Clays Olympic 2021 log

woo olympics, ya I watch that shit lol.
To that one specific hater.
July 20th 2021
Italy- USA womens softball. 3rd tied 0-0
___ USA won 2 zip.

Mexico Canada womens softball.

Watched some Japan vs Australia highlights.
July 21 2021 morning. This gonna be late nigth, all good got so much homework.
So canada won womes softball vs Mexico 4- zip
6pm USA Canada softball u know im watchin.

5 mins till start. Exciting.
Go Canada!
Bummer USA won. 1 – zip
USA vs Japan thats where its at.
Got some softball and soccer next.
Its July 22, or day 0
Got some Men single sculls heat 4, and womens individual archery.
That looks like about it. Then there a opening Ceremony.
I saw some serious Sumo Wrestlers.
Sumo is awesome, its raw power.
Push the guy out the ring.
Its like mayube seems humorous at first but they are warriors for sure.
Immoveable stone
The guy showing the NBC reporter around,m hes liek theyre not obese they are fit and strong, stomach hard like a rock.
So it was a cool segment, i appreciate the unique Japanese culture. If I ever find myself in Japan gonna go take in the whole sumo wrestling experience.
I tried to find it on the NBC sports youtube no luck, but it was a good segment.
Womens rowing sculls./
Egypt and Spain soccer tied-draw 0-0
Watching Argnetina vs Austraulia, Go Argentina!~
lol Australia just scored, not over yet!!
___ its over now. (the July 22nd)
There was some Mexico VS France 4-1 Mexico won wow.
I just gotta say with so many events hard to find the info Im looking for. Everyone should just follow the ESPN model, but then I found some wrong links on ESPN too so.
Seen a ROC womens sculler win.
watching womens New zealand vs USA usa scored first go Rapinoe 15 lol

its 5-1 USa lol, one for the books.
Sweeden womens with thee 2 wins in the lead in Group G
__ Next game is Nederlands vs Brazil Womens, cheering orange forsure. This is Group F Its 1-0 within first 4 mins.

Its the 25th, skipped a day.
Im watching Japan – USA Womens softball. Its 1-zip Japan in the 6th.
Got a link.
Then USA lost basketball lol.
Got some USA mens volleyball vs ROC Just random pretty much.
Skateboarding channel whgoa rthe olympic skatepark is awesome.
July 26.
Was watching skateboarding last nigth, boxing, there was mens volleyball, some swimming I saw. The womens softball was the highligvht for me and then seeing the Skatepark pretty awesome. Nice kickflip to boardslide I saw with the young Brazilian female was the best trick I saw. Just the park looked awesome and competitors looked like they were having some serious fun.
July 28th night.
Been busy. Catching womens beach volleyball Canada vs Switzerland. Doubles. Gotta love those fit women competing in the sand. These chats are just horrendous some of it is so offensive and brutal kinda makes me laugh. Just probably the worst of culture and worst of the internet.
Anyways Canada winning so far but its close. Ok Canada won keeping up with some CBC and Judo coverage. The Judo is in a massive Pagoda style building. Like 6-7 edges. Did I tell tyhe world yet about my Sumo wrestler dream, it was amazing. Well I watched that NBC sports coverage at the Sumo place it was awesome. Now im watching the CBC coverage. Literally the only time I watch CBC, sorry CBC-news you are hot garbage! Auight I conced the CBC sport olympic coverage is ok. Gonna watcch some Judo now. Ok iot seperated 9x roof slats. Cool looking building. Shady Elnahas for team Canada ranked 9th. The stadium is lighttly packed. Rigth away theyre grabbing the gis. ITs UAR vs Canada. L Remarc.. Canada won right on dude./ He looks strong UAE looks disapointed. Wicked throw he changed direction as a suprise, grabbed opponents right arm, and simultaneously trapping the right leg. Took openent down. Oh next match. Wow Shady is only 23 right on. Canada vs azerbaijan now. Wow just flips his oppenent throws him in thee air. Twice threw him twice! Holy shit this guy wins. He got his defensive stance with arms in the air. Good balance. He really goes for the gi grip then try to toss him. Aight after a small battle nice throw drops him on his shoulder injures him maaybe winded him Azerbaijan has a limp. HEs still coming for some more, actualy they just huig its over. Zelym Kotso. Its really hard to get all the details watching live. These highlights are awesome though.
CBC moved to kayaking looks so refreshing.
Or another channel, the options I have are soccer/kayaking/bull riding/synchronized diving/judo/basketball/basketball/ tennis.
Guess ill stick to the soccer and kayaking.
Rainbow bridg thats cool.
I think thats the bridge that bus fell off scary. Poor people.
Some Canadian rowers. I think they won bronze theyre so happy theyre crying lol.
Ok Spain vs Argentina soccer 0-0
___ July 29th evening
Recap. Spain Arghentina was a 1-1 draw.
Looks liek soppme Canadian womens rowing won.
Womens swimming medal defense.
Canada 11th 3-3-5
Got some track and field. 21- 26 years old. I seen Usain Bolt on a peleton commercial. Ay a Qatar runner. Its hurdles too.
Cool little camera follwing the runner like a horse racing track\. Way to go Qatar runner won. Whoa hes fast. like 8 hundtreths of as second off the World record fast. His name is Abderrahman Samba.
Ok more hurdles.
21-25 yrs old competitors mens. You got 9 lanes. Oh Japan runner, and USA competing this round. Sechelles Mozambique to name a few more. Jamaica. 8 runners lane 1 not used. For me its hard to tell whose leading with the curve in the track. Looks liek Jaamaica, won Mr. Hyde. another runner 8 hundreths of a second off the world record. Lol as you get processed out of the track you get your choice of a drink looks like some snacks and a mask. American runner close second. Top 4 move on. These stadiums just all mostly empty.
cnadian forces comercial lol Cheese. Join the army first to get sent in the shit underfunded from a shit government! There to rescue elders in old folks homes from covid, there for the forest fires. There for photo ops, but when its time for funding “asking for too much”. The latest pistol, boat, jet procurements, botched by bureaucracy. Cant even go to parliament and do your job during a pandemic. Im not done either. Covid vaccine mandatory nope. How bout that Major carreer ruined during the vaccine ill call it ‘procurement’. The ‘architect’, the sexual misconducts. The groper. The list just goes on. Thats my opinion on the join the forces commercial while im trying to casually watch olympics lol. Should just use a trudeau in his world war 1 outfit poster for recruiting lol. Now thats a good laugh. Aight enough BS. More running! Did I just see the german runner slick back his eyebrows ahaaha. Some really stylish sunglasses in this batch of runners. One is like a liquid metal chrome all one piece. The other is thin black frames with crazy angles. The annoying looking thing with hurdles gotta plan your steps out pre-jump. Noticing a few long stepper, and short steppers. I love the olympics just a bunch of countries sending their best for athletics ina friendly ish competition. Even ROC Atheletes gotta love em. Thew ROC plays Tchaikovsky song for medal ‘procurement’. Oooh javelin toss, and a outdoor track. Love that Jamaica yellow on black with green/gold trim. I dunno i love the forces and our history just sayin incompetents government could do more. Yea couild be worse but this is Canada not about bein the worst its about being the best and lending a helping hand. I guess thats all Ill say about that. Ok new round got Orangee shirt putting up some fists. Usa pointing at the USA on hsi shirt. You got Czech republics makes a heart emoji with his hands. USa with the huge strides. making ground. Usa no problem ewioonning Benjamin looks like hee could go twice as far no problem. Its like they race you then shoo you away. You know what gonna take it a litte further:” commercials are fuckin stupid. Advertisers, RBC athletes, Coke and Macdonalds for the olympics. Gimme a fucking break. Advertisers; oooh lets portray this in totally false pretense. Love when Ronaldo pushed the coke bottles off the table. Its likee yea I drink cola sometimes its plasatered everywhere. I dunno why I havent boycotted that shit, like nestle the products still end up in my house and car lol. Yea pick up those bottles on the beach. Plant that tree im so impressed. Now Gatorade ( yellow) thats a product I can get behind. Gatorade yellow is a miracle product.
Nice ok satistfied on my advertiser bashing. Watching the Womens tunisia boxer, sticking heer tongue out like the detroit Tigers ahaha. There some good sports they always do a little camera dance. Aigh Burge King Plant whopper. Ok next commerical asian girl gets ignored then passed to and scores .. after she was ignored smile on her face. Canadian tire. Next a walk up confidence commecercial Kraft peanut butter. Toyota get a toyota good for you heart good for you wallet, get a toyota youll be happy pround olympic sponsor. Aighht boxing womens boxing some exciting fast paced boxing. IOs this judo or bnoxing there some throws. Fast paced action for Olympics Friday morning local in Japan. Its 12:25 local time just checked a whole day left.
Heres my viewing options. Mens doubled volleyball Argentina, USA. Track and fields no hurdles womens. Womens boxing India vs Taiwan. NBC sports, crying interviews with gold medal winner. Suni Lee, interview with family. That a nice story lots of support. Gotta be Gymnastics I recognize the T eam USA. Usain bolt on a peleton. -> Track and field womens, both outdoor and indoors. 100m. Ooooh baseball, Mexico vs dominican . Holy shit it Jose Bauptista at bat for Dominican gets a walk. in the second innning. Arena volleyball Brazil vs. USA. M

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