The Omen ’76 + Running scared ’86

Actually started watching some Running scared. Its kinda like chucky in the train scene Chicago opening. Billy Crystal., Im gonna watch omen, the 80s fix must be quenched. Whoa joe Pantoliano from Goonies.Ouch hit by car as pedestrian May 2020. Goonies is the best movie. Snow foam ew.
The theme song is what I heard first before the movie. I got Blues Bros on the list. 80’s fest officially. Yea anyways was talking about that song. Michael Macdonald Sweet Freedom. Good song. im watching the movie.
Thats a first pre-prodigy haircut. Hot tvs. Whats next hot VCRs, by the boat load. and uzis in a box. Lol this movie has its funny moments. Ordered on vacation.
Some tuna fishing changes than chicago.
Hmm Familiar caged apartment. Called the El Camino, Chicago. Movie Action Comedy. Hey its the other Kramer, with the taxi cab. Pacific mission. The cars on the train tracks. Making good time lol. OK that was pretty good movie was fun to watch takin it back to 86. Gregory Hines and Chicago and The Cubs. gotta watch the Paths of Glory again. Watchd the Kubrick doc Night of the fight with Walter Cartier. I seen paths of glory but revisit that.

watching this omen finally, Gregory Peck , how many times have I said , is that greg peeck and been wrong ? atleast once.
Ok Omen is hardcore, this movie like a 2 hour suspense horror with good acting. Im suprised with Gregory Peck in this rolee. Its a supernatural horror religious specifically the son of the devil came to be as a adopted kid. Not writing too much commentary enjoying watching it between problems. Graphic, and hardcore this movie some real terror and just generally creepy characters & settings.
holy shit that was hardcore lol.
Some deep sinister looks from Mr Peck. i think that was awesome movie. Although 70’s gore to the max, falls. cringey fights yea that movie was no joke. NMo real comparison to running scared just theres no rules so why not. If I had to compare, its no contest the Omen wins. Gets you with the real horror. Its a bit cheezy at times, otherwise pretty captivating. That one still took a long time to watch on the list. Been busy with school, and life. Gl;as its over now, ill watch em when I can. The more I do, the more I do including watching these old flicks. Havent read or heard much anything bout the omen but im gonna check the wiki.

Author: clayton

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