Batman Returns ’92

Yes watching this first time in a long time.
This one pretty good I remewmber wioth good cast, creepy dark.
Better than the next in the series.
Newer batman is pretty crazy but lost some of that fantastic feel like this one has.
Maybe a little too childish or cartoony. I cant say thats bad though. Well anyways see how it is to watch 28 years later lol.
Just came up on the cinemassacre youtube and I had plans to watch it before. I guess its Christmas-sy Hadn’t occurred to me too much before.
Cat burglar cat woman with that latex rubber costume. Pretty over the top sexy before lol . And Christopher Walken.
Penguin is gross. The sets and props are awesome, and thats just what I remember from before.
Original Batman was pretty dark and Joker Jack Nicholson and that grimey feel to it. When Joker shoked that dude and caugth him on fire with the buzzer handshake was pretty hardcore.
Not to mention he gassed everyone at the restaurant and shot Bruce Wayne. Yea so I mean that movie was awesome hard to beat in a sequel, returns was good the third one maybe not so much. Maybe would watch it again. Ive always been more of a Marvel fan , but the DC movies have been better. Weell in the Batman vs maybe xmen movie franchise. Or Wolverine movie or any other lone star. Avengers was pretty cool, but its not 1992 grimey batman with villains, and gotham city that batmans gotta save!
Ooops did I saw Madonna I meant Michelle Pfeiffer.
OK finished watching this last night, it was awesome. Its grimey gritty dark, cartoony toys, and villains. Vehicles sets props.
Danny Devito in one of his most unique roles. Penguin is disgusting with black teeth as he drools over women.
Once he cant have cat woman tries to kill her.
Cat Woman talk about a hot mess. Glad I watched that still.
Fun Xmas movie, still kinda adult maybe, Pg 13.
And Christopher Walken playing a main role of corrupt city exec.
I dunno im stoked I watched taht too bad Bruce Wayne and Selina couldnt hit it off lol.
Ah well she was in cahoots with penguin and Max. Out for revenge. I like how they keep the movie open at the end with the Cat Woman silhouette.
The whole last scene in the Ice palace was good. Penguin gets ditched by his clowns. Body keels over lol. Its a goos scene with some explosions and Selina Kills MAx with a electrified kiss.
I like the sets for Gotham the large statues Art deco, has a 20’s-30’s feel Men still wears top hats and trench coats. The women dress like some 90s mixed with 50s.
Gotham and its villains. Michael Keaton aint the worst batman. As Bruce Wayne he says cool things. Playboy Bruce Wayne had Selina smitten for a bit, but too hell bent on death and revenge lol.
The castle batcave is cool.
I dunno im not a movie critic or expert, but I like this Batman universe and wish there was more.
Batman 3 fuckin sucks though. Like mr freeze I dunno. Ill give it a try eventually.
Just watched the James Cinemassacre review thats some good points.
Seeing those scenes again.
Tim Burton is no joke, and James really said it well on the review.
Like I was saying the last scene, but also alley scene is really good. Where he adopts the cat.
Definitely Christmas movie.
Wow michelle pfeiffer too lots of movies shes been in. Scarface. and some other classics.
I threw on the “Its a wonderful life” prolly some “Die Hard”, some Batman 1 and 3. And More Tim Burton movies..
Good way to stay engaged, outta trouble, its a positive thing.
Throw in some homework, and good to go.
This Batman movie took me back. I remember being a kid and watching it lots and the parts liked and the parts I didnt.
Revisiting it in 2020 was fun. All of it.

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