Godzilla vs. Kong 2021

Seen this last Saturday it was awesome! Highlight of my year.
If youre expecting plot youre at the wrong place!
THis is the best kind of movie story telling in though the doors.
Quick scenes barely explaining anything, kinda like Star trek, and that the reason this gets high praise from me.
When I was a kid in the 80’s THIS is the movie we wanted to see.
Right away I knew this was gonna be awesome they show the monsters for more than 5 seconds.
The cockpit scenes I knew were amazing then one of the characters one of the monsters kills so you know this is hardcore.
Ive seen a couple times in the MARVEL UNIVERSE/ MONSTERS UNIVERSE , the plane vehicle gets destroyed and the viewer is like no one survived that!
Its like Ok! the movie giving it to us action destruction emotion.

Anyways whats really to say about the movie. Im in awe. Not to mention I blogged about the OG 1933 Kong, so its a whole futuristic take.
The movie plays out in quick scenes, it keeps on giving.
When you think its over it just gets better.
Special effects unlike Ive ever seen in my life!
Just amazing to watch that piece of work, and the animators.
The scenes of Godzilla swimming fast are awesome.
Lots of Neon like James said.

I dunno I like my action movies like a ride. This movie delivered.
Some fantastical elements when your watching its silly, but its fun so youre liker lets roll with it.
Sign language was a nice touch.
Its like the ulti-evolved ape, thats in touch with humans through sign language its clever, and cute!
Shout out to Bryan Tyree Henry best acting in this movie.
Not like i didnt like the other acting so much as Loved Bryans acting!
The villain was the guy in Machete kills thats where I recognize from. also Hateful eight. OK.
ok and the hacking scene. With Julian Dennison really funny was laughing my ass off.

Anyways I totally recommend this movie.
Gonna have to revisit these old flicks.
Watching Rodan was aight anyways this probably the highlight of my year.
Dont usually watch new movies on the blog, theyre always rockin my socks off lol.
Well onto the next ones.
Thats the problem with the world these days, cant leave a comment box cause some SEO asshole wont stop harrasing me.
Just like the fuckin telescammers, youre the problem with the world these days..

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