Pumpkinhead ’88

Cue up the 88 Olympics music. That David Foster there no other song like it. That takes me back.
Cool title flash. What can I say about this movie. Its only 1 hr 27 min long.
Ok I seen the pumpkin head hes got a face, he flies, draggin that guy away lol.
Its the guy from Aliens. Theyre on a farm. Aliens guy has a flamethrower. Whats the best of the 80’s the overproduce tech parts from the late 80’s or the more closer to 70s.
Its like the 80’s starts off cool gets even better up to the 90s then falls apart. maybe like Back to the future for example. Although the third im supposed to watch that.
Anyways that car, lol. Buddy’s like honey pass me a beer. How many movies like this start with drinking and driving. Kinda funny though the rambo impression. Not as extreme as toxic avenger maybe , but humorous none the less. Then they show leaving hope, thats odd. Hope being rambo, but its in the desert gulch. Paused the movie for a garcia campell fight. I alreayd knows who wins but to see the action. whoa garcia took a quick spill in the 2nd. But Body shots I hear and
Down in the seventh, damn has it been since Garcia fight. Kinda busy still. Ill sit through this soon.
Weird gas station with the rude guy.
he drives off, leaves the corvette in choice of a dirt bike. Seems kinda outta place with the other people, and the actor seems familiar.
A truck pulls up, who can it be. A bunch of dirty kids maybe four, or three.
Another teacher episode, remember all this shit ? What the fuck are you talking about ?
No, i dont have a fucking clue what the fuck youre talking about.
Id be better off burning these dollar bills for warmth. Alrigth stupid fucking whaty do you got.
Stupid dirty kids pretending to be poor while disgusting covid fuck blows his nose all over the store. Worst day still going. Atleast got this cringe movie. Pumpkinhead gonna eat some victims.
The kids summon pumpkin head whose the first gonna get it. Maybe some Frasier season 10. This mo
Pissy pants, I dont care. Math issues to traumatize myself with. ill scream like the pumpkin head. Lol ok more attempts to get through this one, for whatever reason im just not that interested, hopefully gets better, or worse for that matter. The math companion cause I gotta do this. Where was I. It was the rude corvete guys, making fun of the coke bottle glasses. The fam dog hates the new travelers at the leaving hope gas station. The covid sneezing gross dude is in the store. The grubby kids were singing the pumpkin-man song. Its like something pumpkin man eat your limbs or face guh. Oh yea, the lady is pissed shes like stop it! Thats where im at. Thats so funny that camera i dont think makes that auto film roll sound or maybe im mistaken, its like pretend foley sound, hand crank lol im probably wrong but could be true, funny to think about. That desert gas station looks i guess kinda 80s 90s some of those advertisements.
Coolers and that stove. Damn some plot that dude hit the kid with the motorbike, its like with all that space had to run into the kid. Or dont run into the bike jump landing area. Harsh ruins that kids day then drives off. Is the kid gonna turn into pumpkin head. Tension in the air as Alien guy drives back. Seriously what a jerk runs that kid down hes like I drank a beeer im outta here. The character ur meant to hate, Pumpkins heads victim im sure of it. Best part of the 80s isnt at this gas station. Could be worse. Jack Klompus, The thing drove itself in the swamp its a behemoth! At least thee kid in yellow tries to help. Sad story witht he kid and crazy person that bludgeons his friend(s). And so thats how it turns into the cabin thriller. And that got creepy real quick. My math problems arent really problems compared to ‘this’ lol. Also its called pumpkin head maybe raking it too seriously. The dark forest setting is cool.Looks more fantastic then the rest of the desert setting. Spindely wirey light thru the hair fellow . The witch house looks more like a fantasy 80s flick. More plot, turns into a necromantic thriller. Thats like the triple entendre. 40 mins in start getting some scenes and the buzzzard. Lots of swamp, animals of the dark in this movie. The spindley haired dude is like tales from the crypt. And Aliens guy is like Ash from like a strange evil dead. Slammin on those keys. Sohes gonna ask pumpkinman to raise dead on his son. Cool set though and the ground screamswhen you stab it with a shovel. Hopefully pumpkinguy comes from the dirt and enacts revenge on the hit and runner. Now hes tomb raider. And fun roadtrip get locked in a room nailed shut. Lol thew with is like ‘give me ur hand’ Id be like did you wash your hands you spindely witch ? And, then after the blood is drawnm, aight ill be watching the tv; ‘what, you dont got a nintendo?’ Or thatd be funny if he justd ropped from being dizzy. Love that sizzle. Oops he does drop, wrote it before I seen it. Ok the scene wherte pumpkin head is born thats awesome. Alien guy now is like homer the blood donating intoxication. You know the pumpkin head kinda looks like the food golem. Not as big. Ok so after all that effort with the witch man cryptkeeper and all that weirdness, the kid comes back to life in a hallucination. lol. Strange movie , I like it overall the pumpkin guy gets the more chiller of the bros. So you know the rest is gonna be rad. Theres some good sound effects when pumpkin dude shows up. As he walks past the window and the log cabin. Similar Rambo villain vs pumpkin. I guess thats the main character. story thats so strange. Ok more plot. Pumpkinman is the summoned assassin to..alien guy. summoned to enact revenge on his sons killers. In form of pumpkin monster. pumpkin mans MO is he drags his victim by the head like someone would ‘grip’ a chess piece shaped like, a pumpkinman victim. as theyre dangling their little legs. Like plucking a toy soldier piece by the face and spinning them about. ITs a thriller forsure made me jump a few times. Yep classic case of pumpkin scratching faces again. deep scratches. More lore about the pumpkin man and some good looks at the suit in that last chase. And they trash those cars that cant be cheap. Only two if em left in some crazy scenes.Its like the pre aliens with the suits ans stilts. Gross close up demon faces. And thats how it ends what a horrific hideous horrible movie. I mean its awesome but that plot and creatures and ending lol. Would maybe watch again if i was looking for something toxic avenger like, with some eviul dead and aliens. And, tales from the crypt. Super unique movie. Lance Henrickson. Gypsy is Mushroom lol, what kind of credit is that. Oh its the dog lol. That had some good effect kinda short for a theatre movie but enjoyable once it got going glad its done now after a bit of a struggle.
Wow amy farah fowler from big bang actress is one of the grubby kids. The animatronic suit is good. thee James review was good. Someone was like the kids were compasionnate. John D’Aquino, in alot of shows from the 80’s . Movie was pretty fun i was hating on it at first but through halfway I was having fun, as is often the case with these. Stan Winston, I mean Aliens is awesome and has its own vibe.Pumpkin head dos game lol

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