Nuclear tech.

Nuclear tech.
Level the playing field.
Clayton L .
July 16 2020

Whether or not to utilize nuclear technologies, and to what degree. Are nuclear technologies beneficial to human society, and what dangers to they pose.
Pros and cons, opinions, perspectives. From past to current events.

Intro. How did I get here. Im 35, not a ‘nuclear expert’ by any means but had a chance to indulge in some research. I have a perspective, and opinions too. I have discussed with couple friends regarding some pros and cons to using nuclear tech. One of their complaints that opinion pieces aren’t factual. A desire to hear nuclear tech news without a heaping portion of someones varying opinion. I tend to agree with that statement then. I have my own opinions, and the news market is saturated. So there’s no point hiding that I am ‘for the use of nuclear tech.’ Right away an argument against, is that it just a complicated dangerous way to boil water. I think everyone can agree the risk, and dangers associated with nuclear can be higher. Im reading some Isaac Asimov right now “foundation”. Currently on ‘Foundation and Empire’ 1952 book right now. I love this book series though. It looks into a fictional futuristic human societies using nuclear tech. Its a fantasy world, but I can tell Asimov really believed in science and using tech to the maximum to benefit humanity. He was a bio chemist. Even in the Asimov world without divulging too much: has a nuclear dark age. Basically showing an archaic society without nucleics, couldn’t compete with a group that had. Knowledge is power essentially. Even in the Asimov universe there was tyrants, and bad governments.

From Asimov to Carl Sagan another science hero.

Sagan with golden record.

Carl Sagan was a child during ww2. As an adult he became science communicator. Also became involved in nuclear disarmament and politically active. My perspectives lie somewhere along that line. That nuclear tech is necessary for space travel. I like to believe in energy independence that nuclear can provide. Also I acknowledge some of the concerning previous times we have gone through. As if hiding underneath a school desk will protect from nuclear blast. Nevertheless nuclear will remain part of our future for better or worse. Its pros cant be denied.

USA/Soviet nuclear stockpiles by year.

Ill showcase some of the interesting things I have researched. Personally ive used some nuclear tech in the forces, and worn a dosimeter.

Nuclear technologies have markets, and economies. China, Russia are nuclear exporters. Canada has done nuclear exports in the past. In developing countries nuclear is a means to level the playing field. There’s a negative aura around anything nuclear just the word. With just cause, from Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Three Mile, Fukushima. Still, I believe nuclear can be done safely. With many benefits that cant be denied. So how to mitigate the risk . Whose responsibility to learn, or care about nuclear? For me looking at some jobs and reading some comments its maybe an interesting career someone like me could do.

In Pakistan nuclear tech news I found Karachi power generating station. Pakistan Atomic Energy commission developing additional sites to house more nuclear power plant. They’ve been using nuclear power supplementing their power grid for some time. Kanuup plant is the oldest and surpassed design life of 30 years. So here is PAEC CNNC CZEC ACP- 1000 technology. Its a pressurized CANDU heavy water reactor supplied by Canadian General Electric company. Just to say that regardless of opinions here is a massive infrastructure project underway with no signs of slowing down. Here the initial reactor was commissioned from 1972 to 2002.
Raising the quantitative power levels from 33452MW to 35975 MW within a year. PAEC has goals of raising the output all the way to 8800MW by 2030. Safe and successful operation of the Kanuup site for 48 years now.
I found some defense style articles which suggest Pakistan is a nuclear weapon state, and has a credible minimum deterrence posture which provides Pakistan security without costly arms race with India. Definitely the world doesn’t want nuclear war between Pakistan and India. Thats a bit concerning that some heated argument on the other side of the planet could result in nuclear detonation but lets be real has most of the planet consented to nuclear tests? Usage in conflict. In Pakistan have made it a country project including skilled manpower, education and training.

Kanupp 2 & 3

Ohio USA. Ohio is home to two nuclear reactors. Producing 88 percent of the states emission free-electricity.

Perry Nuclear Power Plant Ohio.

Here I found Energy company requiring what seems to be bailout money. One commenter suggesting the tax payers scammers by big business once again so the shareholders reap the rewards. Lots of heated debate here, Im just an observer. Here another commenter suggesting that solar and wind are the cheapest now as the governments can make the taxpayer cover the cleanup costs. Theres differences between the buyback and the bailout apparently. I think I would be pissed too. Lawmakers seemingly profiting the shareholders instead of the taxpayers. Or the energy consumer.

President Museveni addresses some of the UPDF tank officers during the pass out of the commanders course at Kambamba Armoured Warfare Training School.

Uganda is a small sized country. Using CNNC to help develop nuclear energy. I read the state of the nation 2019 address because it came up in my search parameters. Many nuclear projects underway with some national pride. 850 sources in 419 facilities. Under regulatory control supervision. Arguably un-popular in America. Russia, and China busily exporting.

Nuclear technologies aren’t limited to reactors as I found evidence of International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA . Many nuclear tech projects written about, on the IAEA page.

This particular article; working with 60 scientists from several middle eastern countries. Using nuclear and isotopic techniques to improve crop yields on salt-affected soils. Using nitrogen-15 isotopic techniques. I have a transcript of the actual science in my log shared at the end of assignment. Desalination is cool tech that can be helpful for everyone.

In another recent example IAEA working in a partnership with Mauritius agriculture. Using nuclear technology to develop tomato seeds that can thrive in increased temperatures. These seeds then are distributed to farmers a helping protect a multi million national industry. The plant mutation breeding involves exposing plant seeds to gamma rays. The plants are then multiplied and observed for new, and desirable traits. Who would deny the Mauritius’s tomatoes? Its a smaller island 1000km east from another small island, Madagascar.

Theres more. In terms of agriculture nuclear technologies which particularly interests me, so I will include it. Unfortunately same source IAEA but its good, Its a technique I learnt about sterilizing fruit flies to end offspring. Argentina is set to boom with the export abilities to the largest fresh fruit market in world. (China) The fruit fly quarantine checkpoints eliminates the fruit fly population. Exports of stone and pome fruits are expedited reducing post harvest treatment.

“Atomic Gardening”
Mentioned the seed irradiation and testing for desirable traits in plants. Also food irridation technologies. To remove unwanted molds.
To be fair unless I was really starving, and watched someone else eat irradiated food it might be something I avoided. Radiation symbol on food does seem a little counter intuitive. Noted I probably couldn’t tell the difference in a taste test. For the sake of argument I would eat a irradiated mold blasted peanut or something else provided it was safe to consume.

Irradiated fruit label.

“Mutant Fields”
Processes and challenges.


Kuwait institute for Scientific research. Displaying some completed and ongoing scientific research projects. All sorted by accomplished, and ongoing projects.


I found some other data of research on edible food packaging. It was interesting to me because there was a lot of data and chemistry perspective in real life application. Especially food packaging industry generates a lot of individual waste. Its encouraging to see some front line science tackling some applied problems.

Countries from Costa Rica to Uganda using food testing labs to check for residues and food contaminants. Mobile labs. Regular testing labs.

My most compelling argument is that of space exploration. Right away without nuclear there is limitations for powering spacecraft away from the sun. If NASA rocket scientists can launch a good amount of Plutonium 238 “airborne hazard” through the the atmosphere, safely above human populations. People can have energy independence through nuclear. Doing this with some redundant safety, with several hundred people working on the team. This proves, and inspires me that humans are capable of safely working on some massive nuclear projects with the safety of earth and humans as top priority. I learnt about the space battery facility in Idaho. These photos not possible without nuclear tech:

Sunset from mars.

Cassini spacecraft first view of Saturn.


Chest xray.

Its not the science that is evil, its a corrupt evil intent. There’s without a doubt some negligent disposal of nuclear waste in our past as well as accidents, human error, corruption. However safely disposing of nuclear waste, long monitoring, and safety could be a meaningful job I could do. Douglas point waste facility.

More Jobs. Uranium mines in Saskatchewan. Learnt a technique miners use to find, and extract the uranium ore. It must be extracted refined. Mining is a necessary component of nuclear. 2013 1.2 billion industry in Canada. Mining has a negative connotation and reputation. The pattern; energy companies come make a profit destroy the environment, and when its time to clean up it falls on the taxpayer. Oil companies want oil based energy economies, same with coal. Aforementioned have made energy monopoly niches for profit , in turn using those profits to lobby governments with desired intents. When governments should be developing energy sectors equally. In broad strokes the tesla revolution also using mining for lithium practices. The batteries charging from a mixed energy grid. My concern these miners are doing the dying and shareholders, again getting rich off resources that could be scarce/essential in the near future isn’t a team player strategy.

Cross section mining. Drill the bore hole, attach larger bit, extract ore as it falls down bore hole.

The least compelling argument is the fate of nuclear future, lies in politics not in science. Perhaps completing a basic course on nuclear should be requirements for participating in the democratic aspects of nuclear policy. Considering how corrupt politicians seem these days is a good argument for additional policies to protect the tax payer, more importantly humanity. Separate the politics, and science. There should be rewards for learning the content, and also for any risk hazards associated with the work environment. The ultimate consequence: Nuclear annihilation of earth. Is a pretty bad consequence. Yet energy independence for all humans is nothing to be scoffed at.


Nuclear technologies. Glow in the dark gun sights, smoke detectors. I was a soldier 16 years part of some daily life.

Nuclear medical technologies. They exist. I was never able to use ultrasound. I was in a coma at hospital amputating almost dying 11/30 days waiting for my ultrasound appointment. MRI and similar diagnostics are a useful technology that should be abundant, and readily available.

Commercialization of nuclear tech.
Learnt about Marie Curie and how things were back then. Selling snake oils and tonics. Sadly took many victims of radiation to study and learn the benefits. Just like early car safety nuclear cowboy days are volatile. Both USA and Russia, Japan.
More commercial business, I mentioned the space batteries. Also dosimeter technologies. PPE safety.


The CANDU tech is proven safe. That being said, it isn’t the energy industry to cut corners. Reading about whistle-blowers. Concerning stories I have read. The nuclear reactor X is commissioned to be built. Safety specs are listed. Construction company sees the specs for fire ratings sensor A, and says: “that’s too expensive, can save a bundle by using sensor B.” So right away during construction, the first safety shut off valves improperly fire rated parts. It was addressed. Its just crazy to think of the designed safety procedures, ignored to save a buck. Meanwhile oil lobbyist rejoice, Nuclear = Danger Oil = Good. Yes the people that sold previous generations leaded gasoline.

Gerald W. Brown. Whistleblower on Thermo-Lag scandal.

Its like we were forced to maxed out the oil tech tree without even considering if that was the best idea. Yea best for profits, short term and un-calculated risk. But best for humanity is questionable. I would argue a balance of all mixed energies based on risk reward location and desired outcomes is best. Some would have earthlings believe its good destroying the amazon for sugar cane and ethanol jet fuel. How fitting for some energy rich dependent in their air conditioned office with ice in their drink to say: “Power for me, but not for you cause I dont understand nuclear.” I got news for you the amount of nuclear submarines in operation without any citizen input is kinda scary. Russia, and China aren’t really halting production for global warming. So what were going into poverty back to the stone age . Anyways CANDU tech was hot after the bomb. Free energy. Public opinion grew much worse with governments hiding nuclear waste. Chernobyl government denial. And so on. Fukushima shows even with strict safety protocols accidents happen.

Nuclear . Level the playing field in more ways than one. The obvious play on words ending ww2 early. Its pretty crazy. Imagine being the Japanese emperor and learning 2 cities have been vaporized, with many walking wounded. Imagine being responsible for so much death.

Enola Gay crew.

Nuclear benefits are undeniable to developing countries modernizing. Theres discussion of micro reactors benefiting communities or small towns is a interesting infrastructure propositions. This fits with a Isaac Asimov advanced society nucleics benefiting civilizations. Simply for the benefit. If such a opportunity for employment were readily available I can attest to more than a few people I know would be interested in long term employment/careers. Especially with the carbon pollution and climate emergency. Nuclear is a powerful too that should be respected, and used to benefit us all. Or, the other option is everyone go back to wood stove and steam. The cross generational clean up costs should be factored into the operating costs with no exception. There should be funds allocated to provide payroll for the half life of nuclear waste. 30-24000 yrs. Cross generational cleanup.
Just look at old abandoned fisheries sites, to see how good cleanup after profit works.

Again with more commercial and CANDU especially. It must have been like the 90’s with a bright future Chernobyll hadn’t happened yet. There was nuclear scientific race. Listening to some of the Scientists in Ottawa talk ambitiously about the CANDU nuclear conference. Really when I learnt about what happened to the Romanian and failed government. Construction problems. Could blame some human error, human greed. Buddy deals gone wrong. I find it find of sad they could have had a reactor. It was hot after the bomb but seems pretty much dead and inaccessible to me right now, unless I were a miner. As for being ‘hot’. Still hot in China construction, and exports with the data posted. In one example Romania dictator went bankrupt 1982. In more recent examples Countries like South Korea are currently involved in the building of four nuclear reactors in UAE under a $20 billion contract. South Korea : +20 B. Canada -343 B just in 2020.

On Reddit I learnt some interesting things. Some first hand accounts of people working in nuclear tech to read put things in perspective. They were able to illustrate the problems with nuclear stigma. Myths. As a beginner in nuclear im glad learning some real life applications helps put things in perspective. Learning step by step takes some of the mysticism out of it.
Perspectives range from dying industry to specialized and covering lots of cool education. If anything reading some comments from real people is informative. For someone pursuing a career in nuclear it would seem that political, and economical are hurdles.

A reactor from a design perspective is designed redundantly with safety in mind . Somewhere with the sale, the physical money, construction down the line, and reporting errors is a disconnect from the original intent. At least there’s evidence of this in the past. Computers like most tech and procedures has gotten better since Three Mile Island. In a ideal world politics, and human tendency for war, corruption, risk could be virtually reduced to zero. Using nuclear abundant energy to lift peoplekind out of poverty, and the climate crisis. Reading scientific bulletins for decarbonization for this research. Funny, I didn’t find any mention at all, about a carbon tax, or shutting down parliament being beneficial for ‘de-carbonization.’ So id suggest I know more about nuclear than most politicians.

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CANDU part 2

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