Creepshow ’82

Ok this movie was the cats ass.
George A Romero makes the best movies, this one too with some writing from Steven King.
If your a sadist like me and love twisted revenge plots and 80s cheezy horror carnage.
Cameos galore.
This was definetly a top choice on this list.
Right from the beginning with the asshole dad and the kid getting yelled at.
First story with the fathers day was ok. I like the Ed Harris, the dancing the old reich lady its set like a clue house, then chaos ensues as the dad wants his cake lol. Just people that dont like each other. Ed Harris is cool. Skeleton is cool. YUea like James said it was a ok start to the movie. My personal favorite is the weeds on, with Stephen king acting himself. Freaking awesome. Wasnt expecting that. Gonna say this on my favorite one. The set, the isolation, the doubts the drinking the symptoms. All in all its just a amazing story and I feel creeped out by it. The light innocent thing, just growing till it becomes a problem. the set evolution is really amazing. Just that farmhouse too is just so nasty too. Left me wanting more. so lets see Stephen king stories I know.. Cujo, that was a good one. The one about the kidnapped author funny family guy spoofed it. It is creepy though. Hmm It, Shining, Carrie, green mile. Anyways yea to see him act was a treat creepy story. Next the box wiht the creature in it from antartica. Yea this one was good it was just no idead what the hell was going on. Funny scenes funny acting, the character everyone hates. The awesome acting from the 2 older gentlemen. The sinister plot to gewt his annoying wife lol. And then the bonding of tghe dudee and the mosnter as he throws it off a chasm. I dunno was good wasnt the greatest. I wanted tyo see more of the monkey thing, it had small sense of cheering for the monster lol Gotta mention that unboxing scene seemed like it took 25 mins. Same as stephen doing thee bucket of water.
After that was the roach building. That was was pretty good. Had like a sanatarium feel to that white building. And just more isoltion more phone, convos. Neat acting cause hes acting his own self. Hates the bugs, had he considered going outside. ANyways when the power goes out the whjjole place falls apart. And that creepy exterminator guy getting stuck in the elevator dont help. Just makes for a uncomfortable strange scene. I liked it. Its like eventualy the bugs win. Just some nasty scenes, just that music and uncontrollable aspect of it all.
Then it finishes off with thee voodoo doll and the garbage man. i just i rmemeeber some of the 80s and the wresting, and you just dont see that much anymore like the ]kurt russell trucker character.People must be offended, is also a response to that. Making a film the grosest most graphic with sinister plots. Its like your offened by that wait till you see this and they went all outy and im glad they did. Result is a movie unlike really anything ive seen, mega cameos, comic book style. So yea that was a pleasant surprise. Now I own it on youtube too. And stoked on my purchase too.
Nice package too.
I wanna know more about both of em Romero and King.
___ watched the forest Gump too was good been a while.
Funny cause I was watching some curb your enthusiasm and Leon had some comments on Forrests life.

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