The Stuff ’85

Not the rigth stuff, just the stuff.
Ok no idea about this movie, I like that.
No expectation, I have anm idea if its on the monster madness list but here it goes.

Ok what the hell lol.
Theres a white goop coming out the ground so buddy starts eating it and wants to sell to people .
Lol it taste good. He says.
I dunno anything good liquid come out of the ground thats good for people ?
Besides water. Like good to ingest.
Anyways bizzare start.
I guess thats the stuff. Better get the stuff.
Seen a white letter title. Nothing like Critters flashy sparkling title.
Patrick Oneil thats interesting familiar name. Scott Bloom thats the kid.
That dad is harsh. HEs liek WHAT the hell are you doing downstairs by the fridge !
Loses it on him. But the ice cream moved lol. How bizzare.
Lol enough is never enough. The stuff. What a weird plot. Ok the stuff is that an allusion to you know what lol.
Ice creams business scammers.
All I know is eventually someone’s face gonna get warped melted.
He punches the FBI guy.
Cant stop singin this new kids on the block lol. With that title.
He bugged the guys suit so he could hear all his convos.
So thats what ice cream tycoons look like.
Ok back to the family.
All eating the stuff and the Dad is a jerk.
I cant tell if scott bloom is the older or the younger one. I think younger form the pic.
Dialogue is a bit off on this movie but not that bad.

Hey chemistry lab.
Theyre gonna dissect the stuff.
The grocery scene thats pretty cool. The kid with the Habs shirt. Little bit before my time but interesting scene. Amnyways everyone buying out the stuff.
Moe and the advertising lady, Hes liek a industrial spy lol. Like the Flaming Homer. little bit different.
Wow scene even got better kid went on a rampage lol.
Lol that big dog eats the stuff he says – its a movie. Just a revelation.
Next is the canteen with theme song. Nice colors.
Whoa the dog transforming. ok the dog has a problem lol.
And that dude is a enabler lol.
Ok im guessing this is Virginia now.
Yea Stader is a creepy town in the movie. Just strange, but the the next clue is Midland Georgia as plot unfolds.
Moe gets a new friend for more investigating. Confirmed goopy moves like slime lol.
Ok more plot people become controlled by the stuff, but you can punch a hole right thru them, and they ooze it out. That scen was pretty hardcore. And some stretched faces. Neat premise.
Stuff logo kinda like slurm, addicting Futurama.
Ok more plot then.
Back to the kid and theyree playing atari. Oh yea I saw Patrick Oneil hes the stuff boss, but he doesnt eat the stuff. Moe gets a job offer.
The dad making all these points about living things we eat that are moving. Anyways the stuff is the bad guy, and its a killer dessert!
Creepy family, dont eat the stuff. Marketing victims lol.
Barbasol lol.
Oh the Jig is up, the family knows hes eating barbasol lol, somehow escaped the house and in Moes car. A new duo.
Throws up in the car. Nice jeep old Car and personal jet on the tarmac.
Uh oh ther refuelers are stuffies. Could bee bad news.
Kid escapes Moe and Advertising lady at the stuff factory.
Flaming goop with the motel.
Comes from mine and has a mind.
Kid in the truck is a bad place to be.Gross imploded face. The cop hooked on the stuff lol.
Colonel looks familiar.
Nice the army saves the day
Some action. Protect the young lady trooper. That quick expanding foam.
Thats awesome from a fleet of private jets to a fleet of cabs.
Fleet of cabs is pretty hilarious. I like that.
Often easier to believe lies than the truth, aint that the truth/
Wow charlie really got it.
Moe is a the good guy makin those ice cream exec eat the stuff lol
Thats a strange movie.
Never heard of Larry Cohen , was pretty good movie.
I guess I have known some Larry Cohen movies.
Whoa I seen the Starwars blanket but not the return of the Jedi shower curtain.
What a unique movie lol. Killer junk food.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85