Puppet Master ’89

NCAA NFL done. Still homework got this movie List to work through.
Halloween movie then puppets, and a water psychedelic effect. I feel like when i think of Halloween I dont think of the beach and a sunny hotel
Puppets are cool can be lightly creepy maybe. Puppet master pullin your strings. Wonder if Metallica seen this.
Looks like a fancy monte carlo. Marionettes have that Italian maybe Mediterranean. Says Ancient Greece with a internet search. Movie Calls it Bodega Bay in Im guessing maybe American no clue. I like geography and learning about new places.
Thats the good ol days. Entertaining yourself, with some music that isnt internet. I think if I was that dude paint the moviuing parts seperately let dry then re-assemble but whatevr I can see hes ‘acting’. Then the puppet is like hmph get back to work while I stare out the window lol. Like lady makes space for the critter, I mean camera guy.
lol the suits walked in step for like 5 seconds. Extended critter scene with some funny foley sound effects, like grunting and hustling. Alreeady I mean I got stuck into math but its necessary. There he is the title character lol. Scurrying around like a creature.
Critter made it to the elevator. Lots of dressed up extras walking around with the following leg and shoes scene. Maybe its the set but Playing for time was same-ish period looks way more 80’s
New York, this on ehas thee car elevator bellboy birdcage. The little puppet cover is blown its, a claymation style animation. Usually dont show the cover monster right away, to be fair, once he appears right in the box he goes. Hopefully those creatures get loose, and cause chaos on the populace cause theyre pretty funny puppet monsters. So far they seem tame and not monstrous at all. So the suits arrived at the door and I was expecting something to happen but the mystery of the puppet master, some one else will have to discover them Gotta mention the touching moment between old puppet guy and sad quiver lip killer marionette from the cover. New Character Leech dream what can I say. Present day Yale. Imagine you do math all your life to get to Yale then get killed by a puppet late 80s movie style lol. 10 math courses to be a major at Yale sounds tough. Like I say with chemistry if Homer can do it so can I.
Ok the fair in present day Yale looks 80’s out.
Yale dude has some problems and had a leech attack.
It was a dream to be exact.
Some new characters appear.
Crystal ball lady gives a compelling vision of puppet thing doing some dirty deeds. Somewhat funny scene. I guess that part was real. Not the grandpa part. Saying things like, you have a parent.. Construction. lol.
Its a strange movie. And im not sure whats gonna happen.
Enter some cool shots of New York 89. In a research docs office. Something about sexual fantasies it sounds ridiculous. Like what happened to the puppet masters house and the case . Side comment, I love butter. I love butter, only a lard ass would say that lol. Its true though. Anyways im a serious mental doctor, now tell me some erotic stories.
Weird movie weird cast weird plot.
___ Finished watching this it was ok, gets so strange at the end.
Last scenes are crazy lol.
The puppets are funny the rest is just strange movie took a while to watch, and in broken pieces maybe watch it again someday.
Didnt know about the director and the assembly line movie thats kinda cool.
Alrigth what’s next.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85