Its September 15 2020. Heres some homework fodder. Second time in this class I got 51%, It was condensed course. Gotta do another CANDU project. Same exact one.
Im indifferent. Got alot more time this semester. I can build off what I had previously. Lets see I can identify my perspective already, I am for nuclear.. Its a great equalizer, can be a great leveler too. The Candu is outdated. Theres Gen IV reactors available. People that say theres no money in Nuclear are dishonest. Theres also risk. That insurance companies wont cover. Insurance companies they greatest scammers of all time of course they dont want to participate in energy distributed to the poor. Take a wild guess which ‘nuclear perspective’ appears first in my search. First before I reveal the entity. Take note of China and Russia reactor constructions under dictatorship rule, no problems. Here the enemies of nuclear energy are powerful lobbyists like Sierra Club. Sierra Club pushing for renewable only and no nuclear. Like I said powerful lobbyists. What is their ulterior motivations? How fitting bunch of bazillionaires pushing for eugenics and more control.

It is time for people to become educated in Nuclear, meanwhile its booming industry in China Russia elsewhere. Russia also having suffered and caused meltdown problems in the past. Doesnt seem to be holding them back now. Powerfull lobbyists from where, and why holding us back. Its depressing the future of nuclear in the West is dependent on politics , that has nothing to do with science. Clearly a great flaw in democracy. These people trying to debate that inciunerating garbage and trees like the amazon is better for the environment. “Clear those trees for sugarcane for ethanol.” A la planet of the humans how can you ignore that movie almost at 9.7 million views. Ironically doesnt mention anything nuclear. Sure does point some fingers to you know who. Sure ill take it with a grain of salt, but its definitely relavant, and these green illusions. Just like “moronic bold green plans no one asked for JT ’20 ” Yes, we all want to save the planets, except some people really dont. Its not nuclear related so much but BC banned singlke use plastics. Yea i guess the recycling turned out to be a scam. All the plastic heading for the incinerator. Thanks green single use plastics. Meanwhile governments have banned the people from using single use plastics, lets see what happens to Coca Cola sweet fuck all. Maybe that should give you an idea how I feel. My buddy Shawn says: Its like we maxed out the oil energy technology tree. Didnt even look at alternatives cause money.When as a human species should be using all the tools available. Thats how I feel about Nuclear. The one thing ius human corruption. Imagine a perfect world scenario, free energy for all citizens. Would the key-holder turn it on humanity and cause destruction. Maybe with free energy and enough food and water people wouldnt be so focused on destruction, and killing with nuclear arms, or without. They claim its a deterrant. Anyways im grateful we arent in a cold war.Gratefull for those lobbyist before me, lobbying for nuclear disarmament. Now in the 2020s billionaires cant be trusted, doing evil things under the guise of environmentalism, or students. Grateful for opportunity to learn about energy and the world and humbly offer my perspective and solutions. Yea I could do better than this abomination government. Facts. I wrote it in my last one, you should have to complete a basic course on nuclear, before being able to gee fingers in policy. Shouldnt be the other way around. Being taught about nuclear while in a seat of power how backwards is that. Then the experts are left pleading to the dunce politicians. Backwards. In fact the only wayu to achieve better society would be to base politics and policies off science. Instead of money. Money the status quo. yea the one thing about true honesty it cant be bought out. Silenced but not for long.

Not to mention, the world has the right to be worried about nuclear. I dont think i have to post pictures of vaporized people, and cities to prove my point. I see it like this, Deuterium reactors are safe. Good luck convincing people that. And then you see something like the Iran missile launch on a civilian airliner. And these people want nuclear weapon capability.. Im suspect on the “Nuclear Responsibility” displayed, yea by dudes in 7th century wizard robes hell bent on killing people. Get the fuck outta here. Theres ur problem. Governments like Soviet Russia, ignoring the fallout basically until they were caught red handed by Sweden. Is that complete disregard for safety and human lives what we can count on from the Communist China Party. Im sure they really listen to the Sierra Club. More like theyd surely have a interest in anti-nuclear lobbyists in America.
That seems to be a trend, energy for me but not for you. All things considered a balanced approach is what I would be after. A solid mix of oil/gas, renewables, actual environmental policies, not just taxes and destroying economies. Its almost as is these people have no financial, science, resources, or economic knowledge. Its like who is the only ones with 2 campaign planes during a ecological emergency. Maybe nuclear could solve the crisis so that billionaires can keep living decadently.
Alright that settles how i think. Im finishing off this Asimov book. Im on Foundation and Empire. Ive been recently thinking of Asimov and society and what he would think of it now. He wavers between a societal innefective breakdown to a efficient empire. So its like society can work, but people can screw it up just as bad. Processes. Too much law, not enough justice. Well wrote a thousand words on my perspective mostly opinions. Im proud of Candu Tech but its all but inaccessible to me. its a has been, at at the end of the road.
Logging a bibliography. Just doing general search.
This one is interesting its the cancelling of proposed Advanced Boiling Water Reactors on UK island. Theres a old Reactor site there. Horizon and Hitachi parent company pulling out some 20 bn pound deal. From the article: “Horizon, which is owned by Hitachi, has yet to comment. The UK government has also declined to comment.

The plans were for two advanced boiling water reactors (ABWR) using a combination of Hitachi and GE technology. If built, the plant would have provided 2.9GW of power to the national grid.

Horizon was hoping construction would get underway in the next year and be completed in the mid-2020s, with design maturity meaning the projects are low-risk, as Hitachi has already built four other nuclear power stations using the same technology.”
Here is a BBC UK article on the subject. Some interesting things were critics questioning how safe it really is. How green it really is. Its expensive and thats the main reason for them dropping out. Critiques of governments talking big plans and not actualizing anything. Some comments on the Brexit economy. People were going to school to learn the skills for this now cancelled project. I guess that interesting to look at nuclear during economic downturn, and green energy and jobs. Considering 20 billion value was too much. What can that mean for our own deficit.
Treasury Board President Jean-Yves Duclos defended Monday the government’s plan to spend more, despite a projected deficit this year of almost $350 billion.
So we coulda had 17.5 nuclear power plants. Instead nothing, but massive deficit, and nothing to show for it. This government doesn’t know the
value of money.
This is google pledging to be carbon zero, but also suggesting nuclear waste be put to good use. Thats kinda interesting. What type of applications could you use nuclear waste
Thats a interesting link they show the cassini battery, using fuel again . Other reactors dont even use solid fuels. Like LFTR
The thorium reactor has some advantages and challenges too. Costs. Big lists.
‘A STACK OF CAPABILITIES’: The top admiral in charge of the nuclear arsenal warned on Monday that China is developing new offensive nuclear capabilities that are inconsistent with its stated policy of never using nuclear weapons first.

“I see China developing a stack of capabilities that would be inconsistent with a no-first-use policy,” Adm. Chas Richard, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, told reporters at the Pentagon.

China, he noted, has already built 255 ships for its new coast guard in just seven years. “Their strategic forces are next on their to-do list … and I’m trying to posture us for the threat that we’re going to face, not the one that we have today.”

How many months since Hiroshima. 901 months 1 week. Anyways some current events on nuclear weaponry, in the world today.
Basically a cost effective solution of making deuterium and separating it from hydrogen gas. Not totally sure how it works but its legit and its on Journal of America Chemistry Society.
Isotopes. Iran enriching with centrifuges.
Nuclear powered rail in UK no other description.
This one interesting about “advanced electromechanical technologies” global market. Bionic nanoparticles, imaghing live cells, delivering nuclear material. Sounds pretty interesting.

Wow alot of covid crap fodder news to sift through, like alot. CBC article about pipeline i wont post.
However this one talks about SMRs small modular reactors.

so i guess I specifically set the search to “using” nuclear technology which the above isnt ^^
“Advanced tech wins wars”
A American perspective
I read the article, I perused the essay.
Essay claims the War no side wants.
American politics.
“There was at least one potentially discordant moment between them, however, when Mr. Trump said that if re-elected, he would try to strike a deal with Iran, which has so far refused to negotiate with him after he withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal brokered by the Obama administration.”
Came up in a search but basically: Nuclear non-proliferation experts have long warned that without adequate safeguards, IAEA technical cooperation can unwittingly help countries develop weapons capabilities.

Wow lots of market reports.
Some criticism of Sierra Club actually impeding green energy with nuclear and hydro.
Sept 16 2020

In UK theyve cancelled construction of new advance boiling water reactor cause it cost too much 20 billion. (pounds sterling)
Here in the New Greeen Canada, spending 400 bn deficit no reactor, nothing to show for it.
Did the conversion, could have had 11 new Horizon Hitachi Reactors in Canada.
This government is wasteful, during a ‘climate emergency’.
Recent CBC articles I read such garbage, I would never host them on this site.
Sept 17 2020
180 days since the border closed, closed to legals. You can still fly in ‘diseased’
Apperently Roxam road is indeed closed
6.9 mil for a multi-year contract bruce Power. Can8 Pumpo seals. SNC R&D elastopolymer. Corrupt disliked company making seals. Its almost as if youd expect something to go catastrophically wrong.Anyways, the photo of Bruce Power are pretty cool, sen a water tank, some exhaust water lanes. Huge turbine. Every time i think of myself working at the nuclear factory, im like ‘If Homer can do it I can do it too.’ Humorous.

Or, I think of the retro Sim-City when player has a meltdown, you get all these atoms on the field, you cant remove. Build around it.

Chernobyl wildlife refuge.
Sept 19

Chris Hall: There’s no path to net-zero without nuclear power, says O’Regan from canada

interesting debate about nuclear
Most interestingly was the formation of ‘green’ parties during the time being against nuclear proliferation.
Thats a core belief then.
Case and point about something different.
Just reading some of this, CANDU tech mentioned by Minister of resources Seamus. Case and point , after wasting billions now hes like oh we need a reactor.
Besides gonna need oil and gas to build that reactor etc. After watching the failed veterans affairs and court cases, as a veteran you’d expect some kind of ‘professional’ or someone with expertise. Just like the failed health minister, clueless on how the pandemic early warning system was essentially scrapped. Thats the one down fall of nuclear: plain corruption. The only way I could expect nuclear to succeed and that’s lead by science not politicians. After being caught swindling money, do your really want these people touching anything nuclear, or safety. That requires common sense. Searching up nuclear SNC contracts. Its gonna be Romania CANDU part 2, here in Canada. Would you rather nuclear in Canada be all hastily built with buddy deals, or built properly. Thats all I found for those parameters within the week.

Found a article bashing Erin Otoole climate policy from ontario lawyer; more alberta bashing.

I disagree with carbon tax for farmers, and taxed for what so government can piss away the deficit value of 11 Horizon Hitachi gen iii abwr.
Not even run a parliament, or uphold the law.
This government doesnt know the value of money.
Grown ups is not the adjective I would use.
Meanwhile, no reactors, nothing to show for it.
2 planes in a climate emergency, thats rich.
Claim theyre green.
More like free corruption under the guise of environmentalism. (+students)
Why wasnt it done in 2015 if it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.
Naw: its just flip flopping around 100% virtue signaling.
Its disappointing and disillusioning to this ex soldier.

Searching “Technological\technology.”
Heres something different. Cameco, Bruce power.
Schedule restart of Reactor 6.
2 Billion in revenue.
1.7/20 the price of a new reactor in profits. Just going off that Hitachi build.
Showing pictures of ‘greenery’ next to the nuclear is the main effect.
Theres some jobs like dozen maybe. Says, work next to a lake.
The more I do this assignment; If Homer S can be nuclear safety technician so can I. lol.
Inspired by Homer.
Thats jokes, nuclear so safe idiot Homer Simpson can do it. Argument complete.

More market research.
Sept 22, I dont care how long it takes me yes im behind though. Gotta get to it.
Right away searching some perspectives.
This just having some realistic perspective on ‘green’ energy people talking about decade, if not more of research and development. R&D to get out of some carbon plan. More then just a carbon tax, thats still prettty muich license to pollute. Get rich from selling resources should be a problem paying the tax. Anwyays could do alot more. Saying money is the driving factor. Theyre not wrong. Hes right switching wont happen overnight. But that is somewhat encouraging.

This one NC
Lead me to read about VC Summer plant disaster. Similar to the Ohio story customers overpaying and getting ripped off at the very least. But learning a bit about the ‘leak. Also this promo for solar panels. Kindof disillusioned by solar panels, make your energy bill cheaper. And the mining, acting like its nothing. Someone’s making some money installing that 14 acre field. The only word ‘nuclear’once is right at the bottom of the page. Against the base load review act, where the energy company can charge customers for projects its building or something like that.
its like heavy Math on my mind, cant keep up. I have all the fucking problems piling up and here im researching this crap. As a product being sold, its subject to corruption and lazyness.

– A story about President Trump. Includes the word nuclear. About blocking a vote in the USA nuclear option. Has nothing to do with what im doing.

– A story about someone at Fukushima relating the crisis to covid and how leaders shouldnt be ‘fake’. Thanks geniuses.

-A story about Turkey helping Iran for ‘ peaceful ‘ nuclear uses.

More market analyses.
Moderator water for reactors.
Its everywhere saturated.
This one some safety perspective. Beaver county, thats beaver county Pennsylvania. Anyways talks of a nuclear evacuation zone. Guess thats part of living next to nuclear, just hope the technicians are better than Homer and able to get the meltdown message out before the melt into glowing sludge.
Air quality indeed. Its gonna be all virtual meetings from now on. Cause disease and air quality will render face to face meeting obsolete. Considering what ive seen in 2020.
I mean especially what happened at Beirut port you gotta have some safety. Gotta say my research hasnt shown much nuclear error. I did see the leak at VC for something new. Im juts more and more concerned about the corruption aspect, either for money, construction contracts, weapons purposes.I dont think youd get much luck making a weapon with CANDU fuel rods.

Searching those weird things found another perspective article
Its interesting discussing the nuclear waste, such as of that of a pork factory eww. That makes sense though using all the bi products. Anyways its a waste issue has become a argument counterpoint against nuclear. Its obviously an argument but some of it based on unfopunded fear writes this author. Anyways it was just research im curious.
CANDU reactors are the only commercially available nuclear reactors that produce both plutonium and tritium
Oh look its Sierra Club.
Government being irresponsible, mind you this is 12 years old. So Sierra club is against the sale of nuclear tech to Indian specifically in this case. India now has a ‘breakthrough tech’.
Pretty sure I wrote something about India and Pakistan and dont want nuclear war. Nuclear responsibility. Hm seems like the rules are just for North America everywhere else is the real wild west. Either politics should adopt science or we should abandon politics as they are.
Heres a cool page with some recent stories.
This one shows a Nuclear powered icebreaker. Looks badass its Russian its cool can track it to Baltic Sea. using marine traffic.

linked to Canadian artic sovereignty
found a silly movie, about nuclear waste, its kinda interesting though . About the cross generational challenges of maybe warning someone about toxic waste and in 10000 years what language will people speak. then using a cat cause cts have been in culture that has to be the most interesting thing. Just the problem solving is weird. Ray cat its a thing probably one of the more interesting things I found lol. Interesting cross generational challenge or speaking to another generation.

Sept 24. Not much new on the nuclear research front damned math taking up all my priority, and time. Anyways here I am. “Sale of”
Nothing like corrupt companies doing safety standards in China. Exclusive Licensee.

Something more recent

Found some data on the ” Small modular Reactors ”

smallest modular reactor closest to me, probably Bilibino Siberia
Theres some pictures its cool. On the google earth.

Holtec USA and SNC

Then theres terrestrial energy
A whole 8 jobs lol.

Starcore Quebec.
This one using some newer tech in china using helium to cool, that cannot becoem radioactive according to the laws of physics! Says so on thepage

Home Page

zero jobs
Starcore with a mining company.

Rolls Royce USA

Ralph Hart from Northern Nuclear but found a youtube video. Otherwise Cant find a site of ‘Northern Nuclear” Apparently Ralph passed on too.\
From some AUg 9th.

Alot of watered down energy news.

Next Item.
Living next to reactor.

Found this thread , still making my way reading all this, but you know gotta keep putting one step in front of the other. Me its just same step in front always. The idea is the same.
From the post talks about ‘flex’
Lots of redundant safety and back up which is nice, atleast theres a plan. not like, buddy im sleeping.
Former extinction rebellion anti-nuclear person, now says “only way to deal with climate crisis”
Interesting name.
Blue radiation glowing particles in a vacuum.
Thorium fuel newer story
Comments on Wylfa

Movie China Syndrome. maybe ill watch it

That ice breaker again.
Track it again. Its by Gothenburg.

Just learning still about the Aircraft Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. It has like a jump for the planes to take off.
I think its lovable, described as one the worst carriers in the world in this article:
As for Kuznetsov himself, Kuznetsov played a crucial role during the first hours of the war – at this pivotal moment, his resolve and blatant disregard for orders averted the destruction of the Soviet Navy. By June 21, 1941, Kuznetzov was convinced of the inevitability of war with Nazi Germany. On the same day Semyon Timoshenko and Georgy Zhukov issued a directive prohibiting Soviet commanders from responding to “German provocations”. The Navy, however, constituted a distinct ministry (narkomat), and thus Kuznetsov held a position which was technically outside the direct chain of command. He utilized this fact in a very bold move.

I learnt about that from this guys documented trip aboard icebreaker.
Also watched another short doc about Finland Icebreakers.
Is what im watching right now super informative.
Sept 25
One commenter
“David Suzuki work against us everyday by promoting non-scientific views on nuclear energy.”

No doubt you got the rich, and powerful saying no power fore you.
He has a tv show, money, platform.
I read the statement on his page, someone giving up air travel.
“After my whole life of travelling im giving up air travel, I cant believe your not.”

Like I like the Tv show growing up.
Has to be a balance with our ‘need’ for zero emissions, and ‘need’ for energy.
If its anything like anything else rent food always increasing, while whose wages have gone up by similar factor.
Why is it always some billionaire lecturing the common folk.
Or some billionaires child.

The person that uses the most energy.
Why some people have access to all most of the worlds resources, and some have little to none.
Its like a birthright get born into the right family.

Anyways, back to work.
That trip to North Pole Was fascinating.

These people trying to get up and close to chernobyl

National Geo.
This guy lives on a island. Lives a ‘normal’ life.
Another of these “Heres what you need to know”
Breeder reactors. This person seems to admire China’s reactor construction, but he lives on a secluded island. Yeah the real 1%.

India uses a breeder reactor and
The world’s first peacetime use of nuclear power occurred when the U.S. Government switched on Experimental Breeder Reactor #1 (EBR-1) near Arco, Idaho, on December 20, 1951. The town of Arco* became the first city in the world to be lit by atomic power from a reactor built near EBR-1, the BORAX III, on July 17, 1955. It was only temporary, but the way was paved for commercial use of nuclear power. The Arco reactor later suffered a partial meltdown — another World’s First. There’s no highway sign bragging about that.

Previous author wants to use fission.
Anyways this is all form parameters living next to reactor..
Less than 1 millirems

Next boat video I was watching has diesel engines.
Im just trying to find instances of people living next to reactor of some type.

Sept 26 more.
“Staged protest” says one commenter.
This one had some things gone wrong with this plant during 2020.
Theres pics of the plant looks interesting.

Sept 28
Iodine pills for your thyroid.

Heres some residents living next to chernobyl.

Satanic covid ritual, couldnt resist.
Im putting this in the project no doubt.

Belgium from 2016 , Searching this Iodine tablet trying to find a training video.
Maybe a isolation in place. 2016 2020
few of those comments made me lol.

One comment about the accidental nuclear warning.
From that time period lets dig that up.
I gotta say little rant, this is the only perspective I can really find.
Perspective living next to CANDU in Canada, you know id be annoyed too if they sent an error message. like get your sh*t together. Accidents happen ? thats concerning, but the accident is not really an accident, and has nothing to do with nuclear. Its a accident in the phone system, anyways better safe than sorry.
Scorched person at chernobyl anything to say ? ___
Should mine a mountain, or utilize a mined area, for some nuclear infrastructure, a trashed area. Cause clearly no one wants to live next to it.

Just did a rental comparison next to Pickering ON Power plant, insanely expensive rent.
I could get a room in a house to share with 5 other people.
Renting a room in someone’s giant home.
Buying, well you get more bang for your buck than Vancouver. You can buy your own empty giant house.

___29 sept.

___ 30 sept.
Clicking on the Candu map leads to broken link SNC lavalin.
At the actual Lavalin website only shows Darlington facility, not Bruce Power.
When you click anything CANDU at the Lavalin Site, all it shows is Darlington

Anyways wasnt even looking for that was looking for, some type of reactor resident club
found this instead lol
Techno reactor

Found this story 2018 , Starcore. Starcore US company in Quebec then. Starcore Mining and nuclear.
This reactor, has house next to it. Thats kindof what im looking for.
“SPRING CITY, Tenn. — In an immaculate control room at the Watts Bar nuclear plant,…”
This author talking about irrational fears that dont help us today. Thats kinda funny true. Try telling someone theyre having irrational fear lol. Oh your just being irrational. Tell that crocodilian limbic system that you’re in control! I guess with some better understanding of brain, and behaviors , training, can get past those things. I think some AI nuclear is good takes all the emotion and human error out of it. you know test it out on some less critical systems first but if NASA can do redundant software design; launch nuclear materials into atmosphere as asafely as possible (mitigating risk). I think that starcore demo reactor in Manitoba sounds pretty interesting.
The video of the Watts power plant construction was cool. This is the safe helium one ive heard about.

Star core mining interesting company.
Seen it on the TSX. 25 cent shares.
That would be quite the feat first modular reactor demo.
Cause hes right how can you trade that politically without seeing it in opeartion.
So, youll end up at a mining camp with maybe one or 2 truck modular reactors to power the base.
In space probably easier, already lots of radiation. Already cold.
Site pro-nuclear, and really against wind towers.

Heres something on Residents.
The government offers “voluntary” evacuees about $1000 apiece if they choose to move away from the area. In addition, children and pregnant women living in the area are eligible for a one-time payment of $5000, to help with any health issues they may encounter.

The current government offered three options for national discussion:

total phase out of all nuclear plants;
maintain current levels of nuclear power, at about 15 percent of energy requirements; or
keep all operating plants and expand nuclear facilities as planned.
After holding public hearings in 11 cities and collecting 89,000 comments, the government announced that nearly 9 in 10 ( 87 percent) support phasing out nuclear power, and 8 in 10 (78 percent) want all nuclear power plants shut down immediately.

Thats a straight copy paste, but no doubt people dont want nuclear after disaster. I guess the question is, is it some other engineers disaster. Every plant isnt destined to meltdown. Better be getting more than 5000 bucks after I turn into the toxic avenger and my face melts off.

Weaponization of space concerns, including nuclear

Oct 2
This going in the nuclear safety debate. Hydro killed, nuclear no.

wow doesnt generate electricity, im kinda surprised built in 54
Anyways still accident happened.
Though it was kinda relevant.

Ok something totally different searching for Ecological.

Not really ecological but interesting.

This is the ultimate in nuclear fusion energy project this one is experimental too. in southern france.
Calls it compact its nearly 100 m long, looking.
Stainless Vacuum chamber looks pretty cool.
Magazine style article about Chernobyl wild animals.’
kind of interesting why one species survives radiation more than another, and why.
Oct 4
New green party leader. Annamie Paul
Right away sought the Nuclear statement
Support nuclear : No.

Oct 6
This is news to me compared to what I heard about Starcore.
Different province.

Oct 11 Gotta hand this in soon, Fire under my ass.
Seen a video Carl Sagan Talking about Nuclear proliferation.
wow I was 4 years old.
Just talking about how to be a good citizen in a democracy, and on the planet.
The citizens control the government, not the other way around.
Carl Sagan actually complementing soviets for their progress.

Im gonna put this here too since this is my page and I can be as bias as I want or showcase whatever I want.

Heres a 1975 John Wayne Talking about liberals and the medias and being open to someone’s point of view.
Its like yea hes dead and old fashioned view point but Doesnt take a rocket scientist to see what hes saying.
Hes right, I too have made effort to learn about everyones perspective, while no liberal cares about my perspective meanwhjile making bad decisions for me.
Stay iun power at all costs no matter the unethical bvehavior.
Id argue if its so old, and outdated why are we still seein this in politics.
One commenter: makes his own choices not follows others.
He says right in the interview never wanted to do anything thats takes someones humanity away.
Carl Sagan with the fallacy of words the politicians use, its all relevant.
Who here wears black face?

Gravity industries jetpack navy trials, wow.

___ for later oct 15

___ Oct 18
More nuclear. Gotta love these search criteria. ‘Uranium’ ‘How to process and enrich uranium’ ‘How to make deuterium’ ‘Molten salt’ That was a godd explosion I seen on youtube.
Go Isotopes, I mean Dodgers.

Omg uranium found everywhere on earth.
People also ask
Where do you find uranium in nature?
Uranium is one of the more common elements in the Earth’s crust, being 40 times more common than silver and 500 times more common than gold. It can be found almost everywhere in rock, soil, rivers, and oceans.

Uranium ore – Wikipedia
Im gonna do some funny searches. ” Uh oh I ate a square of Uranium:
How much weight would you gain if you ate a gram of uranium?
One pound of fat is about 3500 kCal or about 3500000 cal, so 1 gram of Uranium would result in about 5,000 pounds worth of fat when comparing energy to energy. you don’t get energy from eating Uranium; you just get cancer.

A gram uranium is roughly 20 billion calories. If our body could …

Eating rocks, people have strange addictions.

Anyways findiung some really good info on the New Mexico site.

New Mexico 2% of total Uranium.
. Naturally occurring uranium consists of three isotopes: uranium-234, uranium-235 and uranium-238. Although all three isotopes are radioactive, only uranium-235 is a fissionable material that can be used for nuclear power.

When earth gives you Uranium.
Cant copy paste that text but theres from some academic to grade 11 materials.

Here it says its Terrestrial.
Anyways 20 million, As the government was caught red-handed trying to funnel out 900 million We charity scandal. . This is the first time I seen minister Bains last time he was laughing about questions in the HOC before shut down regarding the deficit.

People health tech jobs conservationism, need all the above.

Not everyone is as convinced as O’Regan and Bains that nuclear is the answer to Canada’s climate change dreams.

Not everyone is convinced these 2 have any idea what theyre talking about.

O’Regan said he is also developing a radioactive waste policy,
eye roll.

Corrupt liberals with nuclear policy what could go wrong.
Im suprised SNC Lavalin or even bombardier isnt into some kind of SMR vehicle. Or nuclear vehicle in general. Just with R/D and massive resources.

But imagine a fleet of SMR vehicles with maintenance and ressuply vehicles or airdrop.
In a military application depending on the theatre. Could have a SMR in unconventional locations. Ultimately could be a target. Youd want that reactor that if it got damaged, could just rinse down the area fix a part and turn it back on.
The one im not even thinking of is the Navy. Space station
Lithium batteries.
using up all the terrestrial resources in decades is concerning. Then what back to gas combustion.
Oct 23 Google fix my problems.

After mining, the ore is crushed in a mill, where water is added to produce a slurry of fine ore particles and other materials. The slurry is leached with sulfuric acid or an alkaline solution to dissolve the uranium, leaving the remaining rock and other minerals undissolved.

A small number of reactors, most notably the CANDU reactors from Canada, are fuelled with natural uranium, which does not have to be enriched.The enrichment process requires the uranium to be in a gaseous form. This is achieved through a process called conversion, where uranium oxide is converted to a different compound (uranium hexafluoride) which is a gas at relatively low temperatures.

The uranium hexafluoride is fed into centrifuges, with thousands of rapidly-spinning vertical tubes that separate uranium-235 from the slightly heavier uranium-238 isotope. The centrifuges separate the uranium into two streams: one stream is enriched in uranium-235; the other consists of ‘tails’ containing a lower concentration of uranium-235, and known as depleted uranium (DU).

Thats interesting with the seperation of the heavier via centrifuge. More interestingly is the uranium in gaseous form.
lol got distracted googling all the places called Clayton USA. Im gonna visit em all.
lol thats funny
OK here comes the dry portion
What isotopes of uranium exist?

Theres like several 23X’s 256’s or something like that 235
How many uranium isotopes are there?
three isotopes
Naturally occurring uranium consists of three isotopes: uranium-234, uranium-235 and uranium-238. Although all three isotopes are radioactive, only uranium-235 is a fissionable material that can be used for nuclear power

Only 0.7204% of naturally occurring uranium is uranium-235. This is too low a concentration to sustain a nuclear chain reaction without the help of a material known as a moderator.

Learning about Fiestaware. Painted with Uranium discontinued because health reasons . Some fiesta.
Browsing this online museum finding some neat things.

what type of isotope for CANDU process?
The uranium conversion process for CANDU heavy water reactors involves converting UO3 to uranium dioxide (UO2). This takes place in Port Hope, Ontario, at Canada’s only uranium conversion facility. Nitric acid and ammonia are added to UO3, which is then fed into a special kiln operating with special gasses to prevent extra oxygen from mixing with the pellets.

The conversion process for light water reactors involves adding fluorine to UO3 to create the gas uranium hexafluouride (UF6). This chemical form is particularly suitable for separating out the different weights of uranium (different isotopes of uranium weigh different amounts).

Natural uranium has too low a concentration of uranium-235 (its reactive isotope) for light water reactors. For these reactors, uranium enrichment increases the U-235 concentration from 0.7 percent to about three to five per cent. Enrichment involves separation of the lighter U-235 atoms from the heavier and more common U-238 atoms.

Yes with the centrifuges.

Learning about Cameco and the refining in the worlds largest refinery Blind lake Cameco, whopping 5 jobs.
One temp truck swamping job lol

I just seen MP Jenica Atwin statement on nuclear
“Let us also not ignore the fact that some will try to make us believe that nuclear energy can still be considered clean, safe and reliable. ”

Not only that more expensive to live next to.

Its from Oct 8.
No nuclear: cause.
Not the greatest argument. Considering already using nuclear supplementing coal.

I just want better and im sorry if NASA can do it, society can too. Navy submarines patrolling the earth. The next is the policy announcement i read from 2019
Some parts I would agree on this, its 27 bil for research and not even a reactor Its for the smrs. I think that having one operational will make the difference, but 27 bil and what to show for it is not good. There is money in it from the research I seen worth debating. I guess if money is being invested into nuclear its not going into the pockets of windmills and renewables. Im down with conservationism, Im not down with anti-nuclear progress. Im down with taking the politics out of nuclear cause what ive seen. Who would want these people in command of nuclear its a farce. I trust the candu tech and the science.Trust engineers. Hard to trust the people/money. Natural disasters. I mean if you can build a nuclear bunker you could do the same for the plant. Mitigating risk . That could bring some real results and what about the future where the north is gradually more occupied.
Imagine Peace River a massive metropolis. Year 2500 im sure it would be so. Considering how old MTL is.

What is halflife of uranium 235 : 700 million years
Low enriched for fuel in reactors high enriched for weapons.
charts comparing some half-lives

From Hypothetical reactor I found.
For the first 600 years the radiotoxicity is due, almost exclusively, to the fission products, and for the following 100,000 years the main radiotoxic isotopes are the “actinides” plutonium and americium.

Heres a bnunch of poisons in spent fuel list

Stored and disposed right here,

More about half lifes
Oct 27. Learnt about some Richard Taylor and Quarks and Gluons. ITs pretty much sci-fi fantasy magic. You deserve the nobel prizes figuring out all that. Specially thats what he and his friends did. Its just fantastic knowing what to do and what to observe etc. For something that can never be seen. Not from the imagination. Then I was reading about Fellowship of Royal Society. And the Canadian part Fellowship of Royal Society of Canada. I wonder what kind of debate happens there.
I wonder if one guy is like aahahah; you counted your gluons wrong you fool!
Then later the physicists prank the new guy making him think he set off a major reaction.
Theres alot of funny potential along with the science of course. When you get all the biggest brains together for cocktails lol. J/k
Interesting all sorts of videos, & series for summer science.
CERN also has a channel. Thats pretty crazy.
___ Oct 28
Reading a retro article about some nobel prizes awarded oct 27 1988. Physicists probing the structure of atomic particle. Which is similar to what ive been working on . Just for something different.
I noticed the tongue out like einstein. Maybe you stick you r tongue out for photos and when you have a discovery. Make sense cause its funny.

Its Nov 16 2020
Another article talking about nuclear no change. In fact the government pissed away dozens of new plants.
Literally no change since I last wrote.
It talk about nuclear with some mediocre sugggestions.

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Isn’t Canada pretty great at producing nuclear reactors?

these commnenters:

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Canada builds the CANDU reactors, a Canadian designed nuclear power system. They’re considered an old and expensive design now, and people are actively pursuing new technology.

We are a notable player in nuclear projects, but how many of those get built anymore? The NIMBY’s have been winning that fight for decades now (not without good reason, to be entirely fair).

Something new for nuclear research.
Learning about Jacobus Vant Hoff. and the carbon tetrahedral .

Nuclear magnetic resonance.
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a physical phenomenon in which nuclei in a strong constant magnetic field are perturbed by a weak oscillating magnetic field (in the near field) and respond by producing an electromagnetic signal with a frequency characteristic of the magnetic field at the nucleus.

Something on a Nuscale reactor simulation.

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