Olympic madness 3

Wooo after some blog malfunctions and just a hilarious error I made.
July 31.
I made myslef laugh and the olympic blog mission continues.
To bodly mock advertisements and offer my two bit comments on what I see on the TV.
Ok olympic golf to get it going.
You know it olympics day and night no sleep till its over.
I need total coverage.
Just some sights youll never forget.
I was impressed with the womens judo.
Some boxing.
Now watching some golf action.
The course is prestine and the trees look slighty diferent than america, I mean theyre still trees but to me its noticeable.
Unreal a mullet!
Whatever respect. Mullet in the 2021s It would be stereotype to name the country youll just have to guess.
Theres a Canadian on the group im watching.
Usa is in the lead on the group im watching.
Watched Canada. Corey score a birdie.
I love me some Tiger woods ps2, I could watch this all day.
Really its a toss up between the baseball and golf and baseeball has taken a back seat to this ‘action’ lol.
Golf like baseball is a gentleman’s sport. Even funner to watcth.
Yo. James bond neew moviee commercial. October 8th. Gotta love the new James Bond.Im a movie buff som im always excited with the new adaptation.
James bond thats another brand I can get behind. Hows James gonna deal with covid ? probably woop its ass thats what.
i mean it was cool before golden eye, but yea golden eye when it was really the modern James bond to me. Eveyrthing before was just a litle fanstastiq 70s style it just wasnt as cool as Pierce Brosnan. Liek thee villains were cheesy. But its still good shit. Like Jaws and razor hat guy. And how bout that Austin Powers Just the ultimate bond pardoy. 90s was the shit. Do yourself a favor and youtube that austin powers theme song. That gets my seal of approval. Think how awesome the world would be if that was your personal theme song rolling into work. Its just maybe one step below the tmnt them song for me. That takes mee back lol. Makes me wanna be a secret agent ahaha. Outstanding. Michael Meyers give that man a medal. Miss that dude. Lol just browsed the twitter he posting shit about storm area 51 lol rock on dude. Double outstanding. Looks like a comedian first. Parody master really. Shrek austin powers i mean come on.
Id like to see Kurt Russell and Myke Myers in something hilarious, almost half serious then full on awkward slapstick yea. Hmm I just saw the double boom mics set up at the tee off Thats how they get that crisp tee off sound. In stereo. That kinda made my night austin powers theme.
Ok USA stil winning. Hes smiling after a missed-ish shot recovery. Just reminds me always in the mood for a good laugh. Watching this girl try to run over her ex bf on crahing her car into everything but him. Psycho not that funny. Ok funnier than that its a olympian wearing a mask making him look crazy, A cat pissed off the owner put a mask on him. Donkey in a pool. A funny parnk where bros go to slap hands but from the girls view it looks like the dude about to slap her butt, the girls proceed to laugh their proverbial butts off lol that a good one. Lol A dog that chewed up the how to train your adopteed dog dvd. lol.
Yo olympic news, canada vs USA womes soccer. set the alarm. Oh god lol, aguy trying to drink outa a bottle has a malfunction spraying everywhere is proper hilarious.
Ok some olympic boradcasters dancing on stage not knowing they live. A golfer swearing loud enough that hes heard live. A garden hose spraying outta control looking like thrash rocker.
A parent imitating her kid dancing in most embarassing fashion. A prom photo from the 90s thats hilarious. alright lol. A buddha on a roomba to star wars theme song lol.
Still golf lol.
relaxing to watch lol.
not much to say its exactly like othere gold cept its olympic.
One golfer has a nice greeen shirt on. Then a view from inside the sand bunker. Like the camera inside the bunker. Wow amazing save from the bunker. Watching the american from before Tied wityh slovakia for first.
Yo crazy day
You know it clay olympics all night watching fresh prince of bel aire.
Heres a story
guy gets a tutor , tutor plants a bug in the vape pen. Hes like oh i dont want this anymore. Cause my mom or something, then you get a vape pen surveillance sitting in your desk for the next while all unbeknownst you got a little battery pack sitting there taking surveillance. Far fetched but yo I read some Ken Follet buddy the layers of deception dont seem so far fetched. Otherwise its good fodder if i ever was an author spin those tales of mystery lol. Hilarious either way could write a script about something lol.
Now to the battle at hand, its Mens vollleyball ROC vs spain.
This time its men lol change the channel
Ok channel 2 CBC coverage
Gatorade lol
Gatorade in this hot summer heat is my fave product.
Canadian tire ad ok meh.
branding themselves on successfull athletes.
Theyre like yea represent us , toyota.
never mind my cbc bashing this is sportsnet
Canada 1-0 soccer
Womens soccer
ad for godzilla vs kong didnt I see that
Or its part 2 wild.
Ok yea i was trying to cbc bash but its not even cbc,
Showing some commericals travelling next!
Channel 3 its ROC wrestling vs poland lol
Some tough looking dude forreal.
like brute monsters more like.
Its kinda like sumo
Kinda entertaining prosthetic goin off in the other room a buzz alarm lol.
Cant sneak up on someone with that beeping buzz loll
Ok looks like ROC won the gold match on that, this time it cbc on the wrestling.
Yes Canada womnens beat usa lol
Eat that rapinoe
theyre all celebrating.
USA crying lol sorry just gotta soak that in … Ahhhh
Usa is cool but Canada is the greatest.
goes right to USA Japan mens baseball.
No one on the american I recognize.
Japan prolly win.
Team Japan has pin stripes like the NYY
USA has a cool 3 colored logo.
Tanaka he plays MLB
Yo Tyler O’neil Hed be team Canada maybe Cardinals player I like Canadian.
alrigth baseball it is

Lemonade in my fridge DESTROYED
I forgot i had that.
Ah life is grand.
These toyota drivers lol
Bro olympic raps
Run on the track like Jesse Owens
then some big L
Iron horse is the Train, champagne is bubbly, a deuce is a honey thats ugly if your girl is fly shes a dime a suit is a fine jewelry is shine , if you in love that mean you blind, genuine is real a face card is a hundred dollar bill a very long hard stare is a grill.
Always got time for Big L
Ok toyota with the pretty cool commercial flipping through life.
I musta played that wutang joint like 3 times today lol.
powder voice snow white sniff
Verba killas, gorilla grip
God body shit, puff Marley spliffs,
Thats whats in my head after today song lyrics.
olympic song lyrics
baseball 0-0
Japan is winning no doubt about it!
its 1 zip
Cant get that last out
Harsh for that pitcheer.
WHo know maybe itll make a diffeence.
If I drink only lemonade do I turn into the Kool aid man.
I piss lemon fresh lol.
Yo Japan gonna win this baseball.
I cant resist!.:
Lemon man here to piss in your drinks AHHHH
yo thats raunchy but once i thought it I had to write it.
My hope is that something hilarious will come from the past somehting with a ring like lemon aid man joke.
It would be embarassing and comical at the same time.
Even Linus Pauling was about his juice.
OK all of a sudden USA doesnt look so wimpy
25 gets a double left field.
now the heat is on for
Tanaka got pullled.
USA got some sluggers.
Yo it was looking sad for USa till the 4th,
Now the tables have turned. gonna write some funnies in the chat, .
Army ad. Im not gonna rip it to shreds this time Im happy to see
P&G lol
Bounty add that was creepy like they are wrapping our lives.
And some rolls of failures and get back ups.
This is exciting baseball.
Look at this
6-5 in the 5th
USA with the short lead.
You know what song I got stuck in my head.
lemme huma few barrs.
_ The time has come
A facts a fact
It belongs to them lets give it back.. yadda yadda
The time has come
to say fairs fair
to pay the rent
now to pay our share
yea that song lol
Buddy this is getting thick 6th inning 6-5 stilll
Japan is a mega opponent.
I really dont know who win its heated
This is the game of the year.
The pitcher gets a ride from the pitching delivery vehicle lol
Its a toyota, where the pitcher sits in a glove while the driver drives him to the mound.
Thats just priceless.
Go forces !
Commercial kinda grew on me now.
I am the ginch lord. sweaty in my undies ginch and scowl .
Thats my name dont wear it out.
Japan has a very good chance of winning.
3 innings leeft.
Asahi Beer nice looking commercial.
Thats a first for me
Secretly im killing myself laughin.
Cause I got the funniest joke.
I think i might get myself some Ashahi
Black velvet if you please lol.
I am making this shit up lol
OMG 9th tied Japan could win
Extra innings this is hectic.
wow japan won
That was some fucking amazing baseball i just watched wowzers.
Blew my soccs off like holy shit!
The next atheletes at the arena is Brazil vs Kenya womens arena volleyball the action continues.
Epic Action on this 1st of August 2021 holy!
That usa baseball thats gotta sting lol
I am just blown away thats why i do this. Or thats why its worth it me.
Epic victories.
Brazil looks like they winning.
Its the ultimate gladiator fest.
You know the action dont stop on Claytons blog.
Seen some womens canada soccer highlights.
Its just6 all awesome all the time 24/7 jjst like me
Watching some KC Bluejays highlights yea big home series for the jays
Watching some TSN coverage big win for cAnada womens.
Alright regular baseball action that was crazy last night.
I feel like im one of the blessed ones that got to watch it all.
And the soccer lol.
Wow what a wild night with the espionage flavored olympics I give 2 thumbs up.
Theyre talking about the teamwork it takes for the volleyball team Yea I agree with that.
Like as a reporter I would be flabbbergasted.
Mr lemonade man where u at.
Im right here
Oasis drinks.
Allright badmington.
This is it
Forrest gump where u at
This is foreest gump style.
Its INA vs CHN
The court says 2020 glitch
Its olympics ok.
so crazy this level of competition.
Its all quick reaction its exciting to watch
already lunch
Mens volleyball
_ back for some more
Team canada on the mic.
Hell yea maple leaf throw on that maple leaf rag.
Yo i just slanmmmed that maple leaf rag on a tune .
Hell yea
Ok Womens wrestling
Gotr some live interviews.
Go team Canada
Im inspired by yall!
Some highlights of the womens wrestling.
good for them
I dunno its a cool time in the morning Its 4am local time tokyo
Right on good speech huzza!
Toyota with the virtual person asking a girl out on a date weird commercial.
Like I get it after working your life the company is important but when ur whole business is destroying the earth turned into an abomination.
Velodrome neat building.
Womens team sprint on the track, so many little details this isnt biking this is spaceship raching
well they are biking mega fast.
team sprint biking its weird. need some carbon fiber The bikes look slick seriously.
How much you think one of those costs.
fastest bikers.
just drank that gatorade drink.
Thats a product I can get behind.
What do I gotta do to get a lifetime supply of gatorade other then buying it myself.
Gatorade advertise here, send me free product.
Gotta throw in the : ITS WHAT PLANTS CRAVE!!!!!!!
Oh yes this is music to my ear its the replay of USA and canada womens soccer.
Go team Canada yip yip!!!
Floppers right from the get go theres bodies on the ground.
get tripped up and your down.
Im so glad this is great that Canada beat usa.
Now i can just watch it unfold as I sip this Gatorade.
Did I say sip , thats not in which the manner i drink this drink I slam it down like a olympic chaps thats how, all one big gulp.
Oh flopper goalkeeper
ow ankle i saw it ouch.
1st half no score.
the madness continues.
Just watched a Hiroshima tour posted by a travel Vlogger i follow ‘tletter’ Canada scores on the penalty shot.
Saw tony hawk
says : Its Tony Hawk do not attempt.
I just drank so much gatorade I think i might explode.
Nice the moment I was waiting for Canada Goes on celebrating and USA all heads in their arms defeated way to go Canada.
Everyone is stoiked the coach just celebrating , then it cuts to a shot of american on their knees weeping defeat. Maybe thats what 1812 was like lol. Just some friendly banter ahahaha. Canada see the best! Bev Priestaen coach nice speech.
Who are these grizzled cbc broadcasters look like grandpas from the never gonna leave this job im somebody important.
Seriously every other channel has some young looking fit people and CBC got these old grizzled rejects that look like no one ever told em no in their whole lives.
Just listened to Oh Canada. CBC so sub par in every sense. Thats what happens when the the old position people never give someone new a chance. Must be friend of someone important thats all i gota say about that. Doesnt even look like he knows anything about broadcasting just some trust fund doofus riding daddies coat tails.
Aug 2
Watchinbg USa beat spain, so far in basketball. Just seen a slam dunk lol.
Aug 3
Got a couple games on the go.
Its Brazil Mexico Soccer. This is a overtime 0-0 so far.
Game 2 is Chnina vs Serbia womens basketball. Might watch some more fresh prince later that was nostalgic.
Aight skipped mexico brazil, now womens golf.
Oh macdonalds, get your athletic maple BBQ bacon burger lol. The extra B is for gross and stupip lol.
Gotta love that A&W more.
Wow just watched amazing golf shot!
It was girl in whitee for argentina-maybe ok so she goes bunker shot. Misses getting out of the bunker, next shot perfect hits the pin and goes right in. Pretty good distance and good strong shot out the bunker. Nelly Korda USA has a checnce to win. nSecond while im watching. It was Argentina with the nice save to end up even. Got a canadian at +2 thats pretty far back.
Next basketball over. 77-70 Serbia.
Got the golf going on and mens spring board its like do a dozen flips and dont make a splash. Justg seen Japan do amazing trick get a standing ovation from the crowd.
Holy, China guy one ups him with a extra flip. Theyre faces all contorted with inertia pretty funny, but equally cool. I did some diving classes but nothing like that. Fuckin olympians man lol. The slow motion fasces cant get enough. The China team beasts at the diving unfortunately one fellow didn’t go as far as he planned and looked fairly sad. That finishes that event next was a interview with Simone Biles, on the NBC. And, still golf. Boring medal ceremony highlights. Its a local news fgor a city im unsure of. Interesting Buffalo. Tony Hawk on a Uber commercial. Same Forces commercial. Its alrigth I guess lol.
Domincan, USA womens arena volleyball , and golf. Terry Fox on the TV. Theres a champion, didnt even need to win olympics. Raise a fist for Terry Fox, and say his name.
Womens volley ball exciting rallies. Several smashing as saves. Dominican putting up a good battle to USA however they are behind. Its exciting to watch though. Thats awesoime the have the double smash one fake then one real to confuse the opponent. Exciting match im stoked. Hopefully dominican can tie it. Pretty close to being tied. im assuming USA won.
Skateboarding now. Watching some skateboard some big air in the halfpipe park. Its not street so much seeing some kickflip transfers.

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