Wheres parliament? November 2021 edition.

What a fucking disgrace.
Out galavanting in the netherlands for a climate summit. Ha what a joke. 400 private planes out there to talk about carbon.
The twitter is nothing but photo ops. Lies about the lytton. I say its an embarrasment. 68% of people didnt vote for this clown. Here comes the ass wiping of remembrance day. And whose family involved in the 60s scoop huh. Call it what it is a vacation abomination.
With all these ministers voting yes on censorship bill C-10 the audacity of wearing a poppy a symbol of honoring those who served. How many hundreds of thousands Canadians died protecting freedome of speech at a minimum and these clown that sacrificed nothing vote to take it away from us.
Where the god-damn parliament ?
Its a disgraceful joke. Gotta hear the stay home cause covid, onl;y justin allowed to do remembrance day lol. Thats what happened 2020. Lol class of 2020 parliamentarians : Abysmal! 0/10
2021 , much of the same. Looks like their only focus or madate is destroy Canada, then take excessive gluttonous holidays. Seriously what the hell did my tax dollars buy, what good from tis excess money wasted. A fuckin dog and pony show, hey everyone look at me like a fuckin child. 0/10 wheres my god damned parliament?
Time until xmas.
52 days.
What percent of work time will we get outta those 52 days.
Im gonna go ahead and guess a solid 4-6 %
Absolute bare minimum mediocrity, think how many dedicated people could do for their communities with this complete lazy imbecile out of the way. Says 2/3 Canadians worried about inflation. Falls upon deaf ears. Not even in Canada for heavens sake. We’re all sick of the surfer bro!
Come on lets see some debate, I wanna see these douches get served. Not to mention most of these idiots should be on EI after what i just witnessed.
Awol Cowardism, dereliction of duties, corruption. yadda yadda.
In the words of Shania Twain; that dont impress me much.
You see him doing any philantropy with his oil riches , something like Carnegie. Nah, spends the tax coffers the claims =it like his own, doesnt even the bible write about how thats wrong lol.
Now you got the nonsense with the flags been down forever, “its up to the indigenmous” Feds actively in court fighting the kids payments just like the veterans.
Yup i read about the characters in the Pierre Burton books love that Canada. I see this team in action im aghast, and quite frankly disgusted.
Lol the photos coming out of Netherlands are comical. lol Thank you Duchess Cambridg for facially expressing what we all thinking what a turd thats hilarious.
So apprently Mckenna out gallavanting in the Netherlands too despite not being elected, course shes sent there at taxpayer expence, what a fucking jok. The he says his climate ageda endorsed by a vast majority of Canadians, yea a whole 28/100 thats a majority to clown shoes. The fact Mckenna went out there and theyre being hush about who paid for it tells me how much of a joke, its just “one last holiday” for the gange d’imbecile. Get it in you corrupt fucks. No care for taxpayer money. No care for democratic process. I didnt vote for this scoundrel. Missing infrastructure money holy fuck. Kenney and gang too busy in Hawaii and Mexico. While the rest of the gaffes prentend Alberta, and especially AB oil exist. I wonder what sick convos going on behind closed doors, Ill destroy Alberta oil, then sell it to you mwahaha. Says the guy that play philantropist only with tax dollars. Not his own oil fortune thats off limits.. pfft. Carnegie would call you a fuckin bitch.
Lets do a little math
1/52 = 1.92 % 52 days left till xmas, 1.92 % potential wasted everyday. Even every day would be excessive (100%), but this is excessive in the opposite direction. incompetence and refusal to work. Automatic raises. SMH.
Fine take off the weekends cause we all know how lazy politicians are.
2 days left this week 3 wasted. (2)
Literally 35 work days left till xmas.
1/35 = thats even more. 2.35% potential wasted everyday.
Its a joke when a previous low ranking NCM harder work ethic and wastes less time and resources, people arent as stupid as you believe they are and when you see the math on what could have been its quite shocking and frankly disgusting.

Thursday. Just assume the week is done is the MO of “these buffooons” How much time you think will be utterly wasted before Xmas id say the whole 96%
Get your filet mignons assholes.
Low class action lawsuit for the veterans 7 days before remembrance day. Are they gonna gloat on the 11th the censors lol.

November 8, figured out how to use a flag last nigth sunday. Still MIA still no parliament, still no accoutablity. Sleeping. Its 4 pm in Ottawa another day pissing up wind. Deputy is suggesting french be a part of the Air Canada CEO needs french in his performance review. Excuse me how stupid, and incompetent are you ? Get your dumb-ass back to parliament! 34 days left, sitting at a whopping 0%. Just think how many actual Canadian loving parliamentarians could do for their communities. I cant wait to see this disgusting display by the ‘censors’ on the 11th. Gloating around. Remember last year. Remembrance day cancelled for everyone except me and that douche Payette, that was a disgusting display. While they made the day about themselves, gloating around on TV. Im expecting more of the same this year. Id hate to be the trudeau kid, get made fun of so much at school. Even the big guy himself, Carnegie would mock you so bad. Contempt for Canadians much? Going down in history as worst government, and a complete goof. Wow whopping 0%. Im not even surprised come to expect nothing but corrupt shit from these imbeciles.. Prove me wrong.
November 9, Another day of nothing — selfish pricks. Big surprise. Wanna see a farce bigger than the 3 stooges go look on twitter. Fucking jokes– It would be funny cept its Canada and regular citizens sacrificed so much its actually an insult. Fuckin war is hell sent all our best while the bottom of the spitoon in society left to be scoudrels and reap the rewards of others.
Still sitting at 0% effeciency, 100% wasted. Just imagine what people could be doing for their communities. Imagine– cause thats all were gonna get.
November 10.
Anything from our incompetent government today? Turdeau talks to cabinet, well that aint for Canada more selfish nothingness. Who fucking gets paid excess tax dollars to have a pretend phoney convo. – This gov. Still sitting at 0% efficiency 100% time wasted. Who fucking voted for these idiots. Thanks ya fucking imbeciles. Alright so dodged canada and parliament all month so far, stepping out to be front and center on remembrance day is absolutely pathetic.
Nov 23.
Throne speech today, prepare for disappointment. Although cant be as bad as payette. “Dhur we need jobs..” That was fucking laughable except it was so pathetic. Aight lets see how they do.
Seriously those fckin goofs, nothing but fun and games, They dont care they got theirs, not its just do as little as possible and try to not atteract attention. Climate change and covid the biggest hoaxes and money transfer of modern times. Covid for taking away freedoms, climate change for self serving $$. Yerp lockdowns after 18 months, gimme a fucking break. No part of the social contract I have to stop my life cause they cant figure out underfunded hospitals after 18 months. seriously. meanwhjile big boxes and billionaires taking in record profits, Gah. Inflation lets see will they mention it nah. well here come more strongly wrded letter. Incompetence of the highest magnitude; damn right im writing letters.

Nov 23 still, oh man got some seriously sub-par laughable parliamentarians and some super above par surprisiong parliamentarians too. Stand by.
Just a quick update took em 4 days to say they dont want parliament. Now moving to hybrid . SAeriously bunch dog fuccker and sises pardon my language.
We want accountability answer la question.
a meepish 4 days a jughead thru in the towel Jagmeet your a disgrace to the NDP with that move. Go to Raptors Game but cant go to parliament woop there it is.
How long can the charade go – on much longer apparently. Meanwhile i got friends boots on the ground what a disgrace. I want more ; accountability action; old biz ; Want more.! GAH

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