl and hes in charge of a new work party .
Dont they mean 0700…
Sir did you mean 7:30 am or 7:30 pm when the attack starts.
PM OR AM !!!
22 no ranks, and cpl Bates and Rob. Bates Overawed at the battlefield. lol that made me laugh the cpl threatens to shoot everyone him self if they dont hustle, So Rob draws his pistol to protect him from the overzealous cpl.
HEs trying to make the gun beds in the AO of the stained glass dugout. Work out a plan first instead of hastily rushing nowhere.

7 : 30 AM
Levitt the book guy wont take his great coat off. I dunno about officers and dress its like figure out how to dress yourself and quit making it a fucking issue. What is this day care on the western front dont forget your bib. If it freezes then nothing is wet, but they have a job to do rain or shine. Oh theres a cloud. Thanks captain. And both their men are dead maybe a corporal can remedy the situation.

8:15 am
Ok so moving up past the destroyed line. Theres a stretcher casualty sitting there the bearers are dead. And basically they have to move forward because the gun positions. ITs not their job to stay behind and take care of the wounded. Just describing what a trench looks like after some serious effective shelling or mine blasts. The corrugated steel and the trench folding in on itself. Glad to wear gloves so you dont have to touch someones skeletal hand. Well hes got a plan gotta put the guns in a hole and have em ready to fire. Bates concerned he doesnt want a idiot in charge leading him to his death. So its a description of Rob leading the way into a crater to set the guns up and hes got backup and hopefully not waiting for a German attack to come over the lip of crater.

8:50 am
Basically some panic they’re all slipping and sliding in the crater. Theres a gas attack none of them are issued gas mask. Piss in a rag and breathe over it. So all at pistol point.Anyways ivbe heard of this more than once.

9:30 am Ammonia from piss caused chlorine to turn into harmless crystals, but what about your eyes. Rob has flashback about his chemistry class.

10:30 am suspecting attack.

12.15 lunch time. just kidding. the sun zenith died so maybe some clouds. its snowing.

Rob been there for a while him and bates still alive. Hes slowing picking himself up the snow might give away their position because Its a clue about rob getting haunted by that bird till he died. Back at the trench everyone was dead green and gassed and frozen so Some type of german sniper watching them and waiving etc all friendly like. Good you.

Now its moved to Days.
Friday 3 march, well now i can find the year. 1916 Theres talk of the new flame thrower weapon, Flame thrower guys with crosses oon their chests. Watching some Verdun footage. The flamethrower. Leviit went mad with his books. Winter hibernation Toad. Torpor is reduced metabolic state.
Rodwell gets re-assigned. Ross in charge of the toad. to be released somewhere green. Captain leather shows up. Why dont you just call him S&M fan. Levvitts books all scorched never to be read again. Kinda funny ironic the clausewitz book went up in flames in a warzone go figure. Rodwell is kills himself over some men torturing animals. With a touching letter to his daughter. Well some people have time to write. Unlike the Harris father.

Jan Feb March 1916 this must be Ross mom that I dont really care about. Ok she like to walk in the storm. Big fucking deal. Something about parliament being razed to the ground in fire. ok shes living in fantasy land. Ok really dont c are about ms ross love affairs with the rich carriage maker and not trusting love. To have and Have not.

8 March
Sent to England.he has Rodwells book and Rob was the only human he drew in it, or is it a dream, more like sketches.

Well that finishes it off he got through customs with a toad, releases it in England or France somewhere green.
Rodwells letter to his daughter is saying that things live on forever. What does he mean but that theres life everywhere and life helps life. Anyways so Rob loses another friend.
Its a sad part that Rodwell didn’t get to enjoy that toad. Animals just trying to chill and live meanwhile theres flamethrowers and cannons scorched earth. I didn’t fucking agree to this world war, killing, destruction. Whose responsible ?
Anyways that ends part 3 reading gonna have to write out some questions.
Not like Robs mom can go to the front and fight but i dislike the character in a fictional way. Levitt the scholar shoulda stayed at school need a combination of sharp scholar and althetisism. Btu what do i know about the front 103 years ago. I think the greatest frustration is watching the bad planning and orders unfold along with the chaos nothing goies as planned no one has issued kit. So its frustrating from the sideline but our ancestors persevered, won despite all the things going wrong.
Tomorrow is Tom Longboat day gonna celebrate it first time.
I can comment on the color of the scenes Is pretty vivid. It paints a picture in a sense how I painted the scene in my head. Then I seen 1917 this year that was pretty crazy maybe linking some scenes. Also to read about some of the Place Like St Eloi was informative.
Besides, no one’s interested in something you didn’t do.

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