Nosferatu ’22

Silent movie so nothing to write about.
I closed my eyes, and there was nothing.
wow 98 yrs old.
Is anything I know 98 years old ?
Its close enough to the Century.
Its Dracula i just learnt, cause otherwise I know nothing of this film. Its silent and heard its creepy.
So I believe it. I dont know how but ill try to write it.
Just break from homework, and the groundhog days of my life.
Im thankful for the movie lists cause it always gives me something interesting to do.
I sat and thougth about what this movie is gonna be for a while but couldnt justify the 1.5 hrs to just sit.
Well and sometimes writing a few words on it seems like alot more effort than sitting idle, but something choose to do anyways.
Too much math and chem Its a chance to see something fantastic. Plus its covid its a nice thing to be excited over a 98 yr old movie.
Sometimes these movies get too silly but yea i guess to finish tangent how cable tv ruined Carrie for me, it was good watching it again, to fully appreciate it.
Kinda dreaded watching it. Im not mad it was on tv just channel surfing ruined it. Seeing several additions of half parts. Then the censoring for nudity or maybe not but I dont remember those scenes as a kid. If the Cable tv kept the boobs id be more inclined to watch it in entirety as young adult lol there I said it. But yea only need to see it once. Like the exorcist. I mean that was creepy, getting possessed. But see pretty much that walking down the streets.
4 years after ww1 , well thats creepy enough.
Death bird. blackbird and freebird.
Holy moly its digitized 1920s im looking at. Yellowish film.
Like really film.
Happy guy and 100 yr old cat.
locks in hair.
Theres some written dialogue im surprised. Not gonna write it out but its there. in Green.
Caricatures and spiritual symbols. More like symbols of the occult.
The fellow looks like scrooge.
Nice cackle evil laugh, & the mention of costing blood.
Journey to the land of ghosts and thieves.
Wife looking distraught.
100 yr old horse.
The flute sounds kind futuristic. Now the filter is Blue thats strange.
Ok outdoor blue, indoor amber. Ohj buddy having a good time drinking and having some dinner.
People are like you cant go to there. All shocked faces,scratching their heads. But the reason given is the werewolves. That innkeeper with the blond hair and the intersting wizard sleeves and collars. The werewolf roams the forest. Hes like ahaha so funny. Its a hyena or looks like . Really old fashioned. Poofy shirts. Love that laughter face hes liek nah I wasnt reading that was I ? AHAHAH Throws it on the ground.
Flute music sounds futuristic. Travelling music opposite Oregon trail. Hes like ur on ur own pal.
So what the rich dude back at the village sends Dracula some fresh meat every so often thats not sustainable. Unless just need a little bit of blood. Nice horse scenes. Some negative scenes. Some old cloacks. That wagon and whistle just strange. Weird european baseball cap. Nice theres an Act. Sorry gotta say nosferatu ? really a bad person? didint wake up his servants.
Or servants is a lie and hes gonnas eat Butter or Rutter. Was it just me or did wagon cart driver seem the same as big nose ? He looks so comic reading that.
Nice a pursuit. buddy get ur garlic ready lol. When you cut yourself and the guy says oh the precious blood lol. Gotta be feeling like bugs bunny in the cauldron. Nice actual castle though. That would be some maintenance cleaning up castle wolfenstein. He got bit lol sleeping. Hes like ahaha. Letter delivery guy on horseback. Looking at the pic lol. Nice neck. Well what can you do when your job is to sell the house next to yours to dracula. Hes lanky and odd. Even his wife tippy toes out the room. Almost jumps out the window hypnotized minds. Shadows are pretty good. Hutter.. i wonder if hell turn. Harmless blood congestions thats wassup. Anyone can say that i saw it on a movie from 1922. lol. Yeh that castle is awesome. Giant casket and there he is lol. All wretched. So why cant he escape. Too much of a jump. what, and all those caskets unloading themselves well I guess he is moving into his new house. Nice river rafting down the river cool scene. So Dracula on his way to Ellen. Hutters wife. Oh man that would suck being in a hospital in 1920s some true terror. I wonder if the bad guy wins or not. Carnivorous plants and rats too. A new character. The professor robes. Wow looks like Hutter changing to vampire. Not sure what that scene was. OK sweet she got the letter. Lets go bring it to Ellen. Or something like that. Wait hutter didnt change ? Who was that his boss I dunno who ws sucking flies and bugs. Nice boating footage. shot from another boat looks like. Another brass instrument sound for travelling boats on the black sea. The rats. Nice Dracula raising on a board scene. Jumps overboard lol. Lovbe that creepy upright walk. Captain can only pilot half the dasy the rest sleeping. Why all the strange nuances. Who chose and why do we know it all. I wonder will he rescue the wife. I expect the village to put up some resistance. Well so it was the banker guy hes a vampire then. Hes such a black toothy hunchback. Cursed earth. Burried before. Cant we all just get along. lol. Ok so he brings si dirt to the house next door. poor town. Creeping through witht he coffin of dirt is a bizzare premise. He surf across with a boat. Now the other boat. Captain is a vampire now ? I dont get that part. Or he dead. Plague now. Omg theyre not wearing masks lol.
Puttin the crosses on the door. Maybe during passover lol. Occult book. Its like quit making faces and read the book lol. Like what happened to Hutter he was a jolly character. Oh his wife pissed. Hes like I did it for money. I wonder what the audio was before. Illness spreading through town, know that feeling. Not really seeing the bodies get dragged out plague style. I like how people always falling over in the 20s. Lame shes gonnna sacrifice herself for Hutter. I guess its like a gossip scene, theyre like spotted him starts chasing him mob style. Grotesque. Shes making a I love you tapistry .. wow that wirey stringy hair hunchback. And there we go pitch fork guy, leading the way. Kill the scarecrow. Shes like wakeup I let him in. Grotresque shadows and long spindely fingers. Get the proffessor. lol. Nice bathrobes. looks like he got heer, but she kept him so busy that the sun crept in. Who disapearing special effect. Who would choose to work for such a creep, money. Ok so shes still alive but infected? Nosferatu. That was pretty epic for 98 yrs old. Creepy vampire.

___ oh here im reading some wiki content. Expressionist horror. Some antisemetic undertones. I handnt really thought of it. Florence stoker the actual Dracula Heiress won some copyright infringement and won. But the movie still exists. Now anyone can write about Dracula or no. Wow you can watch it on the wiki page. No filters. The magic of the internet. Some other awesome shadow scenes. Kind or ironic mid pandemic. Maybe its a vampire blood sucker.

March 2022: 100 year anniversary of this movie today.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85