Baseball 2020

Its October 28 2020. Dodgers won world series.
First time since 88.
88 was a long time ago.
Im not a baseball writer, but 2020 was a crazy season id like to say a few things.
First was the actual spring training.
Then that was shut down. Tyler O’neil with the First Cardinals home run. Canadian baseball player on the team I like
That NHL season that I was looking on that 88 herald , the flames won. Flames making tax payers pay their new stadium is BS. The city owns the stadium apparently.

Anyways then came the initial shut down hold in place. There was a twitch MLB tournament, was kinda fun. Blake Snell won the tournament. After being in lockdown for a while the bubbles started to begin and some regular testings were occurring. Basketball NHL and MLB. it was exciting to have some baseball, then right away Cardinals got covid and missed nearly 2 weeks of games. Its amazing they made the wildcard. So watching Padres, Yankees, Marlins, Reds even made it to wild card. Other teams I was watching Orioles, and Nats. Mets. Buccs. Some grand slams too Dejong , Molina, Fowler. I definetly remember seeing the Dejong one. Yea the Cardinals announcer is the best.
Baseball gets so tense near the end every play counts. Seen some amazing things. This year was one for the books with the cardboard cut-outs. Seen some awesome and bizzare plays.
Its hard to recall some specifics without googling too much. Just remembering SD on fire for a while. Then they were beat by the Dodgers then it looked like Braves were gonna beat the astros and the Astros gonna beat the Rays. As for the game 6 it self, Rays pulled Snell, they maybe shouldn’t have but thats the way it goes. I started the season with a 250 bank roll ended down 4.95 all time as of now. Pretty good management, sometimes making bad choices but overall ok. Prolly wont touch it till next season then. I like the NCAAF and NFL, is a weekend thing. So thats whats up. Its really 121 days until next spring training, isnt very much. Anyways so dodgers won it, not the cheating previously cheating astros Corey Seager NCLS MVP , WS MVP and Randy Arozarena for the Rays. So all in all it was a crazy season, no one knew what was gonna happen and your player or team gets knocked out covid. This being the time Im sure owners took a loss but it was for the fans. Need more sports for everyone else not just the highest paid athletes. But yea as 2020 season is over well see what changes happen before the 2021 season. There was some fans for the world series. Must have been quite the experience. Me never being to a MLB stadium will only know the post-covid world. The jays almost werent gonna play they have to have the team move to USA. Even they made it to wildcard so that was exciting. There must be some challenges coming with playing sport many sequential games. Also rewarding. Hopefully can just get in the zone and play baseball not thinking about tons of other problems you have. And on the celly between inning, or the pay phone. And you can be replaced or injured. Speaking of injuries, lots of pitchers geting injured with too short of a season and too much body stress. Many injuries including the Mike Sroroka. Anyways baseball over I got lots of homework. Lots of moviers to watch between break, I might put away the monster movies shortly after Halloween. Depending how I feel.
I watched some BBC rail journeys, Asia , Europe , some Canada, and USA. Just fun learning a little something from that Bradshaws book(s) he carries around. Edwardian tourism. I could probably do the same in my town. Yet everything is closed. The new normal its bullshit. Seen some hilarious Kelowna graffiti. Vandalism is a crime, but sorry thats hilarious. Shitty government gets shitty responses. Funny thing is even spray painted all in black on the floor they wont get the message. And seeing our government in action past couple weeks leave all to be desired. Straight trash. After getting rid of early-warning pandemic warning system and ignoring intelligence community, political correctness over truth. Yea bogus government. WE scandal. What an embarrassment. In the words of Shania Twain; that dont impress me at all. Cringey embarrassment. Now they wanna dig a open pit coal mine at southern AB headwaters. During the “climate emergency.” No public consult. Both liveral and conservative. Like who are these people they crawl outta the ditch and decide to destroy river headwaters. IK dont see these people at the grocery store or int he community. Just buddy deals with a australian mining company that had the land before removing all the protections for category 2 land. Thats whats on my mind now, gotta petition the trash government for common sense. Ass fucking backwards. Going in the Chem project.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85