Kung Pow! Enter the Fist ’02 vs Kung Fu Hustle ’04

Only watched Kung Pow so far this round. So I guess this was a movie before they erased the audio. Gave the characters silly voices, and blue screened some content in. Its pretty silly but it caught me off guard a couple times with some good jokes. I think I caught some three stooges references. I admire how they stitched it together thats pretty creative. The voices and dialogue was funny. Satire of the kung fu genre. Just hearing some funny phrases you wouldnt expect to hear. One particular one I remember is like the character is pleading with the other. Like Oh I wish youd reconsider as the other character says. Ok then. Just some funny phrases yhou wouldnt expect to hear. The animation hadnt aged well. Some part reminded me of some YTV or something. Right at the beginnning was fairly distinguishable like some reboot animation for the baby. Albeit probably better, and more advanced then the reboot comparing a little more. Im not a blue screen specialist but the boombox guy and addin extra content to old scenes seems like a very 2000’s thing to do. Got the Star Wars animation and Forest Gump in the presidential scenes off the top of my head. Id say there was alot of audio jokes, and jokes based around the dialogue. The dubbed jokes where the character says very little but says alot in dialogue, or vice versa says much on screen, but only a word or two dialogue. Classic. The acrobatics sillyness. Other parts plain stupid but its all good natured so its hard to hate on. Lots of back and forth video scenes as they chop the video sometimes tricky to see. It must have just been a blat looking throught the footage and trying to decide a script line and direction to go. The magician switching shirts i wonder how much chopped footage and how different it is from the originals. Or if the original actors seen this and either think its funny or stupid. Maybe youd be happy someone remade and brought new life into a otherwise forgotten thing. Its kind of an abomination but its just in fun, and not harsh humor. Rated Pg-13 13% Rotten Tomatoes Score, yet 91% google users like it. In particular the rotten tomatoes or metacritics are usually crap anyways. Its like how do you critique something as crazy and silly as this. You say it was more fun than profound. Its even worse look when the film tries to be more serious than it really is comes off pretty horrendous. Im critiquing a bit and trying to capture some original thoughts on the movie usually before visiting the expanses of the internet. Like id like to know what a rotten tomatoes thinks is a fun movie, cause Id probably think its a rotten movie. Ew Hugh Grant. And the critics are crazy about it. Audience not so much its a case of ‘crap’ telling me what I should like. Meanwhile crap dont recognize how shitty it is. Im standing up for this piece atleast more than 13% although ill admit its a piece of crap. Its made me laugh, or enjoy myself more than any boring critic could. I know good acting when I see it. lol.
First scenes of Kung Fu Hustle. The ‘Axe Gang’ He has a swagger, and a dance. They look pretty cool like gangsters with tommy guns with suits, and fedoras. Theyre mean too. Lady gets blown away shotty style. The sets are amazing like a asian film noire, some neon. Theyre like a giant piece of theatre. Its pretty unique. I like how theres lots of characters in the scene. Its dynamic alive set. Like a setup for a boom camera. I mean seems like I hard comparison. Kungpow isnt really a movie as much as this is. Landlords tipsy going around collecting taxes. The Landlady seems like a serious grouch.
Later the Kung Fu comes out the staff guy, the ring fist guy, I cant recall the thirds ability. Then the landlady and her husband make the couple. Dont find out till later that they are both experts. The sideways laying instrument make for some interesting fighters. Without the instrument I gather they arent that great. Musicians take out the 3 team slowly.They show some awesome Kung Fu morals standing up for your friends and the right thing. Yeah then findout the landlady and husband are fighter duo. Yea gotta mention the side comedic pair. The ones that started it all. The axe gang water tattoo guy, and i suppose a main character, the one with the conflict. First he wants to kill.Later he is the hero of good. He tragically steals from the mute girl he tried to rescue when they were younger. The humor in this is really good. I can see some looney tunes type humour and some scenes done with cgi to make a cartoon type effect. Some of the fighting was made funny dramatic artistic. Usually to do with the comedic duo. He shoots the firework and lands on one of the gangsters head blowing up his hat. Yea other times they do harsh things and it isnt so funny.The landlady always fighting with a ciggie in her mouth is funny. They set the stage with a few kung fu masters to battle it out. Every house they touch they destroy to smithereens. Later in the film the ‘hero’ gets convinced to enter the asylum and free the top killer in the world. Even the top killer just wears shower thongs. Not tongs although thats hella funny. Yea some insults just the way people treat each other in this is funny. Really theres no contest here. It was fun to watch both movies, Kung Fu Hsutle is better movie. I mean Kung pow was some funny gags, wasnt so much a movie as a effect. Like i said im glad I watched em both but nice revisiting Kung Fu Hustle since last time i seen it. All the characters and scenes and the movie isnt cheap on the fighting styles, and jokes. Its what an action comedy but just have some real storyline and plot helps. The humour more clever’er, more natural. In Kung pow itrs a shock youre actually seeing or hearing. I like the sets, and original music in Hustle. The different styles and fights. The set destruction. The mix of funny fighting and more flowing. The set building gets trashed with all the master moves burning up through the atmosphere. So yea the choice for me is the latter. Still kind of a weird comparison. Eiting on paper more or less hass to be the Hustle. Comparing to what else I know: Its like does Kill bill have jokes. Maybe some hateful eight has some dark humour. Its obvious to me atleast why at least Kill Bill would come up its kinda campy kingfu but doesnt have the humor these two do.I know whats coming up but yea Jackie Chan Movie have more that comedy entertainment, feel I know he got a sense of humour. Also entertaining. Got the fight for good, and evil. With some zings.

Author: clayton

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