The Death Kiss ’32

Behind and failing in everything what better time to sink a couple hours into doing nothing.
Pretty much failed my math class for this semester, all that work and im behind and failing. Comes a point where I dont give a fuck at least today.
Movie opens up they got me with the gag, as theyre on a set but they actually killed him right then and there, interesting opening to a movie.
Its like hes dead, cut, its all fake, no wait its true. Im just excited to see Bela in a non Dracula role. Old movie almost 90 yrs old. Not really in the mood for writing too much neither but im watching it.
Falls asleep during investigation. Me , so tired.
Well there he is,
“How do you know?”
Thats the line he said with a crooked eyebrow.
Theres another sly detective handles the bullet at the crime scene.
Hes friends with the star, dont worry pal I dont know who she is neither.
Motive, the divorcee. Getting questioned.
Classic whodunit, well I cant guess, maybe its the detective dude, the one youd least expect, or the movie star, that kills him in character. But that would be too simple for this movie?
The little curls on the side of the hair, thats where Clark Kent got it from the past.
Cept the present in the past.
You got this guy the dabbler in murder case, im pretty sure thats him. Hes like acting as the stars laywer during questioning already.
Sept 29
This movie was good. Overall i Liked it. I was hoping Bela would be the killer, but nah hes just the studio big wig. The writer investigator is a funny character. It turned into a comedy kinda. It was fun following the clues. Oh yea this time I got not much outside commentary. Just was able to watch the movie, I saw it had not the highest rating still but that didnt bother me. Yeh near the end, with he light and pistol apparatus, that was kinda silly, then what he gets knocked out. Then he leaves the pistol, anyways makes for a humourous film. The goofy policeman is a character. Anyways following clues, hes like look at this, then this, and then deduces something. The detectives get kinda chapped, but admit hes got some good ideas. Especially to look at the film. So they all saunter in the theater, leaving the film unguarded. Sure enough buddy gets beaned and the film goes up in flames. Gotta say with the old movies. Lots of characters on set.Ive seen worse thats forsure. I actually had a couple good laughs. Kinda predictable, but clever. I mean yeah murder story turned out to be not who I thought.
I could imagine that being your feature friday night movie sometime.
David Manners Canadian born American.
Bela Lugosi Hungarian/American struggled with a opiate addiction. WW1 infantryman served on the Russian front in Austro Hungarian Army From the wiki page.

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