SpaceX SN8 High altitude flight test

Watching this Dec 8 18:20 UTC exciting as hell.
Was supposed to launch way earlier now seeing a window.
Theres up to 150 k people waiting on the Space X youtube.
About to watch some history unfold.
Bit of a distraction from homework but gonna keep watching.
And as of now, dont know the ETA’s on anything.
Chains being removed from flaps watching on the live images from Boca Chica.
Go SpaceX
Cause once they figure this out its gonna be some wild tests.

Just awesome seeing so much space historic events via the spaceX youtube.
Bob & Doug, and the crew 1 was awesome. This being the most IRL sci-fi thing ever.

Ok well looks like the countdown got scrubbed, not totally sure what happened. At like 1.3 seconds. Elon Trolling everyone lol, jk.
I just wanna see this thing in action go spaceX!
Wow that was awesome.
Yea like the flight pioneers.
Easy to fly but coming in hot for that landing!
Wrecked on the landing pad. That belly turn was impressive though!
Yea last xmas was watching the water tank fly.
This time flaps were really going.
Just like wow thats some amazing energy to slow that speed.
And was going pretty fast. Gotta say if you were on a different planet trying to get home, and you seen that crumpled that would suck.
Its a prototype. Its cool of them to even broadcast. Im pretty sure theyll get it.

Author: clayton

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