Wheres Parliament? October 2021 edition

1 month + 4 days past the election wheres parliament.
What a fucking farce.
So pay into a system that doesnt show up to work.
Pay into a system that that screws us, oh joy.
Ou es la democracie, all i see is corrupt shit.
I can see Canadians taking note, and most of us didnt vote for this shit.
Mandate to promote censorship.
So i might take a chance still and trust the system, besides, what happens when a law gets passed no one agrees with.
Asides from all tyhat wheres the debate I dont see shit except administrative burdens, and skipping any attempt at real work.
Fuckin prove me wrong its fucking nonsnense where has parliament been for the past 5 years, im minimally satisfied.
The price good men pay for indiffeence to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men fuckin hear hear said 348-BC
What you need is a academic wiseguy.
Wheres my fucking parliament and why is the trudeau government trying to destroy freedoms of speech that literally hundred of thousands of Canadians died to protect .
But, seriously. today the Jean Chretien Cretin in the media lol about inflation.
What do ou think the relvance of the old guard making comments. Then some of the Senator I think are great, others very poor impression.
Its more nepotism in a way and taking shortcuts to benefit thee in a system thats kinda designed to not let that happen, its an affront in my opinion.
Not to mention isnt the debate part of the process. All i see is some lame twitter statuses and no recourse boo.
Now its another month chretien talking news media, I think I much prefer his comments, then and now, and i cant believe im writing that lol.
Dont blame me I voted for 3 stooges for president of Canada lol, And, Id prefer the 3 stooges, atleast the stooges hop to it, and have good intent..
Now; wheres my freaking cupcake?
Oh yea photo of the kids asked not to talk during lunch with dividers up lol.
Thats crazy yea i remember being quite sick duringt he school days. Thats funny interesting memories about my elementary days lol. Atleast we had nintendo, which was relatively not bad. Some games were horrible though. When I was growing up, one day well be able to play nintendo with each other from our own houses.
Call up a friend on the old landline, rent a game get a ride from the adults. Good times. Maybe write more about that one day.

Author: clayton

Clayton L. CD 85