Spontaneous combustion ’90 and boxing 2x

Placeholder this movie been on the liost months.
Im watching the Navarrete // Diaz fight.
Prelim Vargas/ Shaw fight. Looks like Vargas gonna win round 3.
Gotta do some chores just finished math onward to the next awesome thing.
This Edgar Berlanga the “Real Hasta La muerte”.
Undefeated 16-0 all in the first round – till tonight

___ Wow its been a week already.
Tonight is the Andy Ruiz Jr vs Chris Arreola fight
Im gonna watch this movie.
Ruiz lost to Anthony Joshua tHis first time seeing him since then.
Where Deontay Wilder Bombsquad! lol
Loved me some Boxing Saturday nights.
Also spAce X crew 1 heading home live on youtube.
Watching with 42k people.
Fernando Molina wow young up-and-comer.
Wow some highlights of the Ruiz Joishua 1, that was crazy.
Then the Joshgua Ruiz 2 that was his decline.
Sometimes need to fall to rise back up stronger that before.
Need those experiences.
I think Ruiz can do it.
Learning from loss.
2019 currrent lol, thats some major changes.
I dont know anything about Arreola.
Some mutual respect buty IOve never seen him figth I dont think.
Thats funny hes like one time he wanted to be like me, now I want to be like him.
“Ruiz disciplined inside the ring undicsiplined outside the ring” lol thats funny.
Could Chris win, he could very well.
Hosted Shawn Porter & Mikey Garcia.
Lol Andy Ruiz eats snickers before the fight. Snickers jokes.
Lennox Lewis ringside.
Joe Goosen trainer.
Whoa Lennox Lewis got style.
Hes got a suit jacket, liner.
With the Lennox Lewis Tyson fight card as the liner.
J.Ramos vs J.Molina Ramos is the 20 yr old. Molina the former olympian and more years pro.
Ramos undefeated southpaw.
Lennox Lewis moved to UK since Canada didnt have boxing infrastructure the, goes on to face Holyfield, Tyson.
Lewis Plays chess, and created a chess student after school program thats awesome.
Ramos good fighter pretty sure he got this.
Molina gave him a run though.
All the cameos.
I appreciate the Lennox Lewis commentary the Champ.
Learning some Mexican boxing history.
Salvador Sanchez Awesome boxer sadly died in car crash at 23.
During the 80s.
next fight, Cota vs Fundora
Fundora younger.
Gabriella fundora upcoming.
Fundora fighters frame 6’6″!
Lanky tall reach.
These Tv notes lol. Fundora, built a house for sparring partners in back yard lol.
Cota figthing for his son, so his son can see his dad never giving up.
Wow Sebastien Fundora is no joke man.
Cota put up a awesome fight though wow.
Thaty was pretty wild.
Mystery song i heard I know the tune but cant pin point it, thats too bad.
Abel Roamos VS Omar Figuroa JR.
After seeing Jesus Ramos.
Omar looks ok just hasnt fought since 2019.
Figueroa Jr is a unorthodox fighter, seeing some unique moves. some good defensive moves.
He figths from a weird angle unconventional. How do you break from the pack and learn a completely new style.
Its always cool wehn theyre having a good time too.
Nothing against the other 2 figthers those Ramos family woo! Ok nephew uncle right on.
Aint nothing easier than writing about boxing. Personal stories.
Humbleness in victory, and defeat.
An exceptional rendering of ‘Star Spangled Banner.’
Whose gonna win. If it follows theme of the evening young , I like Andy Ruiz.
Chris Nightmare Areola wearing Dodger colors. The traineer from befopre Joe he wearing all white thats funny.
Ruiz walks on with young family member yellow smoke with purple rhinestone trim.
Rolls up witha thug song. Buddy this is exciting. Go Ruiz!
Chris is fighting outta Riverside CA His last fight 2019. He a scary looking dude still lol..
Joe Goossen the only trainer ive seen wear white lol.
Wow this fight is crazy. Ruiz was knocked down for a sec. Ruiz is hurt.
Chris got a good hit on Ruiz left ear, ruiz is shaky. Ruiz disbalanced. This might be an upset. Chris looks strong with some solid stance and solid shots. Ruiz back on the offense.
Andy looking better in that last round.
Lol Chris is the 40 yr old nightmare. He seems more on the offense.
Joe Goossen I was learning he helped bring Ruelas brothers to world titles. Gabriel Ruelas fought a man that later dies of his brain injuries, contemplated retiring, instead continued and donated some winnings to the Jimmy Garcia family. Andy ruiz just slightly up in punches %.
Chris A shoulder got hurt. Ruiz definetly got this now. Just the small victories more consistent.
Chris A just got one round seems a like too little a score, I though it could be an upset. He quoted Dre.
That was epic nigth of boxing.
OK supposed to watch a that movie but alas here I am lol. Gonna try to compare this movie to a couple nights boxing.

___ Movie
Watching this movie to get shit done, its been on the queue forever.
Watching before boxing this weekend.
Ill just starty it from the beginning and ignore any previous posts or drafts on the matter. Then Ill watch the Canelo Billy Joe Saunders.
Billy Joe says: “im not afraid of greatness.”
Alright excited for that.
Excited for this. Long time in the making of procrastinations. then ill do the list items.
The intero is sweet its flames and people screaming sound effect.
Valves and ignitions, plasmas.
Hot gasses lol.
Taco bell ass lool.
Burning ring of fire Johnny Cash.
Found this movie on youtube huzzah.
Oh some plot. Its the first nuclear family.
I guess thats thyroid inject.
Lol those goggles, that just makes me laugh personal reasons.
That device is shaking like a ride in front of the supermarket.
Bomb shelter demo. p[retty fallout esque.
The new old footage is always cool.
It just doesnt always look so vintage.
Not like Forrest gump that was awesome.
A good old fashioned dance and a guy smoking in the background.
Atomics is like nearly what brought on that golden age, or the one theyre portraying in the film.
That shelter experience, they say boy can it take it, I dunno there was steam shooting valves bustin up like a universal studios ride.
Theres been some content on cinnemassacre about the fear and loathing and can probably mesh it with those first opening scenes.
I cant imagine the 40’s being a very fun time to be alive. To the 50’s more optimism, American dream, one arcticle suggest conformity. Young old conforming. Well thats not so much the same I was thinking whats its gonna be like post covid. 60s wave counterculture. 70s depression economics, Music for profits FM radio Albums;. 60s really the end of that post ww2. Good music in the 70s though. 80s to now. Thats a fictional 44. And just quick exploring. Increase in consumer spending 50s, conformity not really seeing that lol/sigh . 20s aftermath of ww1, post spanish flu.
Ok I remember this, nuclear family has a kid. Is this the flame baby.
Correction its the nuclear flame baby. Human torch.. 39s Frank R paul 61s reactivation
Well right away the nuclear family catches fire lol. Thats quite bizzare. What the hell now its the 90s or 80s .. Its a play.
I was just googling actual spontaneous combustion thats so strange.
hydrocarbon on fire, with no heat. I mean some things combust in presence of oxygen so.
If these are highschool kids they look older than me. At this School or whatever. Theres like anti-radiation something armbands and posters.. Some foreshadowing. Why do they combust is what I want to know. is it cause the nuclear fire baby is mad? Stop nuclear power is what it says. Well id would tent to agree if people be catching fire all over the place. Nuclear power and bombs Id say are completely different one frees humanity the other destroys. That red car scene was weird. I wouldnt even know how to descrive that car, its got a center cylinder chrome jet intake looking piece.Its like a mini hubcap in the center of the grille. Its kinda ugly in my opinion. Novelty but ugly.
Interesting its about nuclear power shows a spherical room design. Power plant going online, in the movie. Theres the intro theres the learning about this guy, who looks fairly familiar.
Trinidad beach fictional plant.
Going around turning lights on theyre really pushing this spontaneous combustion, everyone just catchin fire around the town. late 80s 90s theme. This guy hes getting flashback looking into the globe of the fire. This character mega distraught. Imagine when he learns hes causing all thee combustions lol. Just his face says it all. Wow I like thos blue building accent lights. Omg that neon pink phone lol and the layered mirrors I forgot about the layered mirrors!
That neon phone omg. Had to take a break was laughing so hard. Talk on the funny phone to the doc. The radio doctor to be clear. Ok so the birthmark growing mega pain. HBE remembers his mom. Use his flame gift to help the world. lol Human Torch. I found it its all Dapy phone dapy speakers. Some back and forth telephoning anxiety trying to get ahold of Marvin Monroe lol, caricature. Ok tech guy bursts into flames theres some gross skin effects. Black ooze, and the neon phone its just ridiculous. Face says it all hes like oh damn. Thats like a Chernobyl under the skin ouch. Lol the guy, previously baby. Hes like really selling the acting with the other one looking right at teh camera. I dunno it has its charm. The shields on clothing and bowties are just outrageous lol. Strange if you google 90s fashion you might get some late 90s fashions. Nothing like this cringeworthy sand cast pieces. Adorned with stuff ok. It has a life of its own online thats strange dont see anyone reppin the real 90s trends im seeing here lol. Ok theyre in the hospital or something. The guy has a hole in his arm, looks super flush. The doctor / doctors assistant just has his mask drooping down as per norm,nowadays lol. Dunkaroos shirt lol. Next. ew gross a unnesecary surgery scene maybe. Hes radioactive. Ok i seen some funny items. They show the dr monroe tech on the TV. Man tube box tvs, tvs, got thin and stayed that way.
U of Illinois credited with a flatscreen invention thats cool. 06-09 There was a shift in market before even. Oh ya movie, so theres a moment its like reanimator, I must inject you with this fluorescent goop . Itll all be over shortly, looks at clock 35 mins left..
Ok re-animator turns into another combustee. Reunion with previous baby and the surviving nurse I guess. Tolerance to nucleics thats just crazy lol. Dusty suitcase. Charred up merry go round. Why would he blast his parents that makes no sense. Movie time lol. The footage from his flashback.. Lew company made tthe radiation drug and been interfeering with the previous baby. Im not sure his name still. The car from the 40s still in perfect shape. This other guy has a bug painters mask lopl that was horrible scene lol. Lol its Lew. That was such a lame scene. Horrible lol. Finally knew what to search for, its the tucker 48 or a similar 2 door model. love the phone booths. More Neon, like 89. The lew corp. He blasted the phone booth. Phone booth is really clutch. Eye swollen. Wow his card is so electrified. More victims. Wow he just points and burns now. Hes definetly a monster. I guess that swollen eye thats the closest thing I can compare to these 2 boxing nights I never really meant to write about. Imagine a boxer that could make people catch fire. Back to the 90s dream pad. Everything neon and mall-like, plastic bedside phone. A pillar. That black furniture with gold trim. That looks old fashioned to me. Not like i care that much, just if I was buying new bedroom furniture that plastic gold trim looks so tacky lol. SSSSSSSMoking lol. Theres that whit black tile floor. Floor bust chandelier. Some sweet flame effects. Its like the sky in ghostbusters. lol that 90s room its just tacky but I cant look away lol. Oooh an answering machine. Believe it or not George isnt at home. Where could I be.. Believe it or not im not home! Heres Lew with the seryinge. Lew is now SMMMMMOOOOOKINg lol THats the effect its like they get blasted out after sticking a fork in the socket. Neon meltdown, stairwell scenes, just like scenes draggin on. Lew throws himself off the stairwell and lands in a heap of SHC. Ur making it worse the ex wife now in this scene really milking evcery scene caharacter lol. Lol Lew back from the stairwell facemelting off musta had some good drum and bass.
Lew disappears in a flash of light the combustion gone. Omg its over. That was a chore not gonna lie. Now its done im super glad. Nice distraction, nice little hobby thing, ive been doing homework for the past forever that was pretty fun. Movie wasnt the top tier but the action of paying attention to that mish mash of scenes and screaming oh man lol. Alright that was nice escape from dull Tuesday feeling motivated to get my tasks complete. Movie was a slow ride, wasnt the worst some of those scenes were great and horrible. Love me some retro room decor. Brad Dourif good actor. I recognize him from deadwood too wow./
John landis Cameo
Hes in Chucky lol, the voice of chucky.. hehe (Brad Dourif)
Lol that was a good one next, From hell it came ’57
__I did feel better after enjoying all that so a little overworked stressed out. Still i think im ready for some more. Schoolwork that is.
Is it escapeism ? I mean I feel more content when I do something. I said I would do. Fanstasy, monster movies, i like the log inventory. From Oxford is better. I used the word more loosely.
Distraction vs escapeism. Theres a James Brown Escapeism song
catharsis vs distraction, therefore escapism Too much escapeism bad.

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