The Beast with Five Fingers ’46

Wow movie from long ago.
Dont know anything about it except seen Peter Lorre face a few times is familiar.
piano playing beast? Cant be the penguin.
This can be placeholder for now.
Dinner scene hes taking advantage of the tourists probably im guessing. Just cause sounds like a made up line.
Watched sopme scenes gotta pay attention cause its no effects just dialogue.
The local is trying to sell some antiques to the tourists, thats forsure. In San Stefano. Italy village.
Not sure fictional but theres a cool painting on the wiki page. Its a tourist stop. I dunno I guess the guy could be honest but why alter his appearance, camera shows this. So makes it abitt suspect but lets see.
Police inspector gave the guy some shit can sell antiques without a permit. Nice so in 2020 If he woulda paid 50 euro, the American woulda actually got better deal. With the 50 for a 50 exchange. Thats an intro and theres Peter Lorre, then a mad pianist. The house, and fireplace kinda like Bruce Wayne.
Old fashioned. They got chess. Awkward dinner.The mad pianist kinda lost his shit though even though he makes everyone sigh off on how ‘sane’ he is then proceeds to strangle someone lol.
Damn so the windows left open overnight cause some destruction. Witht he wheel spinning like a car wreck. Really had a stuntman throw himself from the wheelchair there. Thats horrible.
Screaming out her name Julie. And he had a hallucination like the Piano was mocking him or something causing everything to be distorted. Poor pianist and thats the end of him, his dying breath. With his passing everyone is there to get a piece on the antiques. Peter has no place to go. And his expensive books. The maid weeps. The villains try to break up the will on the whim of conspiracy based on when he tried to choke Peter. Still has a mark like Dracula bit him in a sense. That hairstyle from long time ago I wonder if will ever come back. Its nbot something you see everyday. Maybe like Pirates of the Carribean esque. Cept in Italy country side. The ring is significant cause some ring wearer going around choking people and the piano playing mysteriously. Thats odd, and everyone wakes up. Turns into a whodunit so far pretty good. With the mausoleum mystery.
Somebody wearing a ring gets the brother in law or soemthing screaming through the door. Really gotta pay attention each scene and get all the info. Peter Lore = Henry, I feel like its Henry he knows all these supernatural books, or who knows really. The service is leaving. lol. First its the service leaving, then the wife leave with he kids, the the repo guy lol. Wow didnt expect that its the original Thing. lol. The hand is actin out the revenge, and writing creepy notes.Now im left thinking Henry, lost it and hes the hand, when he wears the ring. But thats not what it shows it shows the hand coming outt of the box and wants ring. I guess well see here pretty quick. Anyways Henry is now thought to be crazy, some good acting about the the hand though. Hes gotta hammer it to the board so he can show inspector and friends. Thats the explanation: Hes a sick man. That miror scene and Henry is pretty much a psycho.
Wandering around that house. Maybe a little Edga allen Poe Henry just walking around that house3 all creepy. Alls well that ends well but that fire scene was creepy. This movie as a thriller , suspense. Film reveals the tricks ion thee big ol house. The hand is it there or not makes for a good story. I like some of the old movies then, This even supposed to represent the late 1800s.
Thats a good ending too lol. That was similar to a play. Was good. More chem math.
The cinnemassacre review is good. James is rigth slow start but pretty suspenseful. The ending is like a Scooby Doo episode when they reveal all the ghost gags. I like the movie actually took it a bit more serious than some on the list.

Author: clayton

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