The Three Stooges

Got caught watching three stooges, decided I was gonnna go all in.
Something weird about watching the old stooges episodes, makes me feel a little strange.
Where do I start. Cloumbia pictures, how boss back in the day.
I guess the company turned to Sony.
Thats a company I can get behind Columbia pictures.
I really admire the stooges.
OK so lemme describe a stooges episode.
Three men, Happening to be at a place.
Its like job offer, then screw up job amidst the chaos then find a new role for the stooges and hilarity ensues.
My favorite episodes are the handyman style, where they trash evertyhing.
Something melancholy about wacthing the stooges.
Its like yeh the current events, ww2 . It strikes a weird impression with me.
Stooges looking for work while the normal people pass by lol.
Its real but its fantasy.
Good natured but its sad in a way i dunno.
Watching old ass media.
Such a crazy thing to watch in the 2020s the shits like 80 years old.
What strikes me is all these scenes, weve all heard before the original comedy.
The sets , theres some racism in it but not that bad, its always good natured.
The stooges always on the edge of crime.
The indians with coal in their pants, its plays out like a comic book.
Reminds me of being a kid. People so hungry from the great depression its quite a shock to see full screen.
Then it reminds me of my youth.
Stooges shows how cold the world is, cant get food late on rent, looking for work all the problems of a individual.
Something totally genius about it too.
Really i can connect with that disconnect from society and the mean world.
ANd the army and drill too it makes it extra funny.
I think i watched 44 episodes or so.
Lets get in the characters.
Moe the leader, the brain of the 3. He always gets the mop in the face.
Moe commands the three.
Larry is a strange character hes like moes bitch lol. gets dragged around by his hair, higher up then curly.
Curly best character probably, victim of circumstance, 3rd man down the list. Hes always the first casualty or victim lol.
Also just a funny character in mannerism and voice.
I like all the stooges even lary hes part of the show. Hes always getting jerked around by his hair, and he seems half smart just moe brings him down lol.
These characters are just the most ridiculous its overkill ridiculous..
slipping falling smashing through walls. the fun dont stop.
Its just nothing but jokes.
If you had to categorize people, those that went to church or those that skipped and watched the 3 stooges lol.
Would god punish you if you chose to watch the 3 stooges, or reward you.
Its so good natured, on the verge of criminal murder, but just on the edge, but they are inocent and meaning well.
I cant help but think of it sad in a way, just watching from the future now, you know their fate.
What is with the human brain or my brain stuck onto some old memories like that.
Some existential shit where the past is a better world then today.
I cant say that 2021 is worst than 39, the world had alot of growing up to do.
And what of the starvation themes in these episodes.
Basically humans aint wanted lol, the stooges is just that, people trying to fit in where they arent accepted.
Theres no room for stooges in the world. and i think i can relate with that idea.
Never once have I felt wanted or needed in this world, except if im supposed to be doing the dying r the cleaning up.
Had to fight tooth and nail to secure my spot.
And the stooges perpetually stuck here.
On the other hand its the orignial simpsons and OG comedy.
Nah its like hip hop in the 80s, plenty of ways to die or do drugs on the street and end your life.
Its the hip hop that maintains the sanity, the dance the raps, the music.
Only once youve commited the crime then, the government takes note.
Meanwhile they arent the ones with the after school.
Its liek the graffiti artists say, man city doesnt care if you die.
Bazilions in the penal system, with no resources on the street to help a man.
Thats what the stooges are.
Artists without a meal. And the Charicature is fiitting.
I cant believe i related hip hop and stooges together but there it is.
What does a single man owe society and what does society owe to a man.
What does a man owe to society.
A society thats shunned a man his whole life.
No loitering no standing no being here.
Then we pay into a system that fucks us thanks.
Supposed to help us, but some bone head decided that that money was for him instead.
And, hes got the gun like a god damned tyrant.
Sugar Barons Coal Barons, would it be any different if I was at the helm hell yeah. makes me think of Canergie.
I dont know if Canregie did anything really that special than any other man, except he was in the position he thought and then did something.
I defeintley see myself as the Carnegie type.
I guess id have to contest did carnegie do anything ill to inherit his steel wealth.
As for stock any of the steels is a not a hto investment.
I have a feeling though steel and the coal metalurgic coal in demand could be more more in demand.
Anyways fuck steel Id rather humanity.
Anyways yeh back to carnegie he really impresses me.
Building libraries around the world.
And, yea why didnt others do the same, im looking at you bezos.
Then back to the society.
The society doesnt want people the society wants less, and emphasis on the stay the fuck off my property style.
Then its like yea theres a problem let someone else deal with it.
Stooges episode, their all in france, cant pay the rent, trying to paint a picture, itll sell when your dead.
Its liek yeah its comedy but aint that a fact.
something about justice or lack thereof.
Curly machine gun hat what a interesting thing.
Curly is the best character.
Nicest of the three maybe most honest. maybe not.
What else the cars.
The cars are amazing in the three stooges,
Just brand new old cars, like a regular cuba.
Oh gawd dont get me started lol
But yea that curly machine gun hat, thats just something you dont see now.
Kinda like paliachi the tragic clown lol.
Not that the wife was cheating more like, the comedy is sad to an effect.
I juyst imagine to be born in the 39’s and make the world a better place than it is today, is maybe why i reminisce,
Also I imagine being born in another period in time such as Isaac neton time etc, youd be stuck in middle ages, people rumaging about their cargo vessels and like how to do you break the mold from the ancient times, it must have been a difficult thing, something i should keep note of. Just like picture it your born in the 1700s or earlier how disconected that place is of of here.
Wow mind boggling.
Now the machines will outlast humans, but its realy the limitations If you had to live 300 years you couldnt. Vampires maybe.
That whole story line is a connecticut man in king arthurs court. weird.
Whats the other thing.. If Stooges is creative whats the latest creative thing before stooges must be on paper and pen, cause aint much picture before that.
That freaking columbia logo though is something else.
I love it, its majestic, its fantastic, its sureal, how did they make it ?
You know just looking back kinda miss VHS. Youtube is almost as good. but youtube lacks in some things.
I wonder if someone a thousand years from now, is able to view three stooges freely. What would human from the future think lol.
Anyways whats it all worth; trying to have a discussion about the stooges and how i can percieve that. Even nowadays no one has time for any stooges.
Shit is long forgotten ago.
Squid games, new current event show popular worldwide atm.
The stooges have trust amongst themselves in a humorous way.
Squid games a show about breaking trust.
Squid games its like the best writing. Story within a story.
Actually id love to see three stooges in squid games, thats a kiler concept.
The first scene theyre playing marbles then it cuts to the stooges messing with triangle face lol.
I guess machine guns were the new invention of the time.
Even in this blog I feel the only one interested in these things as if Im from another planet.
I dont fucking care, I love the stooges, Fuckin glory days of holywood pre war.
I wish more was like the stooges now and less woke.
Lets talk about racism.
In the stooges episode I was a bit worried cause i send this shit to my friend, got japanese black and native friends all possible charicatures.
OK heres what I saw. Giant black man dressed as voodoo with doctor with hog style bone in his nose. Is that racist or just a caricature of a freak voodoo cannibal doctor. besides he kinda wooped the stoooges assses.
they ran away cause they didnt wanna be soup. Ok maybe im looking at racism the wrong way. All the rich people are white, he dressed like a cromagnon. Trying to eat people. Ok ill concede wheres the rich black lawyer. Slash mayor? Land owner, ok in that sense its racist, do you forget what the hell your watching. Its very grapes or wrath ish.
Omg i forgot shemp. Who is shemp. hes not an original stooge. weird but still love him.
Id say to my worst enemy here lets watch some stooges throw a pie in my face call it a day were even and lets be friends lol.
Theres a episode where Moe mock hitler fuckin crazy lol. But, its truth. Thats why rigth now im liek 3 stooges is the greatest shit on the planet.
Before you can even catch your breath! pie in the face! Its so funny it makes me cry.
Thats another one too was the Japanese charicature, when thwey all dress japanese. yikes that is not something thats generally well taken. Its more of a taboo, thats why im kinda exploring it. I can see the tension of the war, you know american vs germany and japan, pearl harbour etc.
Then the arab sultan with all the harems that was a funny episode, not nearly as racist towartds german and japanese.
Yea the thing with the whole thing not trying to hurt anyone cept probably the germans or japanese at the time. Its good natures, the stooges usually get their asses kicked. Its california after great depression , people arent wanted much, theyre trying to make people laugh. Which is commendable. Just liek making sponge bob gay, it has nothing to do with it. Out of context in a sense perhaps. Its the joke setup so anything goes. Some magic story about making the story go on.
This might not be the best example but im writing it out never the less. Its fuckin holyywood yea we know holly wood greasy, racist in fact nowadays, but aint no one calling out bollywood for not having ebough white people. How about german propaganda films, that was racist cause they didnt show other races, its just a complete ridiculous argument. Even though i would err on the side that hollywood turned into some sick abomination lol.
Heres another, how many people died on the set of three stooges vs the baldwin set.
Thats shitty story from current events.
As the guy is swinging a wild scimitar.
Everytime a stooge episode on im just chuckling away I can tell the hilarity right away.
The stooges are gung ho and ready to do any job. Which is more than most nowadays. When it comes to competence holy fuck id vote for the stooges over you know who ahaha.
Im fuckin inspired though.
Alright last goal. write out some commentary to a live episode, I just gotta do one thing first.


Plato that shits fascinating.
Like I said what u need is a academic thug Because observing the truth , then not doing anything about it. Well thats just UN-righteous.
Not saying violence is the answer by anymeans just u need a clever out the box solutions for complex problems as such.
Even a stooge stands up to the bad guy.
Like how fascinating would that be Plato, Stooges episode. Debate plato. Debate playdough lol.
I bet I could out debate the fuck outta plato the stooges anyone really.
Plato id be like you dont know shit my friend, lap of luxury making observations, any ol stooge could make.
Larrys grimace thats the best lol.
Thats my face rigth now while i write this.
Alrigth im bitter, im already better but fucking bitter lol.
Everything looks so new.
Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

Hahah ok the episode im watching is at Rockin thru the rockies, wow stooges write it like i do.
Curly just shot moe in the foot lol.
These ladies hired the stooges to get em through the mountains, and all they doing is shooting each other in the foot.
And then the horses escape.
Yo thats another thing about these episodes lots of cool animals, lions..
I gotta tell you nothing funnier than writing about seeing the stooges dressed up like voyageurs.
Yeah not only that the sets, they all chilling in some log cabin, fuck its way oldschool and just an 1930s impression of the past before that.
Whats the idea.
going out in the snow to take a piss lol. everyone know that. Curlys hum lol.
Holy shit a black bear.
old dirty matress. from outside. Curly and the bear lol.
Hes right up next to it wow
lol he jumps back in bed lol. they all shivering so funny.
I know what im doing you think im a dope lol
LArry gets buried in snow, i cant even keep up.
Ill fuckin exterminate you
Moe ets smacked in the head with the butt end of a axe lol
Prairie schooner with no horse.
The winter set amazing.
lol Larry got a fish pushes moe down the hole lol
nyuk nyuk nyuk.
now theyre fighting over the line.
This fish looks like moe ahahaha
Indians show up get stuck face first in the snow.
Coumbia logo so good.

Curly punches a cop in the nose lol
hair tonic lol,
this shits ridiculous

Yea more stooges form the late 30s to the late 60s right.
Mike Matei beat stooges NES.
Thats amazing best video game player I know.
Him and Arcus, forsure, bets retro game players. i mean some specific speed runner game its crazy yea.
I dunno more stooges the jokes dont get old.
Setup after setup. Running gags.
Learn so much about the Stooges,
Curly short life funny as fuck.
Moe, Shemp the older brothers.
Larry fine, the arm burnt by acid incident, boxing violin.
C3 entertainment, Screen gems, Sony Pictures.
Poem by Moe, to his mom. Moes Daughter..
Theres a official youtube and website, pulled a free background off there.
Love the stooges and that vaudevillians vaudeville plays.
No emotional connection just funny situations.
Kids in the Hall and SCTV came up. Gonna be watching those after.
Comedy as a form of protest, its not really a protest its a counter argument display.
Fascinating to think about. And, just world needs more comedians of all styles.
i think that current event, making fun of that disabled kid, is mostly wrong its just cheap humor. Its like everyone that drives BMW , range rovers is a total deuche.
Its liek yea it might be stereotypically true, but still its a low blow. I find people that participate in that type of humor really get it back in mysterious ways, so I may make a inside joke between friends or on a unsecure line, but its meant for certain ears,buddy I aint going speaking on a mic with kids and family present.
Yea Abbott from Abbot costello stealing jokes from Moe.
Stooges just the purest form of comedy i love it. Part of what makes it funny it maybe like the outfits are sacreed then they get trashed. Nowadays you gotta be provacative get in peoples face almost with the offensive shit. I guewss i wouldnt agree with the sub par comedy that only tries to be provocative, you gotta be experienced and know. Not just lets do A cause B will be offended. I guess thats the key for me, knowing what makes A funny and true. And, who cares about B, it isnt about B.
Lol want some comedy look up some funny xmas costumes. Home alone..

More stooges bout 100 episodes in. Gotta love the stooges, Curly was sick or dying, sad. Shemps first shows are great though hes so lovable its equally enjoyable, although miss curlys jokes he was legendary. Yea christyne MAcintyre fun actress. Good singer, man love some of those sing and dance routines. Stooges dressed up as ballerinas. Lol Their effort for a job is quite hilarious, they are good natured and good hearted so its hilarious to watch. Like the tiger ripping the trains shoeshine pants buttox, that was outrageous. Moe is the best over actor, Larry salways saves the day. Shemp is up and atom. Oh yea the hot coal in the shorts thats hilarious. Comic book style. Curly flirting with the nurses priceless. Im thankfull for the stooge experience Its a lesson in Film and entertainment and the past Ill never forget. And im extremely grateful for a quick laugh here and there. Those guys were dedicated o comedy, and I dont mean being super deep or controversial I mean knee slapping slapstick funny. Its often so ridiculous. Those some dangerous stunts, and notice how they dont say ” no animals hurt during this production. Maybe a little testament to the Francis Ford Cappolla last authoritarians in Hollywood. Ya though experiment I wonder what the Stooges would think of the apocalypse now. lol.

Ok weird I found more. Cy Schindell boxer turned actor, he was in Its a wonderful world. xmas. Cy Schindell Rest in peace, the guy was a marine too. Jungle rot eurgh good job looking after the fam though.

Been a minute since visited the Stooges, well first of all the playlist on my youtube disappeared. That really made me sad, fuckin youtube ads on the cellphone too gotta use a mozilla browser, and re-login its just a paint. you know whats fuckin annoying too is some lame ass content creator add from the 2022’s covered plastered up over the stooges, it ruins the experience, so need those on DVD thats something thats worth it to me. Need a mhome entertainment unit not a computer laptop, but oldschool CRT VHS, DVD remote control. Been some good stooges episodes lately. Its such funny nature, they get fired from a job only to crash into another office. Just to land into another job. Shit makes me laugh man. Now they are dentists lol. Something also sad about it cause they dead, and well thats where I come in. Family members mom, got me a vhs of the new stiooges cartoon for xmas when i was a wee little on i musta watched that tape 100 times, so to be reconnected with something from my youth is magical, the new curly and they get old. Itys like in the 70s credit cash card. Ill forever love the stooges though and thankful for that glimpse and experience the old days. Event rhough ww2, they kept the humor and the jokes and positive-ness going. And well C3 entertainment and Sony they keep it going too. I prefer the xbox, but Sony goty the stoooges and seinfeld, well anything thats awesome has Columbia, to Sony. MGM is opk but i really prefer that Columbia. Ok to be clear MGM has James bond Rocky , poltergheist which i reviewed on the blog, i wateched alll the Rockys before i create this. Heres some bangers, Robocop, All dogs go to Heaven, stargate, GI joe, Tomb Raider.
Columbia though has too many to list. Columbia rules MGM im sorry. MGM has Adams family i love that though. Columbia justy has tenfold more of what i like shows and movies. Sorry opinions. Imagine seeing every columbia movie thats probably where im headed. Anywyas has nothing to do with stooges really just this is what ive learnt from watching stooges. Care bears movie lol that takes me bacvl ahahaha.What a different world nowadays. Like it better back then Shit is kinda cool nowadays but green screen graphic doesnt match up to real content and 80s flair. Everything so fuckin emo these days.
Anyways wrapping up these 1951 episodes. Um theres a Pacific theme forsure, I cant really pin point when it started but definetly noticing it. So obviosuly after the war, and some pacific themes, all sorts. Animals, to dance, to themes, its becoming more common maybe, and obviosuly capt ovious i dont even know why i chose to write that lol. Gotta love the end of the war vibe. Window into anotther world. What can i say its intyertesting to me. Totally innacessible unless you were to do some type of themed room set piece, or watch a film. Probably was more quiet less radiowaves 5g lol, less buzzin. Probably was some tough living just watched a NewYork air drill 1951. Thats crazy. Thats amazing James Cagney Thats warner bros, I didnt include warner bros in last comparisonm but i got nothing against the bros lol, i like looney tunes and spacejam lol. 50s country cowboy. Learning about AC leigthon had to check out my town in the 50s too, form a painting. Thats a good find AC Leighton. Royal tour the Queen looks so young. Im blown away seeing all these images, I never though something close to me would be connected to the stooges like that, just randomly searching the internet always finding the most interesting things. I love jusat searching down the rabbit hole never really looking for anything but finding all sorts of cool shit. Thats really quite fascinating to me, get an idea of what it was like back then, gotta watch more film and i guess the historic events too. Gonna have to watch some walt disney wonderful world of color.
Anyways last stooges episodes of 51, always find that post war vibe interesting. Shemp kisses More ahaha. Cat in a bag. The pies are flyin.
Last 20 episodes or so left. I can name off all the stooge gags, lol classic california style.
Freakin love the stooges though its just so comical to me, and now its like serious tv or comical tv
I know its old fashioned and outta date alot still relevant today. Still holds up alot though yea fter 150 episodes its a wonder how some of the jokes didnt get that old or repetitive, the ol fancy dinner wiht pieds flying. Making drinks or food, or ripping wires outta drywall “Repairs”

Name all the stooges gags freestyle. Been watching so much retro commercials. Gotta hvae my pops lol
Every job you can think of every crime, fancy peope getting sprayed.
Curly Dancing , and the wardrobe tears.
Cooking and serving, mioxing batches of paint in with the foods.
Being chemist and rocket scientists, pilots, test subjects, doctors, jobless , homeless , indians, frontier, *Not future yuety i dont think,except for extra beards.
Crashing inherintances, prospecting jokes. The last one, im Halliday im Taraday. Im Labor day.
When the last time you seen someone sitting on a bear trap lol
Arrow in the butt, coals in the pants did i say that. Spooked by height, flying dummy. Spooked by wolf ghost. Theres so many to name. Ive gotten used to the Shemp Episodes miss Curly Shemp is good, then read in the comment he died shortly after a few more days past a release.
Horse in the house, falling outta trees. Shemp died that sucks. I can watch another curly episode.
Forget the new guys name, theres a new intro.
There was a space episode, for late f50s it really looked like flash gordon still.
Back to the stooges, watching again from the beginning.
Fun to see Curly.
I stil feel like theres lots to leanr and see, that i might have missed the first time.
Really love the stooges.
Shout out to Kong ’33 again came up in a oscars speech/video from James Cinnemassacre.
Speaking of Oscars, so Will Smith slapped Chris Rock lol who seen that coming lol.
Theres a big list of Oscar films worth watching.

Second time watching, the Womans haters cluib was pretty funny speaking in rhymes initiating the train guy, when Curly is stuck in the train room wiht larrys wife lol. hes like banging his head in the room lol.
And Punch Drunks fuck that shit is funny. Thats when they all meet up for the first time, and Larry on the Fiddle, the good ole days.

Not gonna write a page for Spiderman, no way home, i seen it though it was excellent and shout out to Columpia pictures i was happy to see the logoi and that they create epic movies. Nothing against any other production studio i just have a soft spot for Columbia because of the stooges. And thats trhe particular film lable im researching lately. shit takes time you know.
and once im done on Netflix going to the disney plus to catch up on all those classics. Spiderman no way home awesome.
Stooges is awesome.
Sure theres some negative to a nearly 100 year old show. But everytime i see the stooges logo or theme song just makes me feel nice and happy. Makes me smile. Ill forever love stooges and what they did to film. yeh some of the racial shit wont fly nowadays, its not like they were hitler or anything just trying to have fun with the current mood pop culture and current events. Hindsight 20-20 I see more offensive shit nowadays where Nothing is scared anymore. Yeh shock humour or pranks, it different nowadays. So its really a slice in time.

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