Top Gun ’86

Just been way too busy with classes but managed to get to watching Top Gun. I remember this as a kid almost vividly, whats weird is watching it again in 2020.
Gotta love that F-14 just looks slick as fuck. Nice curves. Extenda wing. I be you can sit in one somewhere in USA maybe San Diego.
Maverick the best worst pilot. Otherwise whats not to love. Aggressive romance, planes, cars,bike, beach bods. Maverick is always in shit. Its hilarious. But then his buddy dies.
Danger zone. Then Maverick grows as character. They go on mission. Just some sick sunset scenes flying acrobatics and funny one liners. Friendly competition ? Val Kilmer the top gun top of the class. Hes like hey you.
This was a top rental. I remember as a kid. Watching it this time around just noticing the rooms and sets. A young Tom Cruise pretty good movie though. He has that introspective moment at the runway. This movie is really about the planes, and cockyness of pilots, and the everquest of having most elite navy fleet air superiority. Nimitz aircraft carrier is such a awesome thing the USS Enterprise Big E. Speaking of nuclear tech.. I just think it would be a awesome thing to check any of those out. Film was dedicated to Art Scholl a acrobatic pilot, camera man. Anyways obviously some parts were a bit cringe but overall that was pretty fun to watch. Definitely one of the more classic high budget films on the list. I mean without a time machine thats a pretty close representation of 86. In some way it reminds me a bit of ‘The Right Stuff’ just the dusty old bar, and being around jets all the time. Hes always doing the fly-bys and spilling the control towers coffee. Just reading another writers comment on a super tomcat page: “Growing up in a Grumman family, our lives were consumed by the F-14 as it was a revolutionary design that pushed every engineer on the project to and beyond their limits. Remember, this plane was developed before there were even electronic calculators!”smacfe
Art Scholl died in a accident in the movie.

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