From Hell It Came ’57

Love me some Apostrophe number.
Been a min.
OK its definitely a campy opening not that bad though.
Its still a scene, short run time.
Theres chickens at the sacrifice altar just some stakes in the ground. laughing emoji.
Black plague, and some sorcery or more like a caucasian voodoo guy that kinda looks like Seagal.
I think its kinda silly so far not sure I could do better. Id be willing to try though, but need that capital and people.
Reminds me of the possesed king, that allows all sorts of bad things to happen in a semi-passive way.
Lol the dialogue I mean theyre looking in the rights direction, but something bout that is super funny. 64
American medicine, and the guy gets betrayed by the wife.
Thats a motley crew i dunno its fun. They have a little hip shaking party after the son dies.
Hey a chem lab. Lets see beakers, posters, fridge cabinets, lamps, shades. Wooden retaining pillar.
Ventilation cabinet, or could be an oven. Many beakers and stands on the island style desk. A new character faces away to the chemist character. You wouldnt want to leave your soda layin around, and mistakenly pick up a giant beaker of something steamy. Wash down your burger. Or like back in the hold day eating a spicy pepper you just wash it down with something spicier.
Anyways speaking of burning theres a bunsen burner. Holy its a animal in the cage. the that I thought was a venting carbinte. Anyways just paused to look at everything. I guess dont realy get that option in the theatre but gives me a chance to slam on that keyboard and make some observations. Really with the blog can easily write with only looking at the screen. Theres also one of those anatomy human models.
More than a min this movie post in months in the making.
Gotta vote my allstar picks.
Everything and anything before this movie lol.
Just wrote to the senators with my grievances. Buncha fuckin imbeciles.
Guys in the 50s, detective, intelligence.
Ok I remember months ago putting this down for a sec.
Just neat seeing a room piece scene.
Stove. and kettle.
Liquor and cigarettes.
The guy sitting down gonna be a research chemist.
If he ever makes it back tio the USA.
The tiki drums are concerning lol.
Already love this movie.
Ther doc and chemist.
lol. The typhoon and atom bombs.
The witch doctor.
High priest.
Monkeys. Search for romance lol.
Tops here.
the Sergeant with the top and bottom stripes.
All of a SUDDEN.
Theres been a attack on the female of the group.
Well good things theres a doc.
Campy is the word that describes this the best.
Get the white dudes acting as natives.
I dunno its ’57 aint so bad I like it so far.
The wake up.
Control yourself the acting is terrible.
So they dug a vertical grave.
So the acting is horrendous but its kinda funny
The lady was almost killed for witnessing the ceremony.
The widow she is.
Maybee shes the husband killer.
Shes like throwing herself or some kind of ulterior motives.
The more I watch it the more I appreciate the scenes and the character.
Gotta say im watching this show in my underwear on Saturday morning pretty awesome, i hope someone comes to the door so I can let a massive fart rip ,nnn-yellow.
Thats my idea of comedy.
Ok just killed myself laughing.
Ok so never seen this, the window character.
___ was abreak with some emails and Alice Cooper, Schools been Blown to PIECES! fuck yea that song rocks.
A youtube commenter hes like The wall, and Schools out, musta been rough on the 70’s kids tell you what.
Baseball too. Life is hard.
I digress.
Baseball complete heat wave.
Stock footage of a destroyer.
Helicopter and villager scenes thats makes me laugh.
I dunno its a nice set still.
Oh sweet so buddy is coming back from the dead.
Buddy got his wife flown in from the destroyer helicopter.
The villager scenes are just the worst lol.
theyre like looking up at the helicopter.
Extra bottle of peerfume.
Outcast shower scene lol.
How you speak that ..uh english .
3 doctors and a tribe of natives.
All they need is a coffee percolator.
Poison berries to get the americans.
Rock and roll and rejections.
Emotions vs intellect. Lol that aged well.
She is woman scientist though, just confused by her emotions, kinda cheezy lol.
Lol the stump is coming out of the ground.
.. Came back to life as a tree monster.
The tobunga.
Keemo is coming back, I cant wait for this tree monster to cause mayhem.
Another geiger counter just like cyclops.
Good idea hack it to pieces.
They know about the tobonga, theyre gonna control it.
Double triple cross. Nice the monster almost in its final form.
Now electrocute the bests heart lol. 750 volts of so strictly scientific.
Experimenting on monkeys and other animals experimental formula X37.
They got an IV of radioactive juice.
Might aswell go to sleep.
Lemmee guess in the morn its gone.
Old periodic table.,
Yes it walks.
Treee monster geting revenge awesome.
Drops her in the quicksand. lol.
Go tobonga.
Nice spear throw ahaha.
hopefully chief fgoes in the quicksand too lol.
A chain reaction in the monster eh.
Are the guns loaded he asks lol.
Tobanga come lol Tobanga come thats oustanding.
Tobanga fell.
Tobanga burnt but ok.
Theyre asking the americans for help.
Chief assistant got it.
Search party searching for green ooze, is that where tmnt bit that.
throws the cief asssitant down a hill and gets punctured by roots.
Go tobunga its your birthday thorw those evil peopl ein the quicksand.
Oh the widow is getting some too lol, she musta done something bad.,Oh ts not the widow its the miss Scientist.
Ok the widow is with some tribesman, just a smilar haircut is all.
Will you be our witch doctor ahaha.
lol ends in a cheesy romance.

Ok hands down cheesiest movie I ever seen probably ever!
Stioll makes it grow find to the heart.
As a time capsule holds up great that was hard to watch seriously for 70mins took me a few month but now its done im glad.
I would totally watch that again.
Theres like nothing wrong with that movie, if you know what youre getting into.
I dont think this movie would go over really well if I was trying to show iut to friends and fam, anything more than this personal movie blog.
I liked it for a black and white movie too.
The characters so out there.
All you need to be an american , is some lab coats, cigarette danglin from your lip, suit jacket, open, panama hat.
Grab the women by the arm when you talking to em ahaha.
I dunno id like to see some people from the 50’s in current present time, that would be funny.
And, also the opposite, some super stereotype millennials lost in the 50s.
Like trying to improvise Google in the 50s. And, I remember some pre-internet times.
That periodic table it was missing some elements.
Could you imaginge going back in time and explaining those types of things.
I like the connecticut yankee in King arthurs court. ITs a cool story idea.

Just gotta say too the Led Zeppelin VHS review on Cinnemassacre that was awesome love some led zeppelin and that was funny.
just somethings I woulda enjoyed as a kid, and still now.
Theres probably boxing on right now.

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