Under Siege ’92

When was the last time i seen a Steven Seagal movie its been really long time ago. Now this movie 92, I guess this is going in the past since the Rental reviews is over. Ive been doing the Chem and just hasnt been time but since finishing latest project I have series to watch when I have time. Give it a whirl.
Steven Seagal, Love that 90’s blue intro font. Steven Seagal is a dude on a Navy ship. All the sailors think hes cool and he dont wear no whites. Hes got the dress no shoes. Seagal is a chef on a destroyer. Hes in charge of cooking for the captain of shte ships bday. the joke about some hamburgers. So Steven doesnt have to wear the dress uniform if he dont want to but as a consequence wont get to meet the president. Theyre on board the USS Missouri referencing the signing of the Japanese surrender onboard 50 years ago. Gary Busey plays Commander Krill, he dont like the chef. But the cheft gets a pass from the Capt. Adams. Some cool looking shots of the destroyer. Wouldn’t want to be on the business end of that.
2 weeks later. Still working on this I have priorities clearly. Priorities to watch ‘bad’ movies from the 90’s and other time periods.Not all bad. Probably have to start this over since its been a while going for the one intermission movie. Got the list im working out right now too. Just reminding myself i never did watch that Rocky V. Then there also the Flash Gordon goes to Mars could be epic. More force feeding content, and clearing the queue.
Watching spaceX commercial dragon departing watching some live view with the thermal cam thats crazy. Anyways so Bob and Doug on their way back. seems to be going be smooth, they dont have to do anything really. The docking, and undocking is pretty technical many steps. Back to the under siege. Overall after just seeing it. Its pretty bad. Theres some nuances i like and its a really strange piece. These long drawn out scenes that make the viewer uncomfortable. Super cringe. I watched it start to finish just now with some notes. Gonna get those samples after this. Most movies just get one or two funny samples this time I heard 7 funny things. But still the acting was pretty bad. Overacting I dunno still relatively fun. Garey Busey dresses asq a woman assasin. Most clichee piece you can predict alot. I mean its 28 years old. Lets see the main star is the shots of the ship the USS Missouri. Then you got some rag tag of actors aboard, over acting ridiculous. Steve Seagal says some funny one liners. The intro like I said had a deep blue title splash. I guess the whole movie im wondering how Steven Seagal is in the navy, and hes decorated. Or does he look ridiculous in a chef hat.Commander krill says hes a psycopath and hates america Bush Senior is in this movie. I was really stoked on seeing the sunset shots with the Battleship. Thats what im taking about. Its actually sitting at Pearl Harbour definitely a must see If I ever get to visit. Or just visit as a main attractrion. I think Hawaii would be the the main attraction. Buddy exclaims you got no time for nuclear safety? I object. Well see what we see. Steven Seagal in some jailhouse dance session getting interrupted by ensign. Speaking of Star trek O’Brien is in this. Its really some ridiculous people acting like theyre in the Navy. The captain acting but hes only does non captain activities and his Birthday party is the reason the ship becomes compromised. I guess its like this is a movie they did with the Battleship Busey is in this dressed as a woman with cigar miss doubtfire style, but way worse. There is the miss playboy ’89 Shes on Baywatch in this movie too. Yea the party for the skipper scene is really awkward cringey. Just goes on forever and with Busey dressed up as the aggressive lady. Hes liek do i look like i need a psychological evaluation!? Lol. They got a awacs plane. Tommy Lee eating that prime rib just like a savage who eats like that. His motivation is he missed the 60’s and wants to tomahawk missile Hawaii. Its like setup the movie so The president can only count on Steven Seagal to save the planet lol. Well Seagal escapes the fridge there and starts sneaking around. Gets his first hapless victium. Then he checks the pulse of the E-1 guard that just got blasted. Yeh that fridge door got blasted too. Here Steven Seagal is in his environment. The crooks in this movie roll around saying things like: “Time is money on this job.” After a Seagal slaughter, enter the bday cake. some bad acting. He insists hes just a cook. Erika Eleniak enter shes the cake lady. After a good cry they figure it out and she goes commando. Forgot to mention the commander Krill all gropey 90s style wth a consoling arm on the shoulder. Can compare it to some societal standards of today is all. Theres one shot of a submarine. Seagal mixes some liquids and some steel wool in the microwave. That causes explosion but outside some people get explosion blasted pretty good even Tommy later.Anyways the command center people. Theyre like were sending in seal team six. The baywatch girl shes like I dont date musicians. The Battleship scenes are still epic the foggy set they used. Just looks like a interesting place with lots of activity lots of spotlights. The cook is talking to the control room on the car phone. hes like yo gotta call the president on my car phone. They gain they re-lose control of the bridge and the radar assemblies.The nerd guy hes like i fixed it. Thats a funny way to keep it going.
Theres alot of business dudes and guys in jeans hanging around the battleship. They look like enemies from the Lethal Enforcers video game. Even at the headquarters the business suit dude compromises everyone. Its so ridiculous tommy Lee and his ‘band’ hijack the ship and launch missiles to Hawaii. And after Some dude in jeans on the submarine soots out seal team 5 from the sky. Oh I forgot the Jet the friendly fired with the Gauss cannon. That would be a crazy thing a battleship on the loose. Speaking fo crazy how about that flaming helicopter pushed over the side. More bodies getting flung around hatches getting blown apart with consequences on the other side. Still some clever things going on in the movie. Navy isnt just a job its an adventure. Funny thing to say. And yea that guy bitching hes like I aint into no heroics. Yea were all lining up to jump in front of machine guns pal. The one day you earned pay. There building the rail then transferring the tomahawks to a Russian sub with dudes in jeans. Garey Busey becomes the commander. Seagal is doing sneaky water things Really cool fog night scenes with the destroyer. . Hes like maybe he planted a bomb. Sure enough kablamo more bodies going flying.As some hatches were blown open Seagal meets up with some of his old dancing pals. By this time baywatch has gone full commando operative.Next best thing to Seal team 5. There a epic gunfight hes got the guns crossed. Atfter the carnage ge gets on the car phone hes like you can court martial me if I survive! Hilarious line. I wish I had the chance to say something as cool as that. Its just hilarious to me. i think they recycle the scene of the stunt guy falling down the stairs backwards, that looks tough to do. This guy gets a I Iron beam through him and the other suspended upside down.
More notes on the Under Siege Just watched the SpaceX Splashdown that was epic huge parachutes. Its always neat watching the 19 or so hour mission is my guess. Just gotta chuckle a bit thinking about the plot in under siege. Im not hating on it I liker ti actually its easy to forget its been a long time and movies have improved quite a bit. I do particularly like the wide foggy shots with background activity. Mentioned several times. Theres a maverick scene after he electrical tapes some hot plates, whats that for. Oh yea this is the part ‘Casey Ryback’ goes for a swim. Obrien’s like there someone in the water. Oh yea I wrote about this.This is where Cmdr Krill becomes the sub commander. Yeh I can imagin the writing in this movie. Make it so that the presidents only hope is Casey Ryback. Its awesome of the Navy letting em dress up and make this ridiculous movie. Id rather it exists and people can spend time with the boat and learn about it like me. On the google earth can go for a quick tour its pretty cool seeing that radio and radar equipment tower is way big in real life. Even the pics I see probably dont do it justice. Ah yes was commenting on how it was humourous that The presidents only hope is cook navy seal “Casey Ryback”. As the sub is escaping the rag tag team of patriots gets to direct the USS Missouri main guns onto the sub. That scene is probably the one of the best in the movie is them loading up the guns. Those marshmallows of charge thats crazy. Steven Seagal looks like hes gunning good, and they get a direct hit. Kind of a fun part of the movie I thought. I said id watch a youtube on a actual crew doing that. Wow with the magic of youtube see a operator loading, and firing that is crazy. Thats really cool they put that scene in the film I though. Wow theres a training video im about to watch. Thias training on the Iowa 16 -50 ‘ gun.
3 gun turret. This is amazing to watch this and learn to be operator. Bag gun.
That was very informative.

Back to the movie was looking maybe at some veterans of the the Battleship. They seemed quite happy to be there and why wouldn’t they. Nearing the end of the movie Ryback rips some guys throat out a little piece of flesh lol. Theres a few knife fights. Then Tommy Lee Jones gets his knife bitten.. Get a kitchen knife in the brain after they had a reunion. gets his head smashed thru the radar glass. Talk about a fun overacted role lol. Hes probably my favorite. And hes just obnoxious enough to be a good villain thats lost it. When hes concussed from the main guns thats pretty funny. Thats Steven Seagal for saving the planet, and they got the code to detonate the tomahawks safely and He kisses the girl. Lol this movie is just a strange piece but im glad it exists, and I had pretty good time watching it and learning about was fun. The last shot is super cheeze hes in some business suit navy dress. Garey Busey what happened to him. What a crazy role he played. Its fun to see him as a submarine commander yelling at people. Finally been watching the nases SpaceX mission 2, finalizing theyre having a press conference. Going back to the moon to live there for a while taking that tech to Mars. Thats wild watching history live. Bob and Doug the Space Dads everyone loves. https://youtu.be/F1NQop_MfDc Commander Chris Cassidy other 2 fellows at ISS. Been watching for months great to see them back on earth land safely. Its bigger than Apollo program cause its showing the business plan to go to the moon and mars. Yo forget tom cruise in Space lets send Steven Seagal to space for martial arts knife fighting, and save the planet. Cmon Tom Cruise or Steven Seagal.
Guess I missed the part about them stealing the North Korean sub to go along with the plan. Its been fun talking about Under Siege. Banned from hosting SNL thats hilarious.

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