The Super Inframan ’75

Movie was awesome . Had to watch it dubbed.
What can I say the costumes we awesome the Kung fu was awesome.
Wasnt too long. It was funny watching it nowadays. Its like the original power rangers. The sets were great the villains were great. The control rooms and computers were fun. Inframan was awesome. The fight choreography awesome. Props awesome. Some older effects like the drawing colored light on screen were neat to see. I like the tracking beams. Mortocycle chases, the boat scene. The scenery. The 70’s style outfits. All in all just a fun movie. I especially like the dragon princess. The eyes on hands, the creative super hero, the challenges to overcome like the losing power. The creative mosnters, tentacle guy and spring guy. I think I heard a slide whistle when the dragon princess jumps. Definitely would watch again, or something similar. Just dont make movies like that anymore.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85