Rodan ’56

This is a movie theres a dubbed version, english sub version.
I seen the bug, heard the screams.
Theres some interesting scenes with the models. Explosions.
Didnt catch much plot.
Might have to watch the other version.
I know its suit monster or models but its still pretty sweet.
The whole movie played out like it was really happening. Like a news broadcast.
Ill try to watch it again when I can pay more attention. Was neat to look at today.
I just didn’t commit undivided attention.
Ill give it another shot and see if I can write anything clever.
Writing clever hey.
Well its been some days. If I dont watch this now It might be a while before I get to it again.
And, this being the second time already watching this.
Ok I watched some more of the subbed version. 2 characters that fight amongst themselves miners. The mine floods. Theres tension right away and it happens to be the 2 arguers trapped beyond the flood. Well i meant to say I like the sub version much better so far. Damn looks like Yoshi got it from a head wound. Yoshi such a iconic name from mario world fame, yoshis cookie. Im sure theres lots of that mario, yoshi facts I dont know. And, then I got caught up in some 80’s music. Aight movie time, Yoshis wife freaking out and they got the autopsy going on. maybe Rodan was the cause of yoshis death cause u know shits about to hit the fan in the model town. Goro another video game famous name. Yea 56 its a while ago not that long though. Still plenty before I was born. Goto the missing arguer hes suspected in yoshis death. They probably got bigger fish to fry coming up. Bigger pigeon to flip. Itws a transporter 1 mission im watching live this morning. Go spaceX watching with another 83k people thats awesome. Alright more plot happens, im like a tenth of the way through. That booster landing never gets old. Well back to it.
Village to larvae scene. Ok this movie is awesome its like a real monster attack in the village. First the yoshi wife is mad at the Goro sister, but the villagers calm her down sayin its not really her fault. Theres extra police in the village. Everyone on edge since the mine events. Then Shinegu I think his name is , he goes up to check on the Goro sister, they have a touching convo then it turns to absolute chaos in the village. The creature larvae busts into the house, theyre like oh damn! Barely escaping, and alerting the police nearby. The best part about the scenes is how it just increases in chaos. Its not like some other movies giving it in small dose, now its just mayhem with that bug larvae crawling around. The air siren going off so everyone knows something is going on but not sure what. The larvae suit is cool. The set is awesome the darkness running through the village. And that creature is on the loose eating people the mega maggot monster about to rapid-cocoon. its liek a dog chew toy sounds. Here comes the army, and damn they said it too as that thing rolls down the hill. Thing escapes to the mines, some tense scenes as theyre firing machine gun at the monster it does nothing. The good miner guy rides a cart down ready to crash into the bug. Its like Donkey kong. Riding that minecart pretty cool for the 50’s. He gets trapped between the monster and the little cave opening, after checking the status of the minecart crashing into monster. hes like shoot its still alive. So yea some tense scenes and theres a cave in. The the earth quake and painted scene awesome. The whitewalls on the tires. Got some football to watch. ok well I watched all the football. Shigeru is shell shocked after the cave-in and larva. Why the extra e i dunno looks good though. Shigeru really shell shocked. He doesnt even recognize Goros sister looks like. A case of amnesia, thats a bummer. Ok the time that Shigeru had amnesia the Rodan grew from larva and it flies faster than a jet at 20k ft. Super sonic beast rips that model plane apart. All thats left is a gruesome helmet, badly damaged and bloodstained. That might have been a tough recovery lol. Well either way Rodan is flying and causing damage. The jet scenes are pretty cool, its like the flintstones car cartoon scenes going past with the same scene just scrolling past. Hes drawing the cave scenes. They developed the newlywed volcano film roll. Its a animal dinosaur roaming the Earth.
Concluding his tonight this movie although fun been kinda a chore to watch. Not a chore just a few sittings. WEell Im glad watched the subbed version, much better. These guys are in Pteranodon catching business. Lol , so does thew audience trust an author that doesn’t like the love shack song. Thats what I wanna know. lol sure the song irritating but time and place for everything, maybe if you gotta listen at work, or its the type of song on the radio heavy. IKts better than silence, yo thrown on love shack video more than 3-4 times prolly lose it lol. It jst came on now wasnt so bad… Anyways back to movie. lol. The Pteranodon. Cool fish eater im learning from the Britannica. That counterbalance on its skull. Not a flapper so much as a diver. Oh yea i remember Shingeru is drawin caves, Amnesia. Shigeru getting re-introduced to birds. Ok thats cool, he sees the eggs hatching, that leads to flashbacks in the lair. Is similar to aliens with the egss and larva hatching. The larva suit is well made. Looks kinda cheesy but otherwise awesome. Youd hesitate with that thing coming at ya. the egg though one of those painted cells. Huge set though i like that with water too, slime more the larva. Shigeru is like oh damn, when he sees the size of egg, its very like godzilla. That egg scene, and the bird reveal that was awesome. Thats some fun effects, I liked that. The egg just exploding with a creature inside. Just another reason to be weary of mines; Rodan. Ok sweet they go to the cave recover an egg shell remnant. Doing the math on the size of the egg from the concave. Its large, that effect on the photocell though I love it. Adds more fantastic elements to the film. Oh and that computer awesome. Pretty retro, but ive heard recently of old computers from this era still operational thats cool. Taskes up a large room, well i guess like server rooms of nowadays. But moree retro and less Leds, cept this one had some large LED panel lights. Oh they reference Arabian nights thats interesting to mean you might find it in a folks tale. I like those stories too, thats a book to pick up. Learning about interesting things. Rodan from the prehistoric species and super sonic from jets thats a awesome combo. Good thing they got a military; in case of supersonic prehistoric beast causing mayhem and destruction. It could happen. Finally atomics gave its final spark. Whoa so they begin the search. Right away they find Rodan playing in the dirt. THeyre like get back tell HQ. The jeep tries to get away but is smashed along with passengers by Rodan supersonic flight. They’re like what its coming right for us? AHhhh. alot of this jet footage soem of it must be real. Theres 3 jets and one contrail that looks real. Some early greenscreeen. The model town destruction is a epic finale. Thats awesome they debate the life of the rodan and ecological volcano and the people living in the area. I think thats a neat scene, they entertained that with some logical discussion. The people getting on the bus from the bridge in a hurry thats alot of people. these truck launched V2 types is what they gonna finish the job off with. Wow nice farmhouse at the end there. Sandbox & Pyrotechnics and models and explosions is hows id describe this last part. Whoa magma. Wow and thats the end of that. Dont see movies like that everyday. Thats the closest to godzilla ive seen in a while. With some decent suspense and some funny, and hardcore effects.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85