Space Jam 2 – 2021

Yo I seen it.
Opening day.
Movie was awesome.
Lebron James legendary.
Just so many Cameos.
The hype in this movie.
Its cool hanging out with LeBron and Fam.
Soundtrack wild.
Don cheadle, lol, little heavy on the Don cheadle, but its cool hes a good actor.
Surprising villain.
This movie just all around good family time.
Movie is about family.
Must be kinda hard to be the son of NBA player, just in terms of big shoes to fill.
But, hell I wish LeBron was my Dad id be so proud.
Just that slam dunk action, jock jams, mixed with animations and classic characters.
Teamwork, feeling down, nto giving up, having fun.
Acceptance in people.
Lebron speech about how it was when he was a kid, and how that didnt help him be a dad.
That was deep.
And Dom, well spoken too.
So i like that commeraderie.
When they started having fun and not all court boss style.
Even bugs was like nah im not playin unless you playin.

I dont even know how they decided to roll with it and the WB server room, but it worked out.
And, just awesome to have everyone join in.
Im not hating on it at all.
It is about fun, and the balance of winning and fun, kind of an abstract thing.

Goon squad.
Awesome characters.
As a kid I would be stoked on the effects.
Im just like more substance than just special effects these days.

Tune squad hell yea feel like a kid again.
I especially like how they had tro go to every warner bro world to collect the team.
Just so fun.
Its oozes fun and im happy for everyone that got to participate in it.
Its like yea sure little marketing and making money but its NBA superstars with classic cartoon characters.
Who wouldnt want to be in a cartoon. Cept maybe who framed.. or cool world, but those are still the predecessors.
Eveeryone at the movie, everyone around it has a smile.
Just looking at Lebrons twittr everyone having a good time.
I felt I was part of it all too not just standing by.

sports cartoon 3d live action crossover
Something for everybody.
Well in the real NBA its tied 2-2 suns and bucks
Im not even mega basketball fan.
But I like Space Jam, and the athletes, pageantry.
For me personally I admire athletes and wish I would known better when I was a kid to dream big.
Makes no difference now still tryingt o be my best self.
And, really can enjoy that feel good movie as an adult.
Props to LeBron.

Some old characters from the first one film.
You know what im doing next ahaha.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85