Last House on the Left ’72

Ok some changes at the cinnemassacre, all good though and a 31 movie list for October 2021.
Im starting to watch last house on the Left. Some psycho dude hassles some highschool out of towners for a concert or something.
Doing some cleaning too, not very xmassy but whatever. Its hard to tell here anyways.
Chores and this 70’s movie is kinda odd to look at. Opens with some ducks and mailman and the topless girl.
Odd house. Its a true story slasher as told by Wes Craven. Maybe ill watch some gremlins after lol, or some Die Hard but yea this came up on the list, so Im watching, for better or worse.
2 girls drinking on a rock 70’s style.
Lots going on, the girls drinking and driving, the gang, on guy mean looking the others pretty retro shes got a fan next to the tub, does that mean she has a deathwish?
He’s upstairs takin’ a bath.
buddy with the cigar is Junior. This movie from the extremes, the girls getting ice cream to the gang. We need more girls. Anything with the Christmas spirit might be non-existent.
Next extremes getting kidnaped during your birthday party. I watch it all, all the cringey movies and happy just the same. Now I wonder if theyll get away.
Just looking through list. Last other movie I seen from the 70’s was Carrie and that was pretty fucked up too. The frog guy has like black play-dough in his teeth lol.
Or just someone that never brushes theyre teeth and what chews tabbaco and tea leaves lol. And some other leaves too why not.
Anyways this movie pretty fucked up, in a Scarface kind of way implying things but not happening, then the cake scenes.
Its like the chainsaw you hear it you see the spray, but dont see nothing more than the shower curtain.
Nice so it looks like the Bronx pre- 80s and the window is saran wrap.
Now theyre in the woods for some kidnaping rapey scenes. This whole movie rapey so far cept the cake scene, that was wholesome.
Dealing with a massive snowfall here.
Hot pursuit in the woods. The frog guy saying they gonna get someone killed. Not sure how this ends Moree of a real-life psychological horror. Both the deputy and Junior looking pretty psycho.
This movie all shot in the woods now. The girls need Lt Dan, Get down! , Shut up.
Oh more plot, they are opiate freaks, heroin junkies, or just him. And hes got the most sense of any if the gang. Well lets see what happens next.
Shes definetly pleading with him. Using the addiction friendless as strategy.
Ew this gory damn.Its like a pushing the envelope snuff movie.
Ok seems theyre both gone now fugitive movie. Its like pre- texas chainsaw. Its just regular scary dude in the woods with sharp things killin teenagers.
The sherif and deputy be chasing these people down.
Lol how did they end up at the parents house.
Thats just crazy, well people hadnt seen this movie, and done these crimes yet. That is one wicked snowfall.
The crooks eating up spaghetti n shit at the victims parents house. Then they both answer something different. The dad noticing somee cuts and scrapes similir to altercation hell Junior has bite marks on his hands. Hes like: “bite me, I dont care how hard, its for a movie!” lol
Shoveling snow good exercise. Good times.
Oh good times opposite of this movie. Now the moms gonna see the necklace. And say thats hers. I guess its kinda a thriller, as audience I want things to happen, or frustrated seeing other things. The story gonna climax though ill be relieved. Wes Craven; no joke. Youre sick! lol. 48 yr old movie yipes.
Toad gettin, sorry willow, getting sick. That actor Juniors face, cant forget that.
Oh hes got the pipe wrench and garbage pail shield combo, Its no Captain America shield lol.
Its like the parent now turned into the predators, isnt something I was expecting. I guess when your in a situation like that. Kinda reminds me of some Ken Follet a bit with the story about the family caught up in the storm, even though theres no storm the situation seems a slightly familiar in a fictional sense. Im gonna raid the ice box, and hes preying on the wife. At teh same tiem the husband was mega gropey while talking to her, likew gripping her. Anyways.Oh yea that dental dream was weird. Oh yea some Edgar Allen Poeish with the guilty feelings/dreams.
Thats just ridiculous now with your hands tied behind your back. Its liek here, lets do it here with your head in this guillotine, yes here. Thats a pretty elaborate booby trap, he goes Home Alone with it. Then theyre outside for some silly dialogue. Now hes like Maverick. Dick jokes now lol.Omg it gets worse that scene ahaha. Those sound effects. like holy fuck lol. Things turn around quickly, or rather that escalated quickly. Ok never mind its like texas chainsaw. Another bloodbath. Finally its over! I cant wait to see the Hames review cause that was crazy.
Got a 70’s deliverance horror, and madness.
Oh I though junior was the kurg not toad ooops.

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