Baseball 2021

Overall good season. Crazy 17 game win streak for the cards to get to wildcard.
THen They lost to LAD also in wildcard.
Now recently Dodgers beat Sanfran in a game 5 playoff elimination.
On the the other side, Boston New York Yankees had wildcard, Bos won. They went on to face the Rays, won. Adjacent Was Chisox and Houston. Now Houston won. Its Now Houston 4-3 houston right now for the hnome team lol. Also the last one was Waukee vs ATL, ATL won they go on to face dodgers this week. I see 11 Grandslams this year, 1 Det. 1 cubs, 1 LAD, 1 Redsox, 1 LAA, 2x undecipherable. 4x unknown, one probably against cards. Cant read it on my sticky note. Sports gambling probably decreased since last year. I find the shittier teams tend to do way better at the beginning of season compared to after the all star break.
Tough season, LAD and Cardinals both out..
Wildcard, then beaten by atl so what now its gonna be ATL vs Houston
Braves won in 6 that was an ok option. Im thankful astros didnt win, cheaters. Dont mind houston but cant respect cheaters, especially they took the MVP from Cody Bellinger. Anyways les go 2022 Cardinals World Series lol. Now beings the countdown to spring training.

Author: clayton

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