Carrie ’76

First time watching this in forever.
John Travolta.
Womens shower scene, the original slow motion action scene. Pretty racy for 76 some crotch and dropping soap blood scenes. I just got it playing in the background doing some other things meanwhile.
Just a horrible highschool experience for this Carrie girl omg. People so cruel. But I know what happens in this movie ultimate revenge movie..
Really all I remember is the very last scene at the dance. They certainly didint include that much shower scene on analog cable tv Or did they.
Smoking ion the office lol. Cigarette in the face lol. I think any non smoker is like Carrie. lol its funny when she made thee kid crash his banana seat bike lol. Lets see what horrible thing will happen next to Carrie.
Shes like read the sins of woman. Shes crazu/
Carries mom is the villain in all of this and her schoolmates. Shell turn into a monster though. Its sweet shes telekenetic though. I rememebr class like that to be fair I would hate going to that school too lol. Imagiune really these actors gettying transported to the 2020s how bizarre and crazy that would be for them. MAybe theres a Carrie anniversary where they talk about the film. So there ius a bonus clip with some people involved in the movie.

The discipline from the coach is a start of another campaign against Carrie. I I think the shorts are hilarious. 1976 seems so strange to me, a good 9 years before I was born, yet youve have to be around during the 70’s to really enjoy the 80’s. Im enjoying the 80’s right now still. The gym class. Sure enough PT punishment leading to. lol the teacher slaps the student . lol. Thats just an odd scene. The bully gang fallin apart. Thats so funny the PT punishment crying. Its a chuckle atleast. Some evil plots going on. I dont remewmber Travolta but there he is. IKts liek yeh drink and drive. Doing in movies. the cop flashlight in your face lol. Disco pre-80 driving the strip. pulltab can. 70’s fonts. Its cool its like a time capsule. Coal miner daughter. Really looks like that 70’s show. This movie probably gave so many people fear of gym class. Its obviously more interesting as Rated R picture. The prom here comes some mayhem for Carrie. Cant help but feeling sympathetic. Then its like what ulterior motives. Trying to hurt her.More of an emotional horror, rather than liek the haunted mansion liek spookies. Some effects, realistic horror. I dunno trying to categorize it. 44 years old Its established. Imagine they had cellphoens is a funny concept lol. Ew pig factory. Baseball bat the pig for ur girlfriend lol. wtf. I can sense the mayhem is just. Back to closet so its just non stop trauma for Carrie. Good sport actor to go through all that splashing screaming nudity. you got that stabby violin music Pretty fitting, Anyways isnt it weird these highschool kids going through the whole process of getting / setting up the blood. Totally savage plan. Yes now we know in 2020 that ruins someone trying to give your classmate ptsd for life. Its like there was Columbine kind of a turning point in bullying history maybe. Lots more froshing pre-columbine I guess is what im sayin. The mom is totally crazy , theyre all gonna laugh at you some foreshadowing. Like i was saying time capsule for anyone that didnt experience 1976 prom. And if you did can compare your prom to the one in the movie. Liek the back to the future. Pro is pretty busy. Bates high school kinda like BAtes motel
Wow Carrie is Stephen Kings first novel thats intersting. Debut. Carrie gets here fun prom moment shes smiling lol about to go downhill in not much time. Just all the anxieties all at once Stephen King knows.
Wonder why Carrie gets picked on, I mean to me they all look nearly ridiculous. Ruthless plan unfolding. Its like the perfect prom or is it. Was caught reading up all on this badlands movie about a murdering guy and his young gf. Well there it is the diabolical plan unfolding. Its like yep see it there and the teachers are all proud of what they did. Getting whole audience clapping for being prom kind and queen Bucket Dangling.Its like someone built the incredible machine. Ew . Anyways epic scene how could anyone forget that. Theyre all gonna laugh at you abnd the face of horror she has. The double shot is kinda cool. Like the crazy conductor of a haunted mansion. Conductor of death. Carrie definetly turnt into monster. Alot of there death scenes pretty saveage. Whats another Stephen King Story, Cujo where all the horror happens near the end. I guess this is kinda liek that. Although the mom scenes are crazy. Surely that dude, her date knew about it. N ice rollover car explosion. theres a franchise. Kids music and the stabby mom is pretty horrific. Slow death. Thats a pretty horrific scene I thought she might shake back to life. Weird end and tghe house is gone. Weird Jesus figurine looks like the way in which the mom was killed. As adult and not watching on TV so much better than I remember. Carrie white burns in hell. Some good screaming and mental horror. .. And shes still in the ASYLUM lol

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