Hellraiser ’87

Note to self dont buy the hell portal cube.

Day one, second lockdown. TP sales, and shortages.
Just next on the list.
Its a realtor, selling the room with the hell portal.
hell is just some chains dangling from the roof and the victim pulled to pieces.
Theres gross bugs. So far nothing lie reanimator lol. That was the ulti-gorefest.
Just kinda leaving it in the background while i do other things and If I think of anything clever to write.
Second time seeing this. I thought it was ok the first time just a special effects, cant recall too much else.
Some cool dock scenes and background music.
Thats a nasty reverse melting corpse raising.
That crawling guy lol. Scene is pretty scary I guess. Its hard to hear some dialogue this time already 1/3 way in.
That haircut maybe reminding me of Sting and the police or something. Corpseface ew. What shes gonna fall in love with meatface. Pussface.
Ew hes hanging off the railing lol. She has a romantic interest im not sure lol. Unwanted guest. Distinctly 80’s shades and hairstyle.
Heavy 80’s its what I crave sometimes. Lady Hammer time scene ugh lol
Graphic movie this one too, well I guess I knew that from the title lol. Dude with Nails coming out of his face. They all have names Ill recall. So she did it for the guy. gradually feeding him more skin ew. Hes like inside out like the Simpsons ew… The audio really up too lound then way too quiet. Cant hear the dialogue but can hear the gross meat sounds lol.
At this point im not sure who was in the petstore, the deal with the realtor. The bum in pet store , her boyfriend..
Ew so much blood blood-suit guy. Lots screaming lots of nastiness. She figured out something about the cube. The cube is some geometry. The cube is portal to the unnderworld. connect that somehow with some math. Uh of she activated the cube I think she might be in trouble..
That was a crazy demon chasing scene, and the escape back to the bedroom.
So they came after she openede the cube. Thats the object in where all the mystery and supernatural come from, and some hallucination maybe.
The characters are cool and metal. The scenes are cringey and gross. I guess the realtors or I dunno what kind of side deals they made with the demons. Hes such a creepy dude saying all the clichee lines. Defiantly rights up ther for nasty movies. Corpses maggots blood ew. Its revolting really but metal and classic horror flick. Oh shit you kow when the rack start spinning kup and the demons all prersent u know shits gonna hit the fans. Theyre like you touched the cube. They kinda look like the borg in a way. Ew the hooks are gross lol. Its like Re-animator maybe a tenth of a percent more gory but not by much lol. They have wrestling belts lol. The female demon has chin razors or something. Ew Medieval torture mustahve been so nasty. Thats all this movie is making me think of. They somehow almost get away from em one after another. The flying face foot thing ew. Gnashing teeth and such. Its like a ride. this movie lol. Crank that cube.
Yea dont get involved with the hellraising cube. Its the guy from the petshop lol turns into a skellie dragon wow.
Its amazing those special effects really. The movies liek a thriller, its not my fave but, that wasnt so bad. Pretty disgusting scenes, lol some made me laugh. Sometimes with the hands gore its so nasty its like you can feel it from the screen. As far as creation its like movies are the ultimate creative project. Need liek a studios, better than what I could do but pretty sweet horror flick from across the Atlantic. Happy to move on with having done something entertaining for a bit. There i said it it was entertaining. Not my favorite thing, but can appreciate the work, couldnt look away some scenes, some scenes you cant watch. Its like taking a sledge to some blood oranges and hook it to pieces. Excessive and splattery. More than splattery, soaked repeatedly.
James review was good lol. creature at the end was crazy. I think maybe I seen the author. not sure. He says you only watch this when you wanna watch something gross or get scared lol. Im just watching cause the old reviews. Fun to watch the movie first then learn random things about the film.

Author: clayton

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