Re-Animator ’85

Really gory graphic rated, X rating. Or maybe im watching a edit.
Weird when it starts off non descript, then gives sick intro.
Every scene pretty gory.
Has a tense horrifying feel so far.

I know the song melody from dr. Kucho which is funny.
First time watching this. The skinny black tie is that necromancer character.
The doctor is the doc that tries too hard, all good qualities.
Lots of brain talk and that brain scene was particularly nasty. So far.
Dialogue and scenes are gross lol. Like oevr the top gross, now bonesaws.
Brain dissection lecture ala horror film, This tops the nastyness in movies i watched though.
This is like George A Romero steeze. More techno samples. I guess I expect to hear them all. I wonder how that would sound dnb. Science not superstition.
Anyways the necromancer is like screaming about brains, theory. The other doc aint too happy. The doc teaching the class, can be doc outdated. The fiance doc can be; wholesome doc.
Wine with the suits and doc outdated and the guy with the cheeks.
Gotta love the fake dinner setup just for that shot. Or as many dinner shots before you have to reset the take.
Its a dinner party with the fiance wholesome doc. So she leaves to show up mins before then shes like thats him at door. Different scene just why wouldnt they have travelled together.
High tension in the houshold after a toast i couldnt understand.
That ivory soap box (not-standable). I love 85 its when retro for me was new. When all of yesterdays dull clothes was bright and so on. Its -erfume free soap but I can still smell and picture it in my mind. Ivory. Distinct logo. uh oh the second they start looking for that missing cat is pretty ominous. You can tell its juts gonna be plot, and not gonna be pretty or good.
Love that late night math. Well I know what happeneed to sabrinas cat. Its in doc deaths fridge. Oh hes got the glowstick injectable. So i bet hell claim he saved it from roadkil or soemthing and trying to give it life. HP lovecraft whats that gonnna have to check all that. Im guessing something like tell tale heart. As such im sure Simpsons reference atleast one thing probably as a guess. Thats whats up though, watch this shit late night. Even it looks like sabrina teenage witch still some tense parts. Hes like to the stuffed pet, Im a doctor. Lemme chjeck for signs of life on this puppet. Must-have been fun making this song version I heard.
Lol so the explanation is the cat was messing around knocked the garbage over and a jar fell on its head and suffocated . If that somehow really happened the truth is stranger than fiction.
But yea hes the creep character all lawyer like. Then blackmail for being with his fiance andf threaten to get wholesome doc kicked out of school . What a guy. Imagine thats ur secret santa.
Sets up a really morbid stage. Anyways forget secret santa just roommate lol. With the screaming creature, its gotta be the revived cat so I cant wait to see this. OK that basement furnace scene was just outta control. Was pretty wild funny scene. Doc wholesome saves the day. The other guys got a mallet. So you cant r-reanimate without the glowstick fluid. Infernal beast. Ok this guy tops the villain list in recent movies I watched.
Cheeks and glasses pissed off for no reason. It sucks buddy is such a creep but would be much of movie without him. First thing you do when ur a security guard; leave the desk for some snacks. Isnt that stereotypical. And now I guess to convince glasses that it works on humans. Poor sabrina cat was just a cruel test subject.
Tried it in the morgue setting wrestling area. Doc necromancer and doc wholesome get beat up. The fiance dad is dead killed by the monster they created. Theyre trying to revive him now. The glowstick needle, just hasnt seen anything more than aggressive zombie results. Damn now hes beome the patient of his brain hospital.
This films got the cringe gross scenes. lol
Omg this movie is just gorefest zombiemani and hardcore they musta used truck fulls of blood. Thrills too. I think that migth be the end of doc necro and that was like dare I say more hardcore than Romero. Elevator scene was no joke lol. The whole conclusion was just crazy. Kinda wasnt expecting that, so that was awesome. Ulti-carnage gorefest.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85