Poltergeist ’82

Another movie ruined for me by cable tv.
You know skimming through the channel 100s of times, while never watching the whole movie and skipping scenes if you are trying to watch it.
This time I was impressed with the effects, the ghostly apparitions and retro characters.
Actually the house from 82 has all the awesome toys and nostalgic feel to it.
Simpsons did it too. Wow and the poltergeist really imploded that house.
There was some pretty crazy scenes I remember. Some effects looking like ghostbusters. Maybe id watch it again it just seems like the movie ive seen 101 times.
Pretty good this time watching. Not nearly hardcore as the re-animator lol.
Spielberg. And actors dying that were in this movie. 4 cast members dying short order after the film came out. Poltergeist curse.
Tobe Hooper from Texas chainsaw.
Cant help but reading some reviews. I think maybe if you were exposed to this in the theatres opening night. Not like half scenes, assuming some cuts in film on cable tv for years.
I mean watching it again was fairly creepy. Gotta do the same with Hellraiser. Except I haven’t seen it so many times, and don’t recall seeing it on cable tv.

Author: clayton

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