“Its A Wonderful Life” ’46

Had to quotation it up according to the book style title screen.
This is the infamous movie from the past. Or maybe one of two. One is maybe the miserable ending xmas title. Maybe miracle on 34th. If I think of anymore infamous retro xmas movies ill write em here. And, I mean pre Die Hard or The Batman returns. Gotta say its NYE and getting this last festive movie outta the way. Cause to follow up with this movie after the last one I watched was just crazy and nothing in common. Or, ok sure, ill try to find things in common with the Frank Capras. This movie has a presence of its own by the way people talk about it. Yet I know not much about it. First thing I said is, what its in color lol. Ok I was like Frank Capra whose that? Sounds liek playwright a wright lol. Maker Builder. Bedford Falls looks black and white. The light snow tracks showing not many people travelling.
And Bedford town looks made up like in a small snow globe. Seeing the moon from the miniature version is the cosmos. God receiving all those prayers. Wow the galaxies talk. Thats probably the oddest reprention of gods? talking amongst themselves. Cute though prayers being answered. So god is like a military installation where one can rank up and take missions on earth. Why the hell not. Anyways its touching oh its Angels talking I see. Hes reading Tom Sawyer like its a bad thing, or just childish. I dont know I got Huck Finn right here not much has changed. Still American classics. Wow that opening scene after the ice sledding scene. In the town thats just crazy to the shoda or shop or whatever. Cant tell if its false color in some scenes. Just old. Its like looking at a museum. Ok I seen Scrooge and that phrase. Peter Bailey is the Dad, theres the son dead and the poison errand delivery. Damn starts off hardcore, the drunk and the poisoning. That kid saves the day apparently. Kids from this movie must be pretty old by now if still alive. Im not gonna ruin the movie with some searches right now. Ok i see. The soda shop kid was the past, past past. Now hes grown up getting the suitcase. What my age. Land trip around the world. Not sure who that actor is hes all young chipper and enthusiastic. The everyman, most man , someone just struggling to find place in the world. Or wants to see the world and not be stuck to a small office. Stability , or adventure. Nat geo still cool today. Nat geo, but have you heard of Nintendo Power lol. More like Nat Geo has been around for a long time. Class of 1928 it says on the board, thats so disconnected from anything I know. Lemme think Transatlantic flight(s). Mystery Noire. Late roaring 20s. Adventurer like Howard Hughes. Maybe a little Hemmingway. Hemmingway must makes me think a little more tropical office setting. Nostalgic for a memory ive never had, or I guess I have seen some of those places, just not the years. Lol looks kinda old for a High school grad, says me. Anyways just a odd thing to watch for me I cant really look away. Ok i get it hes in college or something and also at the High school dance prom, for whatever reason. Gets a dance with the sister? Well that mean looking blonde after him too, just a regular archie and betty,veronica. THats some super Caucasian dancing foxtrot beyond retro, this is vintage. Lol the pool scene well they dont make movies like that anymore but thats a great chaotic scene, kinda backfires and everyone has fun. Oh man this movie a commitment still learning the characters. Bedford is that like Binford? More character development the love interest and the archiest all American varsity wardrobe. So im guessing George will either go travel or runt he family business, something to do with the scrooge. Hes George gonna go from happy go lucky to depressed miserable or something I dont know. Ill find out. Did math problem instead. Tough choice keeping that business around or follow his own dreams. He was gonna go to europe and do something rather destiny calls. Movie has depth in characters and plot. So what do the angles decide now and who or what form. If its Tom Sawyer reference its maybe mischievous, but good. Ah well so the brother returns, and george maybe haveing a bit of jealousy his brotehr returning married with a job, while georges life best days slipping away. He wants to ride the train and so on. Im sure he can be happy for his bro and new wife. And now expecting more burdens to fall upon him. That ol uncle having a hell of a jolly time. Isnt it gregory peck I swear thats what I think his name is. The actor. Smoking ew. The sad thinking smoker. The whole town laughed at him lol poor guy. Hes terribly awkward, makes for some chuckles and hes pissy. Too cool for singin. Some awkward lover comedy , Oh smash that record, I recognize that. The phone call hotel scene. Piccadilly and fur jackets neon lights, bar, suprised there not just a turkey there. Rochester from Boston I presume from the window sign. THat was the quickest movie romance marriage lol after grip shaking her. Its maybe the only similar to forest gump movie, i dunno life journey. He says some kinda cold things when he has it all in fornt of him I was thinking. Prolly general sentiment, I know atleast one person thats seen this. Really has me guessing whats gonna happen next. This supposed to be a Xmas movie couldnt tell. Almost halfway through. Or the angels still. I really dont know. Intermission required. Thbey guy gave up his honeymoon for his community. Gentrification, 74 years later any tales like this anymore. Although i completely recognize that scene. The crow in that scene what does that represent. theres that festive chickenon the fireplace. Its funny she bought up the old house. Or maybe they own it from the bank loan. Ol george well he keeps wishing europe trip but everythin in front of him is want he probably wants. The cop setting up the derelict home lol, ok. Potter wants the building, george hates it too, now sell it all out all he hates for a payout. Dont do it.
Still dont know whats gonna happen. Although ive seen that near bankruptcy scene maybe a dozen times. Its a ‘Wonderful World’ Song by Louis Armstrong, ‘Louie Louie’ is another sweet song.
Im sure a happy ending after some grief maybe. A whole lifetime of doing good deeds. Helps the family own the home. Vs the crazy old guy in the wheelchair. But wheelchair said it, people dont like me, and I dont like them. Hes the scrooge; potter. Armstrong, a cheese in my refrigerator. Coincidence, maybe. Turned on the subs to not miss dialogue. Tough with the movie style sound its like muted, or full blasts alarms, and whistles. Its too bad it has to be money and compromise, being bought out. And why people so evil like scrooge guy. Well it sucks for George lose the business in a mistake from Uncle. Accidents happen. But thats some big consequences maybes scrooge will give the money back. Trashes the house and distraught wife. Destiny. The wife gets yelled at. George really going off grinch style, griswold holiday rant style. Just loses it on his family. Yea George going thru a rough one. He does have the family it does suck having to beg for the money. And that 40’s car crash into the tree, well hes got warrants aint going well. Somehow the life insurance switch with 8k I dunno. The snow is like foamy. There well theres a bridge scene the angle is old person reading tom saywer talking about MArk Twain. Going for a polar dip on the xmas new years. Some more plot, identifies as angel and so it is, so how will they make potter give up the lost money to save the day. Nice its liek a back to the future scene biff town, and so on. The alternate reality where georgee never existed. Potter town dont you think i know where i live? Angel magic. Nice the cops hassling him the whole town gone potter evil. kinda hunmourous hes gone off his rocker, Christmas carroll esque. The Christmas horror. Hes really gone from happy go lucky to psycho. Bijou house. Is this the universal studios town. Well so in the end the neighbors come through for them but what about that original then. The Bros reunite for xmas, and Sam comes thru with the potential 25 k loan. James Stewart isnt Gregory peck. Ok just seen the photo can tell my mistake 40-60s. Donne Reed too in the credits. Really brought it all together at the end. That was a really good movie for the list. Recolorization its bright and looked vintage new. The tom Sawyer and friends is a nice touch too.

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