SN9 , and ten now.

Its Jan 26 14:42 UTC.
Been watching this nerdle cam for a while everyday.
Its foggy right now.
Elon could troll so many people if he wanted to is a funny idea.
Im just stoked to watch this everyday with some other people.
Theres no launch today.
Im just getting really excited for the SN9 to see.
Love me some youtube.
Theres some etsy news, and Las Vegas tunnels I wanna see more of that.
Well so Sn8 came in for a hot landing cant wait to see this new test.
The Marvin the Martian knit dog costume lol, and the world reacts.
Theres also the boring company tunnels in Vegas, where hes planning to host a Fallout themed party.
Vegas loop.
“We were very excited from the get-go,” Stephen Thayer, vice president and general manager of The Strat resort, told the council. “Very few times in someone’s lifetime you can get behind something that is transformational.”
Thats a interesting comment about the tunnels in vegas, and funded by the company and some land owners. I dont know enough about Vegas rail transport.
17:07 UTC same day. Less fog. Some venting going on.
Lots of people been checking in.
Jan 27 03:07 UTC
Mega fog lol. I can seee like one light, I think. Theres a couple. Rollin fog.
I seen a truck.
Been doing 80’s music night here for like a week, and just cant stop. And, I repulse my friends cause i only wanna talk about 80’s synths7
4:28 not foggy at all.
4:55 neither
Jan 28 20:43 UTC watching this engine chill something might happen.
Hard to speculate on what will happen eventually its gotta launch though.
Jan 29 01:44:07 observations. 11mph winds
3 main lights then. Seen a green looking drone earlier.
Still sittting there.
Wow this GME is some volatile news.
Jan 29 15:58
Blue skies, 12-15 mph winds. From the lab padre says potential launch waiting for some FAA clearance.
There was a spacewalk couple days ago. Wish I had some highligths cause its 8 hrs. But still what Im seeing rigth now is incredible.
V Glover and M Hopkins got some camera views.
Ok the gist I get from the article is that its a European company with a commercial venture outside the station. its a 7 hr walk. Some really clear shots of the cylinders they live in.
The day night changes very oftem then seeing how he opens the tool packs. Gotta be patient, and effective. Riding the arm, thats crazy. Maybe you just chill when your attached to arm. You can wave to the other astronaut. Thats awesome. That was awesome. Briefly looked took a couple pics lol. Ok backl to the protoype.
Seen it was The M hopkins bday. That must be interesting bday.
29 jan 20:24 UTC.
I see 2 starships one being towed on a road.
29 Jan 22:26 UTC there’s a RV chilling in the ditch. 2x starships chilling there.
Imagine the RV stalling the launch.
I gotta say its exciting theres 2 now at the launch pad.
Theres some traffic,Its just a cool sight.
He called em vestigial lol
Jan 30th 18:15 UTC. Still 2x Starship on launch pad.
Some nice blue hazy skies. I like the contrast of the color of sand and shrubs.
Only one crane then probably some action Feb 1. Is what Im seeing in the chat, or soonest feb 1.
Jan 31 16:34 UTC
Some light fog.. Couple SN’s on the launch pad. Lots of speculation, one person suggesting more testing on the second ship before seeing any flight on the first. ITs a good height. 70f, that’s like 21 c. 19mph winds
Its beachy.
Couple cranes in view. A white car is hazarding on the side of the road and buddy is taking pictures.. Its quite the sight no doubt.
Jan 31 18:42 UTC
New crane appeared on scene.
Working on number 10 sweet. And just like that its gone.
Feb 1 00:13 UTC
Its the sun setting, seen a coolshiny band of light on both sns
00:42 dark now.
Feb 1 22:44 UTC
was blue skies earlier I been busy, I count 5 cranes and a cherry picker Several cars pulled over to the right. Guy in jeans with a darker blue shirt.
62 f and 18 mph winds. Cyclist, approaches and red veh drives off. Just some live observations. One of the cranes working on sn10 retracted.
Feb 2 Gasses be flowing kinda busy ill check back in a sec.
Ok amazing Sn9 launched.. Im watching the replay.
Feb 2 20:11 UTC
The one on the left has gas cloud at its base.
There was a smoking wreck I had to rewind, just watching the events unfolding before launch. Ok its shooting steam out its bottom sides.
20:15-16 the bottom launch pad is completely obsccured by some venting. There was a bird. Ok minute till launch lol, then after the wreck ill check out the official youtube footage.
Wow mushroom cloud on that really hot landing with the overshot. Amazing though, and crazy sounds coming off the speakers.
Feb 3 14:15 UTC
its morning debris visible beyond a sea container. A pavement ends sign, is the onluy brigh colored thing in the shot. oh couple dirt mouns I realize its a still image with the birds. lol
Well Beach cam showwing a dark ocean blue couple dpeople on the right side of beach. On walking from rigth to left. im assuming the lef direction is east or north, Left is west or south.
Watching some fishers fish by the channel. Another boat drifts in. I wonder whjat you could fish there. Yummy Boca Chica tacos.
I like the beach cam cause its snew here. Love watching the waves go by. Shore birds fly-by. Gullet mouth pelican brief.
Fe 4 14:22 UTC
I see SN10 on the right launch platform. Its a bit foggy.
Gray skies. Then some 20 mph winds 20 C.
14:50 , seen a couple guys on a cherry picker go up and observe something on the smaller tank.
I wonder what theyre up to. Also I seen Elon post on twitter some funny things still.
Cool they have golf carts to drive around, that would be a sick job.
Beach cam nice.
Feb 5 01:38
its dark, 3 main lights one cherry picker Vehicle drives away.
Yeh its weird not much to look at, with just one starship.
Feb 5 01:49 UTS I see cranes looks like the tall one has operator, I can see the orange operation light. Its next to the ceentrer light. Looks liek theres atleast 1 occupant as seen by flashlight. The work area is center rocker center between flaps. Mid ship.
02:16 2 cranes, one moved adjacent to rocket. The other looks like you can see buddies headlight, and its retracting live. Working late
02:22 both cranes down.
02:27 one crane up in the launch platform are for a hot min.
Milk truck showed up at the parking lot. Cold milk for everyone. Oh ty he cylinder truck drives off, backed up out of the parking lot.
Ok so strange, another cylinder style milk truck now driving in .
More crane action doesnt stop.
Feb 5 13:50 UTC
Its gray, one starship on the pad. Crane truck showing up. Looks humid. 8 mph ENE winds 19 .
heres a backhoe showing up too.
I guess there was a NS 7.2 test I missed with a pop.
Looks like it could be raining , and overcast today.
Kinda dark still .
Feb 6 13:51
super foggy.
I can see the edge of a palm tree plant lol. Plant looks nice.
Feb 7 01:06 UTC
A truck drives by light pickup.
Looks like a scissor lift under the rocket, and some light adjusting.
Feb 08 07:40 UC
3 main lights, no cranes,Some venting going on wild venting dancing around with no direction it wants to go. Is it methane? that must smell nice. It looks like a ghostly apparition trying to take shape and be somewhere, always in motion.
Feb 9 18:18 UTC
Lots of action at the site today trucks and cranes and concrete peopple, ditch people improving and raking. People working and chewing tabbaco lol. Was foggy this morning too. Still a bit foggy the top of a crane part is obscured. Infrastructure work they callin it.
Feb 10 15:36 UTC
Similar to yesterday, got lots of vehicles on sight. Oh I just noticed camera frozen lol. Silly me. Well in my defense the weather still active. And the news scrolling. The beach cam working. Wow gets so foggy can only see one foot in front sometimes.
Today is clear and waves. Its like a little gray , little dark. 21C on the weatehr ticker.
Some synchronized bird flew by.
Its like you can see so far as to see individual rain clouds floating by. As a retiree I could see myself doing something like that one day maybe. In a convenient way. it opens the world to you and puts people in festive mood.
Feb 11 00:42
Gray, and yellow tinge dark blue skies.
7 main ligths on the nerdle cam. Just looks like more general improvements happening.
Thats a big light
So I rewinded its like to the left of sn10 theres the one similar to the old flying tank. Looks like a miny face lol.
Steaming body.
Theres a crane in action forground and background 00:55 another night shift.
Feb 11 16:43 UTC
Just observing some infrastructure improvements, lots of vehicles on site. Its dawn looking. Like some orangish gray. Some darker skies.
Yep rocket just sitting there lol. If it had eyes, it would knoiw its upcoming fate. Shoot up in the sky and go for a belly flop controled crash landing lol. Just engineering is sweet especially in the form of belly flopping rocketship prototype. Theres the factory cam too with a crane in sight with a mnid-ship tubular section. Its cool. Its like a yuca or a cholla and it has a bird chilling on it. Could it be like black neckjed stilt maybe ? Or more like a oyster catcher. one of the two. Imagine me birdwatching on youtube lol.
Feb 12 16:26 UTC
Gray foggy, looks wet Missed the thuderstorms. Yea theres infrastructure going on. That concrete ditch is looking nice and completed. Concrete trucks.
The crane still holding that midship section. Theres a starship in the tall garage. No birds on the yucca this morning.
Feb 13 15:59
Been observing 4 c day. Someone moving a pile of dirt slowly with backhoe, maybe some more infrastructure pipes going on. The SN10 definitely there still. Foggy landscape at the factory

Watching starlink on feb 15 there was some seaguls on the droneship. 3 of em right in the yellow target circle. Rip to the seagul casualties. Its so weirds the dust in the lense effect too.
Just confirming feb 16 yesterday the starlink rocket booster actually missed only startling the birds. But i seen the flash in the sky, then immediate darkness. Those woulda been some cooked seaguls lol.
The cams are down with the winter, and power infrastructure down. TX in state of weather emergency
Its above 5c and some cams are working the starship there. Elon saved some turtles. Feb 18 17:29 UTC. Its pretty gray.
Mars rover landing today.
Feb 19 mars rover was sweet.
17:30 UTC Couple cranes on the SN9. One crane on the left display.. Sorry more of cherry picker. Wow first asronaut thats gonna ride that things or pilot it. 3 SN tanks visible. The top of SN9 today looks like some blued metal, liek a heated stainless steel.Thats a interesting chemistry reaction couold learn more about. I guess essentially its rusting into magnetite. A differnet type of rust. That protects against rust. Well anyways some action 4 c. 23mph winds clearer skies. here is pretty nice and mild too. Space elevator thats intereesting, even planetary elevator that would be sweet even though cant really imagine it. Mayubee like a tractor beam suspended by some stationary satellites and infrastructure. Anyways SN10 quite the view buddy way up there midship on the cherry picker no fear of heights.
Feb 18 2021 16:38 UTC Action on the launch pad.
Some cranes,. 19 c. Some blue clouds.
Windy palm.21 mph winds surely no launch but nice to see some activity since the polar vortex. OOh beach cam back up. Mega fishing, and cars. Maybe some -5 camping. After driving and sweating and then freezing in -5 probably wouldn’t be that fun lol. Musta been some older footage not live.
Feb 22 05:33 this time live 3 cherry pickers all the way to the top.not windy 16 C. Those cranes be up. Well when its time to do something getter done.
Feb 22 16:46 UTC some activity scissor lift with a person inside around SN10. Blue semi, hauling something big. Another scissor lift with few people working in it on the left side. Empty launch pad on the right. Next its kinda gray/blue cloudy. Theres some dumptrucks, and skidsteers in action trucks and radio towers those are cool. I wonder if you could cook a hotdog with one lol. And, if it would scramble the waves lol.
Feb 23 15:32 UTC
Ok heres an actual crane visible near the second empty launch platform. Gasses flowing. Crane kinda swinging in the wind 2 other cherry pickers in sight are in a grounded position. Launch pad cam looks way bluer skies.Heres a walking person couple vehicles and a concrete truck. Theres some glare on the top right of the SN10 rocket nosecone right above the left upper flap. Thats awesome there goes the little shuttle cart. I guess im curious what all those gas cylinders are doing, the painted black ones probably some kind of Charles law. THe crane is definitely moving its gone a thumbs length across the screen. Beach looks nice.
Feb 25 01:49 UTC , there was a static fire that looked like something went wrong maybe, they said replacing engines.Anyways still there, ut missed writing that I seen a highlight it looked like a pressure thing with fire, but I didnt know was a static fire. Kidna hard to see the SN10 at night see what looks liek a couple cherry pickers and a dot of ligth on the right side. Looks cool with the dark fog and reflections of the bright lights. Especially on the road. When you look at the facility its clear lights, and visible tent structures. The engine swap. Rocket engine is such a cool thing lol. Raptor. I guess looking at a photo theres some hexagon honeycomb frame and a madd of tubes and wires and thhe business end of a rocket engine. Anyways that bang was loud and was for Feb 23rd sometime. or around that.
Feb 26 15:31 UTC
Appears I missed a second static fire. There was like another pressure explosion I seen, not sure the time but iot would be the second static after the faulty raptor was replaced.There is a person with their head inside the lower rocket body. Someone in a skid steer doig some road or irrigation work. Theres a tractor with bucket , and ‘steam roller’ roller. IO guess its funny Brad talking about the writing, its difficult for me describing the heavy equipment sometimes its fun though. Theres actually 2 in the cherry picker. 0 mph winds, sunny light clouds, 18 C. Im sure they all have a bunker they can be in while they testy fire lol. Doesnt look like beach view is working bummer. Ok beach cam works just still hazy and early .
Feb 27 13:46 UTC
Early observartions, its light compared to here. Its foggy 18 C 9 mph winds. I see gray skies. orange sand, very light traffic SN10 is there apparently however currently obscured by fog. Some workers on site. SN10 is definetly there.3 workers just chillin there waiting for work to begin. Beach cam died 2 am.
Mar 2 16:30 UTC
24 mph winds, windy 13 c.
Got some cranes and cherry pickers in the shot. Theres another SN at the factory in the vertical tent. Shiny new one. beach cam windy as heel. couple fishers out.
oooh was doing homework quiick break its march 3 local time 1:13 pm at 90 seconds countdown till SN10 launch watching live…

45 seconds.
30 seconds. Ok this thing gonna go high up and come down really fast! go spaceX!
That was still exciting..
Well that about end this thread, so SN10 launched yesterday, landed, then exploded. Today is Feb 4 2021. Yea so there was a scrubbed launch and then it did launch. That was exciting, So I watched the scrubbed launch then back to homework then I missed it.

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