They Live ’88

This movie is awesome, second time watching this.
Im realizing its a John Carpenter. 5 years between the Thing.
The Thing was pretty hardcore. Kurt russell
Now, Roddy Pipper Canadian Wrestler.
Thats awesome.
This movie is like a grand theft auto with aliens or something.
Like a action thriller figthing movie comedy sci-fi Orwellian.
He gets thrown out of a window.
The aliens you can only see with glasses. Everything isnt what it seems.
The unlikely pair.
So the scene where hes getting the glasses outta the trash truck, and sees the buddy from construction site and hes like put on the glasses.
And they argue and wrestle for like 10 mins is pretty funny.
Then its funny seeing em walk down the street.
I just seen he passed in 2015. Thats saddening.
Well it makes me treasure this movie even more.
Gotta comment on the duke nukem, and grand theft auto video game references.
Just a weird concept and it plays out nice when hes trying to convince people of some aliens living amongst us they brush it off as crazy lol.
Its just a fun movie with some obvious scenes to give you just enough weird information.
Its comedic when theyre all beat up draggin their asses thru the street.
I guess the 80’s and one liners.
And the scenes in the film from the late 80’s Sets cars outfits, hair. Plays out kinda like a wwf movie. Sorry WWE.
My buddy tellin me now he was on always sunny. I gotta see that.
Its liek a lethal weapon duo cept they fight more.
Its like ignorance is bliss all in a movie or something.
After having seen this before I struggle to recall how it ends. Maybe ill remember after seeing it lol.

Keith David; I just recognized that hes also in the Thing. Worlds longest fight scene ahaha. Just was searching up some Keith David and John Carpenter.
Meg foster shes the one that throws him out the window. They all looking pretty retro.
Roddy plays the da maniac season 5 and season 9 always sunny. Im definitely checking that soon. Just got no where else to write this.
Learning about Kekule, and his statue at university of Bonn and the students dress him up kinda funny. Learning about the chemical structure benzene and so on. Sure enough hes got a mask on Covid. Gilbert Lewis.
Anyways back to the conclusion of they live, getting caught up in some research.
Roddy piper just says some cold shit in this movie and witht he psycho eyes and neck veins im pretty sure he means business.
Oh yea i forgot about that character he was like the bad guy now hes an ally.
Roaming the streets with those shades at night makes em look like the unibomber.
But im cheering on the heroes.
Lol contact lenses the future is now im tellin ya.
“Most of em just sell out right away”
Ah yes so more plot unfolds, Basically Earth is a developping country and business aliens are turning us into their third world dumber down consumers.
Wait a minute, Buddy the safehouse leader, also is in The thing! im 90% sure.
Oh man here we go its Meg foster again, shes part of the revolution, after throwing Roddy out the window.
Wow time sure does fly 32 years ago. yipes/. Are you ok shes asks lol.
lol didnt expect that.
wow they really bust the party civil war style.
like wow really action scene. no talking straight action. Like all this movie is is hip firing . Anyways the monochrome tone showing the aliens is always creepy. Theyre eye in particular and teeth. Lol neat the watch, malfunctions creates a acme hole to their base. No way theyre using the supernatural detector for the ghostbusters, and that cool white urban camo. They go from the tunnel to the dinner acceptance speech.
The southern gentleman leading em around for some more plot things.
Oh now they got to the broadcast center.
Having a taste of the good lifee thats a little tgoo close to 2020 and the NWO. “Theyre aint no countries anymore, aint no good guys, they control everything”
Theyre getting to the signal, a la diehard up the building. Lol Romero and Carpenter shout out on the alien broadcast.
I gotta say before I go see the review, movie is provocative, maybe was better the second time around.
The original duke nukem.
Crazy i was about to say looks like some kubrick black and white. James saying its a tribute to some 50’s films. Some things open to interpretation is fun too I agree. The fight scene obviously hes from wrestling fame and its a movie. Family guy does it to excess too. Alot of wrestlers making some above average movies. Sure is fun to revisit or see these movies first time, or first time again. Critters 86 is next no idea never seen it.
based on the 1963 short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” by Ray Nelson.
Heres the google write up :
Nada (Roddy Piper), a wanderer without meaning in his life, discovers a pair of sunglasses capable of showing the world the way it truly is. As he walks the streets of Los Angeles, Nada notices that both the media and the government are comprised of subliminal messages meant to keep the population subdued, and that most of the social elite are skull-faced aliens bent on world domination. With this shocking discovery, Nada fights to free humanity from the mind-controlling aliens.
I wish there was happy ending for nada but njo.
Also Peter Jason is the guy i thought was in, ok apparently not. Im mistaken. similar google searches, “is they live a true storey?” ahaha, thats a keeper.

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