Drunken Master I ’78 Drunken Master II ’94

Watched the original drunken master about 2 weeks ago. Just now about to watch the second one.
I got lots i can say about the first one. Young Jackie Chan. No cell phones. Just farm type towns and Kung-fu. So forgive my blatant mistakes writing this from memory. Its not typically what I like to do, although in a effort to clear the queue. This becomes a movie log. I love movies wish I could do this more. And I can do more just maybe schedule and setting time asides for this purpose would help but more like refined schedule for the next quarter. Might aswell touch on current events. Parliament still shut down, only commonwealth country. Fucking idiots I tell ya.
Im justy one person, but the democratic spoiled Canadians, willing to throw it all away for nothing. Nathan would be pissed. Im pissed. Anyways regardless it will sort itself out but why not now, prior anything. Gotta sit and wait and watch it waste away. Should enjoy that I guess after watching this abomination since 2015. Good grief. I probably have the record of writing to dunce politicians. Need a multi faceted approach and persistence. Since its their business ignoring Canadians gotta find ways to be compelling, and persuasive. Go ahead judge my deeds ive never committed unjustified atrocities, not compared to my enemies atleast. Who gives forgiveness anyways. I aint the killer with assault charges. Nope not me. 2020 has bee the year of ASSS liberal government. Ya could be worse, shit could be alot better too. Prolly use this platform for my ongoing fur trader hoarding of knowledge. I especially like I got to visit Canal Flats this year, source of Columbia river , underground apparently. Thats one for the books If I ever need to get to Astoria. Maybe to go watch the Goonies. So not only Columbia but the Kootenay river. From East Koots get to a small town and get to the Uhaul. The modern fur trader lol. All for that beaver hat. Then Covid, I barely seen anyone. Most people keep their distance riding the plane its like every plane has several sick people on board. This world just aint built for poor people, and with covid makes it even easier to morally reject these people. According to the political forecast just pawn in a chess game, educational, medical positions. Not enough coordination not enough will power not enough teamwork, why the world isnt a perfect version of itself. Or that venus project maximum efficiency, why arent we there we need war or some problem to unite us. Anyways back to the matter at hand. I hearing Canal Flats under evac rigth now forest fires.

Drunken Master i.
This movie rules. I remember it from the endless time I feel I spent in Wainwright Wainwrong. Its really good. Fights between evil and good. Jackie Character grows from petty crook to honorable drunken warrior. I think the comedy in this is thed best, you got the typical funny enemy combatants with different styles. Theres some funny slapstick jokes at the beginning. Theres alot of calliing farm animal names. Jokes about crappy kungfu. They all have a unique character trait that makes em a unique Kung Fu Warrior. What time is this movie set. All the characters travel through the land, theyre like have you heard my name im a badass warrior. Theyre like nah, but have you heard my name? Drunken master has one of those names that makes people take a couple steps back. Jackie Chan, is taught by his Father Kung fu, cept he gets in a fight with his Aunt. Hes always into trouble every scene lol, cept wafter he gets his ass kicked or lol super embarrassing, but funny. People seem really harsh in this era. Jackie seems always starving.Then he gets his ass kicked by this real kung fu asshole. Then he makes him walk between his legs like a dog, liek a humiliating display. Yeh this part is really funny the Dad master hires ‘another harsh master’ to ‘train’ Jackie in the ways of the 8 drunken gods technique never before beaten. The old master is harsh too with the bamboo stick wrist techniques, and basically hes just kicking his ass for a whole year. I gotta say thats probably how you learn something crazy like a kung fu style remove everything else and just learn everyday. The sets in this movie are awesome. Rolling green hills, and nature. Every time its so funny Jackies Character about to be disciplined but hes always sneaking some jokes in. He always is caught. Just make me laught its like hes trying to neak in a extra bite of food and he thinks the master aint looking but sure enough. Its like Looney Tunes jokes. Character is funny and loveable. Gotta mention ive been watching Jackie Chan movies since young. Rush hour and the likes, but seen this only after. When I first seen it I was amazed with the fighting, and moves. Still good. Some awesome stunts, and awesome fighting. Jackie a superstar still thankful, and happy for the movie memories. Sure enough the main character, he finally convinces ol master to go for town visit. Yea thats where he fights wins, they return to camp for some more activities, run out of wine then Jackie must quickly get the wine back. Sure enought leave it to jeapoardize the whole situation cause he was eating and saving some bucks on the wine. Gets even les wine, waters it down. End up beating the stick guy which was a challenge. Stick guy boss is humiliating 70-30 ratio, feet to fists technique guy.
Subplot to kill Jackies Kung-fu dad, and house. Oh yea because the assassin. Forget who hires the assassin. Anyways so he gets a rematch.
Thats where he really goes through all the styles. Ends up ignoring one of the techniques cause its like acting like a silly girl but actual strikes, anyways he never practiced those. Its hilarious the Master is sure in his skills so he comes to watch the fight. So its a surprise yet again Jackie didnt do his homework. Its hilarious. Return happy family not exiled from the family! Dont wanna disgrace the family name, cept jackie going around telling people you know what. Some light hearted humor. Its funny watching Jackie get liquored up and win. In theory, making your opponent think youre too drunk could be effective. Definitely would watch again, its just fun to watch. Alright Im about to set off on Drunken Master ’94. Its says somewhere double feature so maybe not so much comparison this being part two. Or I am wrong lol. lets see.
Drunken Master ii
Yes retro intro screens it widescreen.Cant read the symbols. Ginsing valuable. Yup the dad talking about a unfair world.Packed full or morals in a 90s style lol. Forgive while you can. Baseball! These intircate trains and set. Anytime Jackie is in a scene he always up to no good lol. Get away from those first classers. Ducks chaos. Already a sword and spear fight. Fighting in enclosed spaces. That pole arm vs sword nice moves. Jackies already super good fighter. Its cool in a world when you can concede but keep fighting for kung fu. Its funny with the army theyre like this package nah not this one. Anyways Jackie makes a friend with a generals son. Now its a industrial setting. Theres British and theres trade, and a piece of Jade. Armies , so less farmy more industrial. The early thief scene was pretty good. The kung fu world you go around moving faster than eyes can see. Either on or or not on the side of justice. But justice in different ways. So with the ginseng they are intertwined with the plot. The general son was the lad that gave him the helping hand up. Anyways he goes against the dad which was specifically saying you wanna travel low-key. Hmm looks like maybe his aunt or I mean cousin makes appearance now. Oh yea the bad guy is some british looking dude. Oh hers like yeah make those steel workers work at night too. yeh. Lol kungfu display for gampling thats pretty funny. So yea theyre all gambling while supposed to be working or something. They make it back to the Kung Fu fathers house. Theyre all acting all sick geting treatments, Jackie Knows wassup hes like what no Mahjong game lol. Lol hes like yeah have they lost much. Oh its his Mom. lol lightning fast she grabs those chips. Come back from treatment now, money losing treatment ahaah. thankfully the mom is kinda down with a new plot. All to fool the father lol funny things happening between the scenes. Trying to find ginseng root. lol distraction. Well hopefully this guy doesnt get sick lol. Steel mill. theyre like naw you work 24 hours. Steel mill factory fight. Goes to kick theyre asses. Everthing is settles in Kung fu ass kicking. Get rid of sommeone cause he wont sell the plot of land. This happy village, Nice more Kung fu fighting drunken boxing femals vs the fisherman boxing. Hes like drunken boxing nah thats nothing. Tsai li Fu, a style with powerful arm strikes. That dude is pissy lol, first he was happy now he wants to kick Jackies ass. Hes like nah. no druken box. Havent seen Jackie lose but im sure he will atleast once this movie. Mom sells the diamond necklace for the good ginseng. They got some hat and coat style, maybe seen in the Kung fu Hustle. Turn of the industrial revolution. Kung fu car chase for the what they think is the JAde. Yea Jackie gets the purse snatcher seriously who would fight jackie Chan, Probably every mma person, but this is a movie. Grabs the purse buddy like nah im not figthing you. Her jaw all smacked shes like go on fight. i bet this where Jackie migth have a issue with this battle theres several suits, and this guy hes like apologies to my foot. Who says that. But yea hes the one that bust out into some kung fu at the steel mill , kicking some workers assess instead fo paying overtime. Now thats a villain. Plus he hit Jackies mom he gonna die sometime. Writing Jackie so many times. Go on kick asses do the thing lol. Yea Jackies mom in this is funny as hell. Shes like just a minute ur son kicking ass with my necklace in that bag, shes like just moment dear sent it over. Yea he sends it like 30ft while fighting 4 guys. Its funny though its like master of kung fu comedy and pack as many jokes as they can in every scene. Buddy with the hat gets smoked. What does these stunt people do for fun lol. its really impressive the speed, and the final scene. IKts so funny hes literally flipping acrobatics and such and the crowd response and his mom like ah yea im on good terms with him, let me just ask him to show off the drunken boxing. Like re-occuring jokes, doing favors for you while he fighting its a good one, hes like anything else? Hes like nah i cant use the drunken boxing dad will get mad. For maybe not using dads kung fu, or hurting people, yea the mom is a funny character in this. Along with the villain hes like yelling obscenities at the henchmen love that. The fighting is pretty crazy.They get the wine mega prop. Dad wont let me drink. ahaha Just chugging liquor. The boos is like wtf is that. Still gets a couple hits. Gravity defying. Going thru all the gods again so sick.Swervy waist anmd drunken gait. More props Now hes battling dad. lol. Thats good laugh. Its liek babysitting drunken Jackie lol. Still unstoppable. I thought he might lose. The son Mother father is pretty funny. Small brother. lol he ends up admiting its all his fault. Feeling bad for Jackie gotta drown in the wine. Gets disowned afetr figthing back yeh now hes really drunk and shitty. Gets disowned again. Drunken box your dad lol. That whole jar of wine. Now whats he gonna do, hes a drunk singing along. Gonna have to use that drunkeness to save his dad somehow and beat those suits. Well hes relly drunk see how he does again. Fishmonger watching his enemy get it. he gets hung up in the sun with a king of drunken boxing. the problems of drink fighting fighting with family. His Dad gets it and the fish monger I guess said something nice things. They regain family after the fish friend. See its like people change in this long movie. here is s the original thief. Feign to make dad fight. Thats how kunfu masters meet they fight for like 10 mins interrogating each other. Its a battle to keep the jade in Chinese hands. The fight with the old officer and mother is pretty good. So the thief is actually a patriot, and has thought to his actions. So Jackie probably still can fight he gets excused for drinking a little more cause hes such a righteous fighter. All the family drama came out in the open though. The whole town deserted for this Kung fu fiught. Wow really like hatchet gang. Jackie just killing it as usual immediatly into a tight squeeze. Who else figth off a mob with a small bench or table. Ax gang. yea crazy fight scene cleared out the whole town. Again with the bamboo, awesome. Poor old general got an Ax in his back. How can you seriously handle that bamboo weapon catcher. Sick Fish monger back into the fight. Shit buddy gets shot thats sad. Well good thing he did the die face. Turns into a treasure recovery mission. Lol someone handing Jackie the documents. Lol they end up fighting 2 british soldiers except theyre both infiltrators lol recognize each other .
So theyure in the british consulate, the scheme of the operation. uh oh dad is pissed he always pissed how long till they get a plan to rescue him ? maybe with some drunken boxing. BNritish are after the land. Ok so it is his aunt. I see and she just took over role of mother after he passing. With a qucik prayer they are released. More afraid. Love that get up and good to go atitude. Theyre gonna end up giving the land steel exchange. Buddies like ok we got the moeny steel and everything else they like lets sail for Hong Kong. Finally after some reconciliation. They find aplan to take back factorey and look theyre stealing jade. Gotta support the steel workers, trying to get the message out. Now thats whats really up get the dad outta town for a few days on turn on that kung fu. Reminder dont be a drunken boxer, only if it righteous. get the helpers. Ass kickees u mean. Nice dont ever come back if you get beaten ahahah. So wholesome in the kungfu world. Team good guys shows up at the steel mill for the final battle. Really Bruce Lee esque in this scene, the amber fires. The nice clothes. hes going after the lead hencheman drunken master in a different style. How else you write a drunken master 2 script. Whip guy lol iots like a boss stage, and hes got the chains in the fire technique lol. Yea the obviously too agressive guy. Imagine being in the white villain business 94 lol. really went for some dramatic shots in this scene not so comedy. Make up my own. jackie Chan looking like jesus bout to do some righteous fighting. Yeh in the battle of good and evil fought daily in kung fu battles the righteous can use non righteous techniques like the drunken boxing to defeat their foes lol. One handed technique vs ponytail chain man. some weird clay fighting or speeding up the roll. Nice saves his foe thats rigtheous. These choreographed fights epic. just when you think it couldnt get any crazier it gets wilder everything fight. I dont think i ever seen Bruce Lee do that. Yea the glasses guy has a praying mantis crazy legs with some feigns, old props come back, earlier. Did Jackie Chan invent drunken styule he does it so well, what jumping on coals. Thats what it takes to get to the top. wow. Literally spitting fire lol. Yea id be worried too haahah. Its like theyre both fighting on a wire on tension some pull for tension. You really are a good father he says, so all is well that ends well. His dad walking around with a medal. Nice 2 min outtake roll looks a bit older than it is. I was 9. That was awesome though its more than, but a good setup for awesome battle at end of movie. Story wasnt as fantastic, but I think that was epic, you cant have one with out the other, but for a sequel so good. Do you need drunken god style its like the first part is learning it, and then the second part is it being used in a situation to help his community something like that. Gonna read up on all the intersting things about this pair of movies. That was fun. First one was kinda funnier, this one more action, i like em both. Ive seen the first one more than that, cause I dont recall seeing any of that, probably didnt have access to it. Before internet was everywhere.So that was a ‘new’ nostalgic movie in a way.
Silly me, film popularized its called Zui Qhan. Ok Wong Fei-hung was actual person. Medicine, Kung-fu Revolutionary. Ten Tigers of Canton actual figthers. Beggar so is the OG drunken master. Forgot about the combine all the other 7 styles and make up your own unique form. Wow original Drunken master, died after that movie, Dance of drunk mantis was his actual movie. Had been in lots of films. Yuen Siu-tien. Interesting the theme song became the anthem for representing folk hero Wong Fei-Hung. Wow some high responses for bets action movie of all time #2

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