Monster Madness

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Fright night – 85
This movie was awesome. Some good effects story characters. It was a new vampire story to me. The mom of the main character lets the vampire in its funny. Movie is clever and the creature effects were really good. Pop culture references id never seen before. I wonder if Jhonen Vasquez had seen this movie prior to writing the vampire cabbage comic.
Oct 8 2020

Heres the full list so far,
Spookies 86
Carrie 76
Puppetmaster 89
Re-Animator 85
Poltergeist 82
Hellraiser 87

One set to come out really soon.
so yea these were released while back, Ive seen a few of these. Actually was interesting to see some old references Id never seen before. Discussing with someone. Sometimes you can see something youd recognize without having seen it before. Like maybe in Simpsons or another movie, or show. Ill watch these still and fit em in when I can.
In booming voice October the Tenth
Today Ive beeen sharing the link, so I should pitch some bucks towards what I like.
I wanna work on a Big L Tribute.
BIG Tribute forsure. I got the credit card.
Its bigger than L tho

Baseball, wow been a crazy year.
TB just beat the Yankees lol thats a upset forsure

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