Critters ’86

What a fucking annoying class, had to mute then close that shit.
30 pages behind fuck em.
Thats second class your talking gibberish. I dont fucking get it . Work on something I understand.
This is fucking brutal I cant follow with the class that makes no sense.
Yet I found a error in the book.
Shit fuckin pisses me off.

Anyways get on with this movie shitty attitude shitty fuckin day what.
Aight sweet shitty fuckin attitude know nothing about this movie.
I heard its ok from the quick googles I seen.
Were in space prison asteroid lol. that funny.
Ok right away that tube alien is hilarious.
Nothing that mushy is threatening. Like I just watched ‘they live’ that mushy alien has no chance.

K well close enough the critters escape, and its very bounty hunter starwars esque.
Aight prediction. The aliens crash land in 80’s america, cause some damage for a bit but eventually get destroyed. Pretty sure thats how its going down.
The 2 faceless green dudes tasked with bringing the critters back.
Awesome splash screen intro after the ‘intro’.
Is that.. is that little house set ?
Some type of pioneer farming set up.

Might have missed a scene. Ok the kid running a thermometer under the hot tap water. Classic, prolly doesn’t wanna go to school.
Is it because a covid pandemic ? 34 years later that trick would work too well, you get quarantined and a spit dog lassoo mask and chair
Just another 80’s family about to go trhough the ringer with either paranormal or mosters or living dead, aliens in this case.
Nothing says 80’s like that black minute maid jug. Wonder what the story was behind that. I mean the cans look pretty cool, but why does the black look outdated now.
Classic family scene with the phone. The farmer dad he like when you sit at this table you act like this! With the mom servbing everyone up toast while the dad rambles on about values and BS.
Brad cant stand tests. Slave mom bitching about the thank yous for breakfast.
Charley in the back and thaty slob cop lol. ooh boy. Its like light ghostbusters vibe.
Finally the aliens, on a ship. I will also continue the math problems. trade off a couple scenes for some problems. Chem too.
Ok just now the more I see this the more I recognize some scenes. TYhey have a learning ‘machine’ thats making the aliens ‘learn’ watch everything. Kinda humourous, oh its double screen too.
Thats how you learn everything important. And i see that chin forming. Buddy , they better hope they dont run into Roddy Pipper. Nice singer actor combo. That makes this movie good then right.
I think maybe shapeshifting as the first person you see on tv might be the wrong move. Also sweeet melting face formation. Looks like some work.Farmer dad is the buzzkill although probably necessary. He seems tough, but fair. lol. Getting distracted by math now, atleast making some “light progress instead of bitching.” Hes got the toyota looks like. Looks like the MR2. Maybe its fancier but anyways got that little sporty look. No supper after that slingshot episode. Yep dinner the calm before some mayhem, i knwo how these movies go especially this particular list.
Dinner scene thats like me going back to HS in a tv show. Nice kid is making dynamite listening to rocknroll. Some extra curricular with the chem class.
I cant rell what car it is but definetly not the MR2 Im thinking maybe a ferrari or a porshe model. I guess after the movie ill find out.
Sweeet got a tough problem right.
Brother is a creep watching through the window, yep no internet. Hes got a Royals hat though. Anyways hopefully here comes the aliens and that monster.
Barn is a good place for the ufo. Then what the singer/actor is the bounty hunter, Is this gonna be like ET. They are criminals and bounty hunters according to space pod goop guy. Lol I wonder what Jontron will do next, those were some hits. Nice the old man brings him some cookies to talk lol. “always taking her side?
Hes grounded and shes rolling around in the hay with mr gr8 from NY lol. Here comes alien or dad to pinch em. Nice space ship nice droolin whiskey. Prolly some AJ !
Finaly some thing happening outside. Hes liek earthquake? as he gets caught in the tree. Like more than 25 minutes later of some boring family routine. OR building up to the action.
Was he wearing the ghostbusters logo? lol that migth have been common back in the day. But not the farmer dad. Anyways they find the UFO ! More like a scene with some hardcoded alien subs. Fun to say.
Fur-ball takes out cop/ slave mom hands garburator/ No thats not a haiku.
Woo December 10, old man bday Happy bday ya fuckin loser, hope you drop dead fucker.
Ok new day for me. This being kinda a journal of sorts. These critter better not disappoint this morn. Its took nearly half hour to see the cop get run off the road to a little furbal. Ok they speak like a alvin and the chipmunks, lol. Then you got the first person sneaking up on house scene those are always good.
Ok bounty hunters have arrived. Dont they have ship cloakers ? Whose the villains.
More first person. Well they show the green face and singer actor, so they should be showing the critters.
The phone doesnt work. Clichee but good still. I almost coulda predicted that scene. HEs like taps the phone ? The phones dead. Shout out to that bowling shirt too very stylish. gotta love that cyan magenta shirt. Thats a funny idea for printer; you wear a cyan magenta shirt then print yourself lol.
I guess the farmer dad pretty sensible as a character. I mean believable atleast. Now its time to go reset the breaker.
What the’
Yea so the panel was eaten maybe. lol
How about a tums. that would be a good advert, did you just eat a electrical panel, have a tums.
That shirt logo really similar to ghostbusters, skinnier ghost. Then I finally seen the critter lol. Hes chillin in the preserves. Is this what started trolls lol. No. Damn hes got a critter on his shoulder and leg. Meaner then hell, lol. Those some good lines.
Ok the bounty hunter shoot off the shotgun in the rack lol . Negligent discharge.
They listen to the radio in the barn. Lol now theres some action. New York rat tail gets it. Good scream.
This movie pretty good too bad the critters arent friendly.
That scene on the chicken wire.
Making math progress comment. Im glad.
Ate the dynamite ahaha. Then falls down lol. Critter had a tummy ache lol kinda cute in a grotesque way. Ok so theyre both bad.
No one blows up the church organ and scare the church organist unless you really evil. I think the lady recognized him as the actual singer.
Pinbusters is whats on the shirt, same as the simpsons bowling team. Same colors I mean.
Lol so they talk and one gets blown away. After locking themselves out. lol. Still pretty awesome.
I was thinking of something else when I though id seen this.
Too much bounty hunters at the bowling alley, lol.
The critters where are they. Bit of carnage ensues then the grumpy sheriff gets woken up.
Darn she got neck veined porcupined spined. Burn em with a oil lantern and he jumps in the toilet lol.
Chaos erupting everywhere in the movie town.
Kids gotta go get help. Critters by the bike. These monsters gotta go. Pillow figth theyre getting bigger. Gremlins why didnt I think of that.
Kid runs into the bounty hunters. Chaos ensures. Chewie the cat. Theres a big critter lol. With big bird feet lol. Saving the day with a molotov and liquor.
Sweet another 80s adventure.
They blow up the farm house, and get blowed up themselves. uh oh he says. Movies pretty good. HE gets the alien phone lol . House reconstruction thats sweet and the cat in the mailbox.
I guess those green head shapeshifters were ok afterall. Nice classic final scene.
Nice synth ending too. Math streak.
Stephen Herek from bill and teds, & Chiodo brothers, trio. did killer clowns from outer space. Thats cool. lol james review thats hilarious.
Comparing he songs thats funny. Marty Blowing up those speakers. Sequels.
The Krites
Scott Grimes

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