She Demons ’58

Seen this list on a cinemassacre review. I like lists. Nice between homework. Something different.
How annoying is it when you go seek a movie, and someone re-used synopsis constantly gets in the way. I know nothing about this movie. Heroic, but dull. I wish people wouldn’t do that. Not only that gotta avert your eyes to not see any more of that text. What would I rather, the title maybe or genre, or what the film maker wanted you to read on the back of the boxes. Shouldnt give any opinion on the title. Anyways If I had worked on something and had a final product out, id hate for it to be introduced by a movie critic, sentence. As if that sentence speaks more than the film, it doesn’t. Wave riders.

Anyways movie starts wild footage.
Its a storm and some missing people get reported missing on the ‘news’.
I hate smiling.
So far plot is pretty normal. Stuck on a island. Blonde woman, on a ‘high’ horse says the fella. Hes like ur lucky to be alive. Didnt plan the hurricane or see the ship they were on ?
Mysterious island. Send home for money then late 50’s I can assume things are a little more chill. Its kind of a Kong rip-off but they dont go into the details about the the monsters on the island. That radio lol, its not a pocket radio lol. Whoa those are jets in formation. Maybe I was expecting propeller planes. Theyres on a firing range lol. Ooh foot prints. Possibility of bad things. Stuck on a island, and theyre not quite in love. Later radio man discovers theyre probably going to call the search off. I sense hilarity coming up. The jungle. That snake scene lol. I wonder where they are then. Surrounded with idiots lol. Oh no the camp and radio. Oh no Chris. Skewered with bamboos. Ok so the radio guy goes to follow the blood trail, and they turn over what could only be the ‘she demon’ lol. That’s a pretty horrendous face. Oh they said it. Title of the movie in the movie. Lets take our chances in the jungle. I hope I never have to say that. Nice set though looks like a bubling Dagohbah. Nice dialogue. Lol wasn’t expecting that. Caucasian babes on the bongo drums lol. Theyre having a little camp fire. Its funny cause i just went camping, its was like similar to this movie but not quite. Sio theres more than one she demon and here it really looks like the 60’s with some choreographed dancing. The crew Ill call em. The blonde the mister and the asian radio guy. Now some dancing and music bit. Its pretty good. Some minor mistakes I cant help but spot because i don e drill for so long. Wtf theres nazis now lol. Just here io was saying its all like the sixties some nazis with pistols drawn enter the scene. Thats like a bad joke. If you were in the fifties and burst out laughing im sure you’d get some looks. I look about as surprised as the characters in this movie do. No they’re rounding up the jungle women horrific. Lol some light humor. This dude gonna go talk to em. Meanwhile nazis are rounding up the women in bamboo cages. Heres a creepy doctor. The glasses are part of the costume. Human experimenter. The wife. Experiments. Chem supplies. Basically if I stay in school can become a evil doctor in a lab. Oh gawd I seen the alive she demon.. Im just being sarcastic I dont want to be a human experimenter, bnut having a spooky chem lab sounds kinda fun. Nazis in this movie up to their usual bad behavior, whipping jungle girls till death. Oh man, so the she demons get these big foreheads and long nails and teeth its quite horrific lol. The sets looks like your at a amusement park turned chem lab. You got your messenger pigeons, other ‘horrible’ creatures. hes like this open door is no problem. Oh wait never mind. Shouldnt have fire in the lab. This guy cant see lol. A beaker breaks. Anyways the blonde gets uncovered, shes about to turn into a prisoner. Therees a fight between the mister and nazi boss. He gets punched out of the room. All the caged she demons escape. Oh they get recaptured. This time they all surround the real nazi boss I guess ? hes the real experimenter. maybe the she demons are his experiments. Hes not trhe doc. He looks like a James Bond villain. Ok i get the synoposis from the villain himself hes trying to rebuild faces. Or skin tissue. Taking the jungle womans skin maybe. Is that where beauty products from the 50’s came from. Youth serum. Scar tissue into new skin is the tech. Anyways he looks kinda familiar maybe some other german villain ill find out after watching this. Oh this guy, he says given enough time could solve radiation poisoning I dont think is accurate thing to say as scientist. Thats pretty much a death sentence. Hes a compelling villain with his eyes. Hes gonna use lava to power something. Thermal power, perpetual motion. Nice thats what im waiting for the womans face all bandaged up like a freak, and a veil lol. Thats ur wife, lab accident gone wrong. Typically never get such a plot reveal from the villain.

So on the bomb range is a underground nazi lab, where this dude is making his disfigured wife pretty again. Thats pretty creative. Jockey pants. That tree scene those laughing guards. Its not very believable , kinda funny. She demons are hungry. Pouting blonde doesnt want champagne. Didnt he have a wife already. This guy just showing off its like buddy nazis lost the war its 58 lol. Oh just like I predicted the wife sneaks up on em lol. This is like Jerry Springer. Jerry i think her name is bottles the guy. Its like the guard is Lurch. Nice the guys get rescued by Jerry. Uh oh here comes a she demon. Dont got too much more to write got lots of homework just wanted to watch something quick before never ending homework. Oh here its the old wife helping Jerry. Take this key to the lock on the gate lol. She got changed back into the first outfit. Its kinda funny the prissy high horse lady is saving the party. Ok the doc is the underground island commander. I wasnt able to recognize him. Even the evil nazi doc has domestic. That lab getting destroyed is impressive. Beams falling and quicksand. Buddy just throws his rifle. So the wife of island commander saves em all calm like and shoots a man. lol. Oh man that last scene is great. The fierey beam drops. And then the cave falls apart to show the lava flow its like projected in a early green screen type effect. Dummy off the cliff, awesome. Nice pistol shot.The earth effect are rad. The screaming guy gets covered in a rockslide. Movie ends as they see the ocean and boat after escaping volcano. I wouldnt wanna go onn a ocean journey with that. Anyways strange movie, I got some good chuckles. I got lots of homework to do, but ill do some homework then take a break. yea some of those faces really got me going. I wasnt expecting much but some cool scenes. Wanst expecting nazis lol, its was a ok villain.

Independently made
Rudolph Anders is the familiar looking character.+
Malibu California
Ferndale. Be loving those second story balconies windows on main street.
The Diane Nellis Dancers. Campy is right lol.
It was ok, was like a adventure matinee. Coulda been a date movie or something.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85