The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run 2020

Seen this today. Movie during pandemic. Wasnt so bad basically watched a movie with less than 6 people in the theater. Theatre was pretty much deserted, there was some other kids that brought their own candy in. Which is smart cause otherwise your paying 30 bucks for 2 small sodas and 2x popcorn 1 candy. That would be pretty funny, grown man getting caught smuggling candy in. Or even trying to negotiate for a ticket complication as your bag of candy falls out. I dont know ou youd call it a tickets it basically a pdf you could choose to print it. Now cant have a movie physical movie ticket anymore. Out ofd the norm. Which is fine but its like, cant have a movie ticket anymore cause paper, now its cell phone. Anyways I dont think that anyone is trying to argue that paper tickets is ruining the planet here except me and its for sake of argument. So yea back top popcorn its a travesty thew theaters charge that much for the popcorn. They surpassed the circus, probably giving the circus ideas. Layered butter still an option, and hell yea. Well not only the pandemic but also the popcorn and minimal pop. Its whatever shouldnt be drinking too much pop. Drink a couple gulps of that coke barqs combo is pretty good, and its all gone. Then I seen some yogurt covered skittles but passed on that, just got the regular skittles. Trying to think of some other ridiculous oxymoron food combos, but more in the sense of healthy and unhealthy hyperbole exaggeration. Then you can say how bout some cereal with that bowl of sugar. Covid finding a map of ‘contaminated areas’ its easy on reddit. Navigating government links not so much. Its like more big picture and shows the province when your trying to see the city. Summer time too people are outside. For the theatre itself was nearly abandoned. All the games were still turned on. Yea some places still use tokens but a charge card is what i seen. Disposable thing. Says magnet stripe was made of iron oxide on tape in 50s. The charge cards are disposable, and have a recycle spot. Yeh, now theyve gone saying change is to slow, lets just get twenties now lol. Seen some metro cards like that too different degrees of durability. There was Pac man game there pretty nostalgic its on a weird LED screen but i think the sound effects ann powerups prolly the best. Car racing game was some music self driving cars. I bet theres alot to it but its not like your really controlling the car. Being pro arcade player. Nowadays those mortal kombat inputs are destroyed, still kinda fun cause its shitty for the other player too. Anyways back to the .pdf ticket Sometimes im sure the scanner messes up. Pobably just spongebob reminded me of beinng a kid so much now naturally im thinking about sneaking candy in and forging .pdfs and long excuse for why the ticket wont scan, for some personal comedic enjoyment. If anything should forge the popcorn, and butter layers. For the cost it was well worth it. The one negative comment I might say is rigth at the beginning fo the movie theyre showing all the actors , talking about the movie theyre showing clips its like bro lemme watch the movie before you ruin it with clips about the movie, before the movie. Sometimes previews are good, sometimes Id rather not see the preview, just like I write these generally without consulting so much online opinion, till ive written pretty much all I can think of. Still even just looking at the movie title was caught reading some things, it happens. So in the previews its like dont give up all the best laughs. Sometimes watching the previews wouldnt give it justice or make the best parts of the movie throw-away clips. Im sure theyres some good theory on previews from marketing perspective and so on. Its most likely always been changing but supposed that specific thing would interest me. Spongebob himself, seen the games shows merchandise. Never seen a SpongeBob movie and now seemed about the time. The animation sets are really dynamic and relaxing to look at. Its like a modern, mary poppins, Who framed Roger rabbit, Space Jam. You got the actors on screen with the cartoons. Some bright casino and underwater colors. Has that 70’s esque flowers. Visually fun to watch like add some neon and nice looking surfaces. Its like what Ren & Stimpy turned into, less gross more the friends. Still fairly unfamiliar still like the style. Not much else to say it the characters everyone likes going on adventures. I guess if I had to compare to my real childhood heroes probably TMNT. This was fun to watch in 2020. Just to not think about whatever be it myself of the current events etc. I appreciate the people that put that together, im sure theyre well compensated and must have some sense of reward. Besides I cant hog all the entertainment, thats probably entertaining for alot of people. Oh yea Tmnt. Yea the TMNT I seen they remade i was a big TMNT fan, they had to change it up to make it better? As comparison to what I know Spongebob is. I would prefer the Spongebob and friends to the new tmnt. Doesn’t have the fighting or martial arts. IK mean has a bit of that, but Tmnt doesnt have the googly eyes and the funny crying, and true friendship in its simplest form. So wholesome. Teamwork is something the two would have in common. So back to people were enjoying this probably making it, and viewing it. As a non nostalgic spongebob person I enjoyed it. Just makes me think of other similar but not quite the same like Simpsons Movie. Yea at a time like this nice distraction. Going to more deserted theatre was unique in that sense. So yea probably a bad time to release a movie. Good time to release a movie people need positive happy things to do. That paramount animation intro reel is nice. Voice acting cameos all awesome. The mix between animation and seemingly reality is the best ive ever seen. The previews were showing some other not so adult films. I like the animation and cheezy clean humor. pump it full of morals on friendship with the lovable cast. Cartoon land the evil guys come along. Take a dip in another world. Funny too the air breathing creatures represented by squirrel scientist. And then such an interesting subject Spongebob show is already nostalgic. So after listening to the raisiK spongebob songs had to peep the movie. Yea seen the tv show, but not all of em just broken segments. Cameos be awesome in this movie, just leaving me chuckling. I wanstg expecting much out of the movie and alot more adventure, some actual conflict and getting behind the characters. There is the oxymoron food comparison metaphor the octopus guy says it. They all have series of flashbacks. This is something ill try to make more people watch life gets pretty busy sometimes. Hopefully not too busy for spongebob. So I wonder what the future is. Could the character survive a century. Its not trying to be too profound. Id watch more adventures on the big screen, the cutting edge animation. Imagine showing this to some Reboot people from back in the day. Just matching the dialogue to animation process must be so tedious, so seamless it barely crosses the mind watching it. Im gonna give ol Sonic a go. Seen a weird Keg commercial, just restaurant packed to the gills with customers. Ik dunno after Alberta beef Keg frozen steaks arent that impressive, but the coronavirus difference they used the set up footage with a footnote. I dunno interesting to see to say the least. just of those actualities and cant turn back time. New normal is annoying phrase, but see it adjusting to actual new normal. Wow took that for cashiers to get a sneeze guard from everyone else. You gotta forecast places like subway adjusting atleast somewhat. Now the people barricades are everywhere. Yeh basically gonnna be some guniea pigs for class and go see what happens. Infection count higher up then when they closed the schools in the first place. Before it was unknown, now its like test trial back to some regular society cause people fed up. At expense of elders or whoever but not the shareholders thats forsure. In that aspect the world definitely needs more Spongebob. Watched some Bill Burr right after.
Ah yes After rockos modern life self proclaimed favorite show of my youth i remember wow reading the wiki page. Gotta watch the sponge outta water from 5 years ago definitely didnt see that.
reading the history of spongebob and the pitch kinda amazing. I already learnt how jerry and larry made their show. Shout out to Stephen Hillenburg. I could learn more about storyboarding. Wow so much work iconic character. Yeah people puyttiing words in the mouth saying the show all about sexuality when its not. That wiki page though and the references lol.

Something else was thinking couple days after the fact. A lot more movies then what I listed that has the animation. I never mentioned the Harry Potter, Fantastic beasts. Any marvel thing What id say about that it has the humans interacting with animations made to look seemingly real, something like ‘Cool World.’ wow that title from 1992 so non descript. “Cool World” in a pitch: “Its a world thats COOL” wow
Well in those its blatant animation. Marvel its special effects. Harry potter its meant to be realistic not overly-cartoony.

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